My Spirit Briefly Detached From My Body

Originally posted on December 21, 2019 @ 12:09 am

My mother once told me that I live a charmed life.  It’s a fact, I do.  She told me that no matter how hard and far I fall, I always rebound stronger, faster and better.  Its true.  How do I do that?

Its simple, as are most things.  I simply go through the dark despair of depression and suicidal thoughts :), and then get up and start the long march back to joy.  The dark periods are indeed difficult.  This year has been brutal, absolutely impossibly hard on my psyche.  The death of my oldest friend, the brother I shared so many secrets with was harder on me thany I imagined it would be.  He fell into darkness and the darkness swallowed him up.  I can only hope that as he lay in that hospital bed dying that he called on Yahusha (“Jesus” to most) for salvation.  I suspect he did, because looking into the double barrelled permanence of death, one will grab at any viable life preserver.  Having weeks to ponder hell and damnation, even stubborn, prideful Lane McCarty would beg for mercy.

We will all be separated from our bodies, and sooner than most know.

I want to share with you an event that happened to me this past Monday afternoon.

I was driving down a local road and experienced a very odd, almost unexplainable sensation that took place within me.  I cannot say that it took place within my body, because it seemed to be a matter of spirit.

As you my readers know, we are spirit.  We are not flesh.  Sin, rebellion against the commands of Yahuah, does reside in our flesh.  Our flesh wages war against us, against our spirit, continually.  Our flesh always desires to contest against Yahuah for authority over us.  Perhaps it is a DNA thing.  Perhaps that is why Ha Shatan implants those devices into many of the human beings who are taken by the so-called “aliens”, which do exist under the earth.

Perhaps Ha Shatan has a genetic modification program under way.  It makes sense.  If he can build technology into us that drives is into more rebellion, then he will destroy more of the masterpiece of Yahuah.


But our spirit, that which Yahuah breathed into Adam, cannot be thus corrupted.  Our own personal choices are the steps we take toward hell.  We manage that process by choosing to turn away from Truth.

The point is that we are spirit beings operating through bodies of flesh.  Our bodies are machines, plain and simple.  They are self-replicating, self-healing, biological technologies that Yahuah created from the abundance of intellect that only Yahuah possesses.  Our bodies are alive.  They are living things right up to the moment when they cease to function.  They stop working, and are considered “dead” at that moment.  Kind of like a battery.  Sometimes it can be jump-started, but eventually failure is complete.

Our spirit, the real “you” in that body you control, is separate.  You, YOU, are even now a celestial being.  You who are saved are aliens to this world.  You do not belong here.  Everything you believe is hated by the world.  You are hated by the world, which is proper, as the world is dead already, having never been made alive by the indwelling of the spirit of Yahuah.

Monday, as I was driving down the road, I felt something going on with me.  Not “in me”, and not “in my body”.  The best way I can describe it is this:  I felt my spirit, the real “me”, separating from my body.  It was as if there was a distance created between me and my body.  I was still inside my body.  I did not see anything, hear anything different or unexpected.  But I definitely felt as if I were about to disengage from my physical shell.

In that moment I understood how Yahusha was able to walk on the water, or how He suddenly appeared in that upper room with His disciples after He walked out of His grave.

My experience was brief, like a momentary passing through a weak and momentary shadow.  Just a hint.  A delicate whiff of something special.

Think of it as a system test, whereby Yahuah simply tests the connection of all His children by giving the most minute tug on their spirit in preparation for the sudden and world-wide call of the saints.  A call which will be made with an instant, infinitely strong pull of us out of and away from our physical bodies.

Maybe you felt it, too, although I am sure that almost everyone missed it.  It was so slight as to be immeasurable, but in that moment I distinctly felt the disconnection from the physical and the understanding of the spiritual reality of who I am.  It was not an intellectual understanding, which I totally possess and completely understand.  It was outside the realm of physics.  It was not natural.

I shared this experience with a friend of mine today.  She is a co-worker who defines what a saint is in her daily walk with Yahusha.  She is a classic “Christian”, meaning that she does not understand much of the Word.  But what she does understand is loving others as she loves herself, and she is majestically devoted to helping others.  She is a pearl of great price whom Yahusha died to save.  He gave everything for such as her, and she will shine like the sun in Heaven.

She told me that something like what I describe here also happened to her, and on the same day.  She did not much question it, but as I talked to her, she really accepted the word.  What a fine woman she is.

I believe this is more than a “sign”.  I believe that Yahuah is preparing to do something strong within the body of Yahusha.  I believe that He will use us to do things that we can never imagine ourselves doing.  This moment of separation from the flesh was not more than three seconds in duration, but it was exceedingly unique.  Not even when I had the vision of the flaming sword and heard the voice of Yahuah speaking to me did I feel like I did in those three seconds.

My spirit detached from my body.  The only obstacle I faced was my own mind.  I did not fully grasp what had happened for a couple of hours.  I pondered it, turned it over in my mind like a monkey with a new quarter and knew for sure that it was not a physical thing, but a spirit thing.  He’s up to something.

Changing topic, I want to touch on the pagan winter solstice ritual called “Christmas”.

In view of the connection between the solstice and the new solar year, it is obvious that the babe in the manger and the babe in the diaper with a New Year’s banner around his
chest are really the same – a symbol of the reborn sun god. The sun god was always the most important in any polytheistic culture, and the winter solstice always marked his
death and resurrection, or rebirth. Some of the major gods who celebrated their birthdays on December 25 were Marduk, Osiris, Horus, Isis, Mithras, Saturn, Sol, Apollo, Serapis, and Huitzilopochli.

Its purely pagan and no person who follows The Way should subscribe to it.  Yahusha is not part of this Saturnalian devil worshiping holy day in any way.

Telling your children that “Santa is coming” sets them up to disavow Yahusha in the future, because if “Santa” is a pure damned lie, then maybe Jesus is, too.  Tell them right upfront that there is no such thing as Santa Clause.  Do not lie to them, because lies are Satan’s native tongue.

I have children, and one of them is five years old.  I have to repeatedly tell him that there is no such thing as Santa, and I am very glad I do that.  Naturally, he wants to believe there is a Santa and he counters my assertions vigorously.

Nonetheless, I am going to put up a tree and decorate it with as many lights as it will support this weekend, because I love trees and my kids love all the lights.  We will give each other gifts and enjoy the time together a lot.  Its a holiday, though not in any way a holy day.  Yahusha is not part of it, its simply a party where we give a gift or two, eat well and hang out together.  Its fun, not spiritual, and I will teach them all day that the roots of “Christmas” are purely pagan.

I have misgivings about that tree, but Nathan, my five year old, is uninterested in such matters.  He loves the sparkling lights and wonder of all the colors.  It is for his joy and none other that I do this.

Christmas can be particularly hard on some people, especially the lonely.  If you want to talk, let me know and I will call you up.  Just put your number in the comment section below and I will make a note of it and delete the comment.  It will never be posted on the site, so your privacy is respected.  Or an email will work, too.  Just reply to this if you are subscribed.

I have more to share, but not tonight.  The politics in Washington are getting very nasty, very illegal and something is about to break.  Some Sheriffs are warning their civilian populations to arm themselves and to prepare for war.  Yes, war.

If it comes to that, you can be sure that I am ready.  Are you?  Or do you choose to disobey Yahusha when He commands His followers to arm themselves?  Do you think He came to bring peace?

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