Nephalim Spirit Goes With Its Human Host To Church, Goes Berserk When Preacher Says The Trigger Words


Yes, this is real, and yes this woman is possessed by a nephalim spirit.  This is a very good opportunity to hear what triggered her wild response.  Check it out…

The preacher (JD Farag) is preaching and he goes on for a couple of minutes and triggers the demon.  This is just outstanding, because the trigger words are worthy of further discussion.  The return of Yahusha.  It is the reference to the return of Yahusha that throws the demon into a screaming fit.  The demon is wildly fearful of that return.  Why would that be?  Because the demons know that “the time” is at hand.

Remember the demon that asked Yahusha if He had come “before the time”?  That demon was actually fishing for intel on the return or the coming, because those demons have a destiny, and it just might be hell.

I say “just might” because the Nephalim are non-human and non-celestial.  The fallen angels are celestial and therefore will suffer the fate of the celestial wicked.  The Nephalim are not human, and are not celestial.  They are hybrids with no place, and Yahuah has them walking the earth as spirits, unable to eat and unable to drink, and are always starving and always thirsty (Enoch, Book 1).  Remember the demon “we are legion”, who asked Yahusha if He was going to send them (the legion of demons in the demoniac) to the “dry place”?  and then asked to be sent into the pigs, which did immediately run directly into the water?

They fear “the dry place”, and the demon in this video is terrified that Yahusha is coming soon.

Pray for the woman possessed.  They are trying to cast out the demon as the video ends, and mercifully do not put her image out for the whole world to see.

If you have had demon experiences, or know of an interesting video of some demon losing it in a church, maybe we can start some analysis of trigger phrases or topics and see if there is a trend regarding the return.

It will certainly be more interesting than the latest war event.  The fools ruling the world want a world government and they will achieve it.  We need to keep our eyes and hearts on the Truth, as He will appear in the sky at some point.

Also remember my vision of the flaming sword and His Words that He is coming to separate His Righteous from the world of unrighteous people.  A calamity of immeasurable magnitude precedes His return.  It comes, apparently, from the stars and also, I suppose, it will be visible and known.  In the confusion of that event, the Righteous will be removed (probably no one will notice as there will be massive damage everywhere, and we will be assumed dead).

Peace to you and your household on this beautiful Sabbath evening.



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22 days ago

I have a feeling these events will become more and more common in the coming years. A gentleman recently made his way to our church asking for help in removing his torment from the demonic. My prayer is that these souls will get the help they desperately need.

22 days ago

The offspring of Fallen angels have been here since the beginning, first with Cain and his children, Kenites, the rabbis, and the Chabad sect of Jews. Then Esau and his children the long line of Popes etc.

22 days ago

You’re blocking me out. I read so much on here..but you think I’m a crawler .well I try to peruse it..I apologize for looking through everything. Polly

22 days ago

Not a first hand experience, but a sermon that I have watched a couple of times. Derek Prince, based upon clothes and hair. He was somewhere in middle America in the mid to late 80’s. The sermon was about Deliverance.
Derek speaks and says, “demons are very comfortable in church” . It was the response of the congregation that floored me.
There was a busting forth, cackling of a hidious laughter throughout , as a whole.

Derek stood in complete silence . And when they calmed down and got quiet again. He continued with the teaching.

At the end , right before the video cuts off. He asked, if there were anyone who would be delivered ? Without sound, nearly the whole of the congregation began to step forward.
It was awe inspiring for sure.

Welcome To The War
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