November Site Security Report – 32,266 Hack Attempts


I thought some of you might find interesting the data I have regarding attempts to harm  Below are a couple of images that give you some numbers on attempts that have to be stopped on a monthly basis.

In the image above, you can see that just today, November 29th, 2022, there have been 1,598 complex attacks and 180 brute force attacks.  TODAY.  These attacks took place in the first 12 hours and 30 minutes of this date.

That is quite the brisk rate of attack.  Lots of computers spread around several countries, most of them NATO countries, trying to break in.  The Brute Force attacks were at one time the most common.  Brute Force is when you just run hard and fast at your target trying variations on usernames and passwords until you get in.

About a year ago the emphasis switched to Complex Attacks.  Complex Attacks use learning software to try various combinations of exploits, looking for a vulnerability somewhere in the site itself, and these are only the strikes against the site proper.  There are other attempts elsewhere in the network.

Below is the image of Countries of Origin of these attacks.  Note that Germany is the most common country of origin for these complex system attacks, followed by the United States.  I always find that odd, because Germany is little larger than Colorado, USA.  It could be because there is a treaty allowing NATO members to spy on American citizens, then they share their findings with the USA, because there is a “law” that prevents the US government from directly spying on Americans.  As if the government gives a damn about the law, which you see momentarily.

Notice that these attacks are for the last seven days only.  The total for the month of November up until today (29th) is over 32,000 attacks, and if any single attacks ever breeches the wall, we could lose years of hard work.


I learned a thing or two from the last break-in.

Finally, in the image below I want to show you that the attacks from the USA are coming from several servers which are all on the same network, with IP addresses (Internet Protocol – IP.  You have one for your own devices attached to the Internet) that begin with 40.77.167.XXX, and are highlighted in yellow.

These servers are all located in the same building, and are components in a specific organization.  Let’s see who we are dealing with…

Capital: Washington
State: Virginia
City: Boydton
Postal: 23917

So whomever it is using the Microsoft servers to launch their complex system attacks is trying to pass of their presence as a Microsoft search engine. But search engines do not use exploits in an attempt to to bypass security. I can watch Microsoft servers scan my site in real-time and those are the search engine bots.

Taking a quick look, we find that Microsoft purpose-built a “government” datacenter in Boydton, VA.  These are indeed government servers launching these attacks.

Site: Microsoft Boydton VA

Company: Microsoft Azure
Country: Virginia
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
Address: 101 Herbert Dr, Boydton, VA 23917Total Building SqFt: 1,100,000

The Boydton site has strong fiber connectivity from existing routes supporting a government data center in the region. The fiber optic network of the Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative (MBC) was described as a”key component” in Microsoft’s decision to locate in Virginia. The 175-acre site features a 40-acre graded pad. The site is served by Dominion Virginia Power.


Microsoft has invested over $2 billion into the project since 2010.

Microsoft is clearly in business with the NSA and the CIA, and here is additional proof…

Microsoft is actively colluding with the NSA. No software company has been quite as collaborative with the NSA as Microsoft has, e.g. in providing direct Skype access. But this is not the story which the media tends to tell; instead it focuses on companies like Facebook and Google.

Microsoft offers back doors at the operating systems level, not just the Internet/communications level; the NSA as a whole has come to share a bed with Microsoft (even staff intersections exist) and this technology giant, Microsoft, also receives payments for these abuses of privacy. e.g. from the CIA, based on clear disclosures (leaks).

The following articles cover examples of some of the ways in which Microsoft actively spies on people, directly (for its business interests) or as a proxy for governments.

So now we have more proof, as if we actually need more proof, that the facist government of the United States is actively working to kill off  They could kill me, I suppose.  That would do the trick and not one single subscriber would know I was dead.  If I ever stop publishing for more than two weeks, I’m probably dead.  Sometimes I am away from electricity for a couple of weeks.

Interesting, yes?  My security is pretty good.  Bomb proof?  Don’t know, but I thought some of you would find the data interesting.

The Truth is difficult to stifle.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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1 year ago

Thank you for sharing because now that you have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of us know and we will also be watching THEM!!!!! They can’t continue to get away with all they have their world is crumbling little by little as we speak. Whats a good server to get away from google? Please let me know!!!
Thank you for all you do:)

Susan Nemie
Susan Nemie
1 year ago

Evidently, you are over a target and have gotten their attention!

1 year ago

Rosa Koire Behind the Green Mask. Not all people have heard of her, but she was an expert on the UN agenda. Step by step. Sadly she has passed on. Rosa did these videos 10 years ago and amazing how she is and was 100% with her knowlege. Prayers for our Nation, as well as all Nations. God Speed

1 year ago

Hi Jerry, Alot I don’t understand. But I do know after being on Rumble and after comment used wink,wink. Later that night I got a scam letter in the email and the email heading sent had wink, wink on it. It was telling me they had gotten porn and things that I would not want out on the web and wanting me to click a link. Of course I did not and frequently scan my computer. Great job fighting all this madness off. Take care

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