Official Radiation Levels Before, During and After Beirut, Lebanon Explosion

Examining As many details of the Beirut explosion as we reasonably can, we are curious about the cause.  It was a massive and highly unusual explosion, complete with a mushroom clout, highly reminescent of a nuclear detonation.  If it was nuclear, we would have elevated radiation levels, would we not?

Well, in fact,

we do.

Beirut area radiation levels week of explosion

We can plainly see that background radiation is normally very low, and that on the date and at the time of the detonation, radiation levels went way up, immediately.  BOOM.  This is data for one week.

Let’s look at radiation levels for one year…

Same story.

It was nuclear. Has to be.  Mushroom cloud, enormous radiation spike, massive collateral damage, vaporized human bodies, 4.6 Richter Scale measurement – all signs of a nuclear detonation.

In a video that I have, when the nuclear device detonates, I can see the ground swell right away, which indicates to me that the device was a missile and it was designed and engineered to penetrate the earth and then explode.  I suppose that might hold down on radiation, but certainly it would collapse any tunnels going to the other Hezbollah munitions factories located in the same general area (airport area).

Did Israel do it, or did someone else do it to set Israel up?  Who would have an interest in a Middle East war?  Who is the most desperate?  Iran certainly would be interested in stirring up a war VS Israel, and considering how many Iranian missile/nuclear facilities have mysteriously exploded in the last few months, Iran will definitely be a suspect here.

China, being on the cusp of a national revolution against the CCP, might be looking to create a war so she can send her army AWAY from Beijing and stimulate some national patriotic fervor, taking the heat off of Xi Jinping, may he rot in hell.

And then again, maybe the Khazars and serpents in Israel did it.  They did 9/11.

More detail on the explosion here.  Was it a missile strike?


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