Noahide – The Brood of Vipers Tries One More Time. Mark Biltz – Shame On You.

Originally posted on August 2, 2019 @ 6:30 am

The so-called “Noahide Laws” – I will follow up on this in detail on multiple posts in the immediate future, but the bottom line is this: “Noahide” is a completely fraudulent Rabbinic fabrication of unholy, satanic religious dogma that seeks to make slaves of everyone that it does not execute.

Allegedly, its growing leaps and bounds and is supported by King Bibi Netanyahu himself.  That certainly means John Hagee is fully behind it and will be hanging a “Cornerstone Noahide” banner up in his colossal church building soon.  I know the man.  Have had dinner at his dining-room table.  Poor Christians.

The Noahide Laws require all to renounce Jesus (Yahusha) as Messiah, or they must be killed.

The Noahide laws against blasphemy and idolatry proscribe the worship of Jesus Christ, who, according to the Talmud was not the Son of God but a blasphemer.  The Talmud also states the penalty for disobedience of even one Noahide Law:

“One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanhedrin Tract 57A)”

Anyone supporting Noahide serves the Anti-Christ, whomever he is.

Pastor Mark Bitlz of Blood Moon fame is a Noahide’r.  He supports them, disregarding the blasphemy and hell-bound outcome of it.

In this Mark Biltz video regarding Noahide, Biltz proves his complete ignorance at 1:13 when he states that the “Noahide Laws” were written 2000 years before Yahusha was born on earth, and cannot therefore possibly refer to Jesus as an idol, or Christians as idol worshippers.  I have their laws for you below.  Took me about 30 seconds to find them, a matter Mr. Biltz considered too trivial to even investigate.

But the Noahide Laws were written by RABBI’s, meaning they are modern, anti-christ, massively burdensome and illegitimate regulations that Yahusha cursed… 2000 years ago.

And Biltz goes on and on, wrong, ignorant, unread.  He does not even know that there are hundreds and hundreds of Rabbinical laws tacked onto those “Seven Noahide” so-called “laws”.

Below is an image of the section on Noahide “Justice” from  Section VI, Justice, Subsection 16 – DEATH BY DECAPITATION.

So Biltz is either a paid shill for the globalists, or he is a dangerous man, leading foolish sheep to their death, because worshiping Jesus is idolatry, per the Noahide “laws”.  Remember, these are the brood of vipers.  The same people.  Never trust them, all are unsaved, and all blaspheme Yahusha.  All deny Him, and will execute YOU if they gain the upper hand.

See for yourself:

At the 3:12 mark Biltz states that the Sanhedrin is not supported by the Israeli government, but Mr. Biltz – you are shockingly ignorant of the truth.  The Sanhedrin already have the ALTAR built and consecrated.  Their Menorah has 95 pounds of gold on it, and cost $1,000,000 to build.  A candle holder, Mr. Biltz.  And Schneerson demanded that Bibi do whatever he had to do to FORCE Yahuah to send the Mashiach “today”, and Bibi bowed his head and said he was doing everything he could do.

Anyone who worships the one called ‘Jesus’ will be executed.  Yes, that’s right – idolatry is an offense punishable by death, decapitation, to be precise.  Not that the Rabbis of Israel are particularly precise when it comes to Truth.  They are still the very same liars from hell who serve their father, the satan.

Here are some FACTS, Mr. Biltz…

This excerpt video is from Adam Green‘s superb (and bring your lunch to watch it – 2 hours, 18 minutes long.)  Watch the WHOLE thing here.

I’ve been watching videos of Rabbis in Israel talking about Noahide and how the people currently occupying Israel and calling themselves “Jews” will each have between 800 and 2800 non-‘Jew’ slaves.  Slaves that consist of everyone on earth who is not a ‘Jew’.

Noahide – The Religion Of Vipers

Yep.  That’s Noahide.  Its a new-fangled tribulation-era global religion backed by none other than Mr. Jarred Kushner, son-in-law of the ever tactful and always holy Donald J. Trump.  Mr. Kushner is the “brilliant” author of the so-called “Deal of the Century” that he will present to the Palestinians for their expected approval sometime this year.

When that “peace plan” is agreed to, the world will rejoice and just maybe the Third Temple will be built because of that peace plan.  And when the Third Temple is built the false prophet will step into the light of day, and the red dragon will give some of his power to the man who comes forward to, ostensibly, rule the earth.

Israel Is Positioning As A Rising Super-Power

Indeed, Israel will have massive global influence soon.  They handle about 20 percent of global internet security, yet possess only 1/10th of ONE PERCENT of the world population.  And the percent of global internet security is growing fast.  This is a big, big deal because if you have a trillion-shekel business you need internet security for, you are not likely to overlook Israel.  All of the top Internet powers have major research facilities in Israel, and money is flowing into Israel like a mighty Amazon river.

Even China is getting very, very chummy with Israel.  Far too “chummy”, per the USA, as the Israeli government, led by King Bibi, looks to sign an agreement with the Communist Chinese to let the Chinese run the Port of Haifa, where the US Navy docks its nuclear-powered war ships.  It looks like the Israelis are playing the “where else will America dock them?  There is no where else to go.” game, and will let the Chinese run the port and cash that Chinese check.

Israel – let’s get this straight – the “Jews” are NOT the “chosen people”, and while we are at it, Abraham started as gentile, which simply means non-believer.  All non-believers are “gentiles”, and when a person anywhere becomes a follower of Yahuah through salvation in Yahusha, he becomes “Israel”.


It would be a mistake to believe that contemporary promoters of the Noahide Laws have abandoned the Talmud doctrine that idolaters (i.e., Christians) be put to death for practicing their religion. The Noah’s Covenant web site calls for the banning of Christmas and other Christian holidays, and endorses the call for the death sentence for Christians. Noah’s Covenant quotes Rabbi Schneerson from Volume VIII of Likkutei Sichos, an anthology of the Schneerson’s works.(71) Rabbi Schneerson in turn quotes Maimonides (the Rambam).

… according to the known Jewish ruling that Christians are idol worshippers.

— Maimonides, quoted by Rabbi Schneerson(63)

A gentile … is liable for the death penalty … if he has invented a religious holiday for himself … The general principle is we do not allow them to make new religious rituals and to make ‘mitzvahs’ for themselves by their own devices. Rather they may either become a Ger Tzeddek and accept all the Mitvahs; or [t]he (the Noahide) should stand fast in his Torah (the seven Noahide Laws) without adding or diminishing … and if he does make some new ‘mitzvah,’ we lash him, punish him, and inform him that he is obligated with the death penalty for this …

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9 months ago

Who do Muslims worship at Kaaba? Allah! As I’m sure you know, Maimonides is the founder of Kaballah who wrote the Noahide laws. He also wrote a medical oath for doctors that essentially allows doctors to do bad things for the will of God. Peter Hotez ripped off this concept when he wrote the book, Science Tikkun, as Tikkun Olam is the Kaballahistic teaching in synagouges that its okay to do bad to do the will of God. Social justice is tikkun olam. Poor hungry mouths aren’t poor or hungry if they’re disposed of. Kaballah aka mysticism has its tentacles throughout mystery groups from Freemasons, Jesuits, Islam, Christianity, all the way to fraternities and serorities. And you know its led at the top by those who associate as Jews.    In Israel this year they have been fighting over changes to its Supreme Court by removing the “Reasonablness” clause from its constitution. From; “In 1953, a young student at Yeshiva University asked the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, how a 20th century world could handle the building of an… Read more »

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
9 months ago

I’m now beginning to see such dangerous rabbinic “Talmudish” trends unfold as the global economic war invades our pockets deeper and deeper. Watch out for the Orthodox Jews – those are some wolves in sheeps clothing – dangerous. Things goin’ get bad out there. Sooner rather than later.

Gillian Cockwill
1 year ago

I have read the Book of Noah and as far as I recall there is no mention of Laws. I think people will be thinking that these laws come from Noah. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, aren’t these trying to superceed the Ten Commandements which G-d gave to Moses on Sinei, and it’s those we should be upholding and following? Bliz is trying to down play the part where those who believe and profess Jesus Christ as Lord, will be ‘Decapitated’, which I believe is their intention. Don’t be fooled into thinking these ‘laws’ are nothing to worry about, and why would successive Presidents ratified them every so many years if they weren’t important?

Bob Wunderlich
Bob Wunderlich
2 years ago

you must be part of that dumb children of Yah or followers of Yah cult… Right?

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