Notice Anything Unusual?

Take a look at this image of Joseph Biden from his speech this week. 

On the left is a photo from a year or so ago.  Notice those baby blue eyes.

On the right is a photo from a few days ago, a screen grab from his speech in TV.

Do you notice any unusual changes in Joe Biden when comparing the two images of him?

Right-click the image and select “open image in a new tab” to get a much larger image.

You know, the world is overrun with weirdness.  This is a real comparison of Joseph Biden, and I also see that the tip of ball of his nose is different.  In the blue-eyed image, his nose looks wider, with a larger tip of the nose than the other image.  They just do not look the same.

Not that it matters anymore.  There could be a shape-shifting demon ruling from the Oval Office as far as I know.

Persecution is coming during the fraudulent Biden Presidency.  Be ready for that.  A majority of Americans, per one poll, think that if we are not “vaccinated”, we should be restricted in movement.  I don’t know who was polled, and don’t care what anyone else’s opinions are, but when the majority gets large enough, they will come for us with torches and pitchforks.

Give it a few months and then expect another bio-terror chapter.  The globalists are all-in on their plan to give the world to Lucifer.  We are like a plane jetting down the runway – we are committed to full speed ahead now.

The stimulus checks will possibly start landing this weekend (March 13/14, 2021).  When you get yours, get your transportation fixed and buy as much storable (canned, frozen, dried) food as you can.  Food is going to become scarce and expensive.

The communists are maneuvering to steal your firearms.  Big bills in Congress under development to make selling your gun to a buddy illegal.  That on top of making your gun illegal to own.  Communists always first disarm the people they intend to exterminate.

This week, Youtube deleted 30,000+ videos on the harm the genetic-engineering injections are doing.  I tell you, these people ruling the world with Satan think they are actually going to create a utopia for themselves, not believing for one second that the Holy Bible is actually true.  Few talk about this, but these Utopians do in fact intend to kill billions of people.

I don’t mind being exterminated, but I sure hate losing.  That said, Satan cannot take his throne if we are winning, and Satan will take his throne.  He’s the prince of this world.

If you have kids, I know you are concerned.  I have kids and I am concerned.  I could run and never be caught. I am certain of that.  But running with kids is a different matter.  I don’t know how I could keep them safe, especially when we are hunted 24 x 7.

Prepare and make some friends.  Be slow to trust and be careful with those you already trust.  Loose lips sink ships.  I have a biological brother that I know for sure will submit my name to the communists when they get sufficient power.  He is a demented liberal, filled up with hate.  So trusting someone because they are “family” is a bad plan.

The next few years will play out in unexpected ways.  Lucifer is not the only dog in this fight.  God is the author of this ending, and only He knows how the pieces will fall into place.  Enjoy your life as much as you can.  Do have fun.  Do have fun.  Love your neighbors.  Have good conversations about things you enjoy.  Fall in love.  Listen to music.  Exercise.  Paint.  Hike.  Build something excellent.  Read great books and pray without ceasing.

Everything will turn out just as God wants it to turn out, and He is Love.


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2 thoughts on “Notice Anything Unusual?”

  1. Pray for the return of MESSIAH, pray for endurance and protection for those that love HIM. Put on the whole armor of GOD, stand on HIS Word !! Be diligent, watchful and unceasing in prayer !!

    1. Gloria, I continue to bump up against some sense that we will thrive in these last days. Not thrive in the way the world wants to thrive (yachts, feasts, Rolex, Mercedes, etc.), but in community, favor from Ani, peace in the face of persecution. Things like that. So when Jesus tells us “do not fear”, then I understand that we waste our time when we are fearful of tomorrow. Still, we are going to waste some time fearing, right? 🙂 But there is no need. Jesus loves us and always told us the truth. That said, I am still prepared to fight if it comes to that. I hope it does not.

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