New Federal Law Will Take Food Away From Public And Private Schools If They Refuse To Secretly Advance Homosexualism


The “bad news” will only increase in scope and density as the days go by.  We are all tired of hearing about the death of America and the ascension of the Luciferians, but this information had to be published because letting the anti-Christs get away with their conduct is unacceptable. 

Taking money from the federal government means selling your birthright for a bowl of soup.  Private Universities (Christian Colleges included) who receive money from the government will loose that money unless they promote homosexualism.  Trans-sexualism is just a different angle to homosexualism, as it is typically a male who wishes to pretend that he is a female, and who will either date a male or a female or a trans-sexual of whatever flavor.  Obviously a Satanic orchestra of confusion and chaos and blasphemy.

Restrooms, locker rooms, sports, housing – all being homosexualized by Satan and the United States Federal servant of Satan.

This means that schools around the country will be forced to comply with a range of pro-transgender policies in things like sports, housing, locker rooms and bathrooms if they want to continue receiving federal funds. The effort began when President Joe Biden issued an executive order almost immediately upon taking office.


The Biden administration will also force schools that receive funds from the government Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to investigate accusations of sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. Students at colleges and universities who reject the Biden administration’s definition of sex could also lose their Federal Student Aid.

So Biden will starve schools into submission, refusing to let children eat if the schools deny his secret pro-homo requirements.  Many of the impoverished parents of these child victims will demand that the schools submit to the satanic programs in order to get the food to feed the children and compassionate teachers might find it difficult to stand strong against the satanic agenda when faced with hungry kids.

This is a common satanic tactic for controlling people.  Starve them into submission, and its happening in food availability and food prices already.  The schools will either cave in to the satanic requirements or find some alternative means to feed the hungry child victims.  With food at home already diminishing, pressure to feed these financially strapped kids will be immense.  Biden, an abject servant of Satan, takes advantage of this, and he is in large part responsible for the economic catastrophe we now live in.

Satan is indeed the Prince of the world.  When Satan offered Yahusha (aka “Jesus”) all the cities of the world in exchange for Yahusha committing to worship him, he was serious.  They are his.  Only the restraining force now in place restrains him from exercising the full gamut of his hatred.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service announced in May it will prevent low-income students from participating in its National School Lunch Program if their public school does not adopt the administration’s interpretation of Title IX, which holds that the federal civil rights law’s provision against discrimination based on sex includes designations of sexual orientation and gender identity. The move was originally reported by The Center Square.

Note in the above quote that low-income children are specifically targeted, as they are the least able to defend themselves from the predatory homosexualism of the Federal government.

Below, all public schools and non-religious private schools must promote homosexualism or lose Federal funding.

Critics of the administration’s decision said it could unnecessarily harm disadvantaged students. Christian K-12 schools that participate in the NSLP can apply for a religious exemption, but public and nonreligious private schools must follow the new rules or lose their funding.

And of course the secret Federally-required pro-homo activities in the schools are forbidden by law from being made known to the parents.

Jonathan Butcher, a fellow in education at the Heritage Foundation, said the Biden administration’s interpretation of Title IX would also prohibit schools from informing parents of their child’s decision to assume a different gender.

Free Speech will be forbidden, and mixed-gender pronouns will be enforced by law.

“A third [change] that is unspoken and won’t appear in the new rule but will have implications, it will be essentially a muzzling of free speech for individuals who for example don’t toe the party line on gender identity and will be forced … to use an individual’s preferred pronouns or be faced potentially with Title IX sex discrimination charges,” Perry said. “So it will not only require the adherence to these beliefs. It will force speech. It will compel speech in violation of the First Amendment, and we have yet to even examine fully the parameters of how that is going to play out in the court room…”

Yahuah will not save us from this blasphemy because we do not study and live according to His instructions.  Sure, some of us do, but we are an insignificant percent of the population.  The majority of Christians tolerate these things and grudgingly submit to Satan.  Subsequently he wins, taking America to hell with him in the near future and ruining the lives of the little ones along the way.  By tolerating Satan, the Christians are accountable for allowing harm to come to the children, and they will wish it were only a millstone around their neck in the reckoning to come.

Where are the pastors?  Hiding behind the 501(c)3 restrictions on political speech in churches.  For large donations, the churches traded Truth for money behind the 501(c)3 bait.

More information on this:

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2 years ago

The Covid funds were also used in this fashion with the schools. If you want the funds you must enforce our mandates.

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