My Personal Testimony

Writing or making a video of my personal testimony is a big deal to me.  Its a big deal because it is so personal, and because you will have to pray to Yahuah in order to believe some of what you hear.  You will need help from Yahuah because I assure you, you have never heard anything like what I am sharing with you here.

Look, mine is not your Sunday School teachers conversion experience.  Yet my conversion and subsequent dreams and vision, my infilling of the Holy Spirit – all are supernatural.  All are powerful, far beyond any other things I have ever experienced.

Yahuah is my Lord.  He is my governor.  He is my leader, my Father, my comforter, my beloved and faithful friend, guide, master.  He is the one real thing.

I want to share this with you because you need to know more.  You need to understand me better, and absolutely because you will need to trust me in the future.  You need to know that I am true, because very soon we will be under attack.  When we are under attack, and I mean the Beast, the Dragon, arrests, executions on a mass scale, wide-field genocide – men’s hearts will fail them from fear.

You better believe it.

But when the fight starts in the flesh, I will have much to say.  He has prepared my soul for these times, and I was created to serve in these very days.  It is not for nothing that He raised me up as He did, from birth to the end.

He prepared me, set me apart and kept me safe for His purpose.  So please listen.  Listen carefully.  Every word is true.

Originally posted on March 17, 2018 @ 1:15 pm


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3 thoughts on “My Personal Testimony”

  1. Jerry, Thank you for sharing your testimony. I heard another testimony (1 yr. ago) of a guy who went to a party and encountered a non-human female with a similar description and outcome as with you. When he spurned her, she exposed her true colors, became extremely vile like the one you encountered. I am glad you turned to the Lord and got free of the demonic realm!

  2. JW, that is a situation I found myself in recently. I went to a small “Bible church” for a few years, and loved it. But I didn’t fit in, and even my Sunday School teacher, regarding me, told my pastor that “he isn’t like us.”
    I personally thought that was kind of back-stabby/two-faced, and it is. But I stuck with them for a couple of more years, wearing my Tzit-zit and sitting directly in front of the Pastor every Sunday. I loved my Pastor, and hugged him every Sunday after he finished teaching.
    One day I sent him an email with my Torah notes attached, suggesting that we meet for lunch and talk. And then I waited for his reply, which never came.
    He never said a word, other than when I asked him if he got my email, he replied that it “was long”.
    So after all those years, he didn’t want to talk to me about the Word. He didn’t want to talk to a man who loves him about the Words of the God we both claim to serve. You tell me, JW, is the love of Yahuah in that man? Is he my brother?
    I left that church. Every Sunday me, my wife and our three kids filled that front row directly in front of my Pastor. When he rejected even discussing with me the Word, knowing my thoughts and unable to refute them, he simply rejected me. How could I then sit with him as my teacher?
    And JW, my email address and phone numbers are in the Member Directory that everyone receives who attends that church. Guess how many people have contacted me in the two months we have been gone?
    So, what should you do? Brother, I have no idea. I miss the fellowship so much, but when my teacher will not discuss the very Word of God with me, what else can I do? Continue to sit with him? When my Sunday School teacher tells my pastor that I am not like them, what do I do?
    So JW, if you are set-apart, then you are set apart. You cannot un-ring that bell, JW. Once you have tasted the Truth, everything else tastes bitter. If your teacher teaches the truth there, great. But if he teaches the false doctrine of lawlessness, perhaps you should speak up. Maybe ask for a meeting with the Pastor.
    I’d like to know the eventual outcome, JW. Please keep us posted on that, as obviously you and I and no doubt others do have or will have this same issue.

  3. From JW – “I am trying to figure out if what I sense regarding the church I attend is from the Holy Spirit or from an evil spirit. The feeling being that I should leave this church and find another. It is a small congregation and follows the bible and the discipline a person must follow as a bible student for many years I find nothing contrary to the word in the preaching. How does one discern an evil spirit message?
    Thank you for your consideration

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