Multiple Nuclear Facilities Damaged In Ukraine and Russia – Biden Calls In Reservists. Pedophilia Thriving In Ukraine And Dept. Of Justice Deletes Important Information.



Several nuclear facilities in Ukraine and Russia have experienced problems this past week.  Can you spell “harbinger”?  Beast Biden is calling several thousand retired or discharged US military service personnel back into service.  These military “recalls” start small.  Expect much larger numbers when the devils in Washington, D.C. formally kick off war with Russia.

Don’t let your children or grandchildren or nieces of nephews or husbands or wives  or anyone you know join the military or report to a recall.  The US Congress has not authorized a war, and Russia has not attacked the USA.  Do not lose a single drop of American blood for Ukraine, the world-wide hub of child sex slavery.

Monkey Werx suspects that, based on real-time aircraft data over the USA, the military is mapping battlefields inside America.  Yes, battlefields inside America.  It is possible that China and Russia started the forest fires in Canada in order to burn off trees and make it easier to get their armies through there and into the USA, hence the battlefield surveys.

Biden signs order to call up 3,000 troops for Operation Atlantic Resolve in Europe

President Joe Biden signed an order on Thursday allowing the Pentagon to immediately call up as many as 3,000 reserve troops to support Operation Atlantic Resolve in Europe.

Operation Atlantic Resolve began in 2014 in response to the Russian annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and it “provides rotational deployments of combat-credible forces to Europe to show our commitment to NATO while building readiness, increasing interoperability, and enhancing the bonds between ally and partner militaries,” per U.S. Army Europe and Africa’s website.


While Biden’s order provides the Pentagon with the authority to call up troops, DOD did not make it immediately clear as to whether they would, in fact, call up additional reservists.

Last year, the administration increased the troop presence in Europe by about 20,000 troops as Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade Ukraine, bringing the total U.S. force on the continent to approximately 100,000.

“The designation of OAR as a contingency operation is an important demonstration of the U.S. commitment to our NATO Allies and partners,” U.S. European Command Spokesperson U.S. Navy Capt. Bill Speaks said in a statement. “It further provides US EUCOM with greater flexibility to support continued U.S. and Allied commitments to the defense of the Euro-Atlantic and allows us to provide key entitlements to the forces who support those commitments.”

The operation will now be designated as a “contingency operation,” Joint Staff Director for Operations Lt. Gen. Douglas A. Sims told reporters on Thursday. “This new designation benefits troops and families with increases in authorities, entitlements, and access to the reserve component forces and personnel based on the level of presence and operations in the US EUCOM area of operation.”

Shocking Report Reveals Elite Pedophiles Are Flocking To Ukraine To Purchase Child Sex Slaves For $150,000

But Beast Biden’s “Department of Justice” just deleted a lot of valuable information regarding sex slavery from the Department of Justice website.  No doubt because Ukraine is featured prominently among the most corrupt nations on earth.

BREAKING: Rep. Luna Responds to DOJ Deleting Website Content on International Child Sex Trafficking

It has come to light that the Department of “Justice” has scrubbed key information from its webpage on child sex trafficking by deleting entire sections that previously highlighted the International Sex Trafficking of Minors, which has been brutally exacerbated by President Biden’s own policies.

On May 12, 2023, the Biden Administration made substantive cuts to its website detailing the evils and causes of the global sex trade of children, erasing three sections: “International Sex Trafficking of Minors,” “Domestic Sex Trafficking of Minors,” and “Child Victims of Prostitution.”

The DOJ specifically deleted a section that implicated the Biden Administration’s open-border policies in correlation to the sex trafficking of children. The deleted portion read, “One form of sex trafficking involves the cross border transportation of children. In these situations, traffickers recruit and transfer children across international borders in order to sexually exploit them in another country.”

The DOJ also scrubbed references to child exploitation in the form of prostitution: “Pimps and traffickers sexually exploit children through street prostitution, and in adult night clubs, illegal brothels, sex parties, motel rooms, hotel rooms, and other locations throughout the United States.”

DOJ’s blatant move to distance Joe Biden’s harmful policies from the global crime of sex trafficking should be no surprise to any of us who have seen the blatant sexualization and abuse of children this Administration is comfortable with promoting.

As it currently stands, Joe Biden has lost 85,000 children to the hopeless and horrific cycle of international sex trade being conducted on our doorstep, which acts as a launching pad for traffickers to exploit the bodies and souls of innocent children.

This also prefaced the Sound of Freedom release, a film that has underscored the horrific violation of human dignity by the international sex trade and the perpetrators of it.

See here for screenshots of the DOJ’s updates.

A movie you want to see is “Sound of Freedom.”



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