Never Take Your Security For Granted

This week, at the door of the Washington, D.C. Hilton, the same Hilton President Ronald Reagan spoke at just before he was shot, two guests were walking into the door when they were attacked by a mob, beaten and robbed.  The mob consists of black males mostly, as well as several females of various races.  The video below of the beating tells the story.

VIDEO of The Assault

Point here is that you need to be prepared for things like this, as it will accelerate through this year and more next year.  They robbed these men because they were guests at the Hilton and therefore “had money”.  And they were spit on, so it was also an emotional event and hatred was a driver.

Be aware of your surroundings.  Don’t be out on the streets at night.  Arm yourself.  Train.  Always have a count in your head of how many people are within 20 yards of you.  Just make it a habit to have a reliable rough estimate of how many people could move against you in any given moment.  Avoid any area that has a high number.  Cross the street, turn around, etc.

“High number” is variable.  A lot of people lined up for a parade is not a high number for our purposes.  A lot of people milling around in the darkness of night might be as low as three.  Conditions matter.  Night, urban, poor neighborhood, etc.

It was around 1AM, I think, when these guys were beaten, stomped and spat on.

I moved into an apartment recently and I am aware when I walk out the door.  Sometimes I go out the back, cross the parking lot unseen, walk down another building, walk through the passageway and back out into the front parking lot so that anyone watching my car or myself will not know for sure which building I live in.

Not paranoid, just cautious, plus I have to discipline myself to do it.  It seems silly to me sometimes, but it is a good habit to develop.  Primarily I do not want a bad guy to connect my car with me and my apartment door.  I never want anyone to know that my apartment is unoccupied, and if they connect my car to me and then my apartment, then they will know when I am gone and my apartment is unoccupied.  Make sense?

Be aware and evaluate your exposure.  These guys took it for granted that, because they were in Washington at the Hilton, they had nothing to fear.



Originally posted on July 25, 2019 @ 2:51 pm


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2 thoughts on “Never Take Your Security For Granted”

  1. Omg 😲 😨 those kids seem to come out of nowhere! I was always under the assumption that hotels like the Hilton had security at all times???
    I found it astounding that no one…not one…was there to help.

    They are like a pack of wolves! In for the kill and enjoying every minute of it.

    You need to get out of the city Jerry!!

    May Abba Yah continue to bless you and keep you protected.
    Much Shalom ♡

    1. I live in a small town outside San Antonio, but its growing really fast. Lots of strange people here these days. I also carry a Springfield Armory XDM9, a 9mm pistol that has a magazine capacity of 19 rounds, and I generally have three full magazines with me when I drive. Usually, if I am going where people congregate (shopping, grocery store, church {no church these days}), I carry concealed.

      Plus, Kate, I was on the Military Police Combat Pistol team, and when I was a kid I was captain of my boxing team 🙂 I love to fight! lol. go figure…

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