Nullify The Vote. It Is Established Law – U.S. Supreme Court


FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING ipso facto the outcome of a POTUS election that is rife with one-sided fraud and corruption is rendered null and void.  Especially any outcome, which saw the winner attain his or her victory through fraudulent or criminal conduct, is rendered invalid under the law.  Accordingly fraud vitiates contracts.  An election presumes a contract between the electorate and the elected.  This social contract is irreversibly broken through voter fraud as is the public trust is profoundly violated.  Election fraud rents asunder the sacred covenant between the elected and the electors.

Biden is disqualified under the law.

Question is this: Will Trump enforce it?  What I see in US government is a sick aversion to justice.  Hillary is not in prison because Trump didn’t go after her.  He didn’t go after her because he is either afraid of her, or he could not get any support from whomever could provide it.

If Trump summons an army, I’m going.  Will he do it?

Official Legal Reference

vi•ti•ate vĭsh′ē-āt″

  • transitive verb
    To reduce the value or quality of; impair or spoil.
  • transitive verb
    To corrupt morally; debase: synonym: corrupt.
  • transitive verb
    To make ineffective (a contract or legal stipulation, for example); invalidate.

Trump owns this election.  What is he waiting on?  Fraud is proven, we can plainly see it, and you can be sure that Biden has seen it, is aware of and complicit in it, and still he promotes himself as the new President of The United States.

Nullify the VOTE



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1 year ago

To Arms!

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