Much More Information Is Coming. Try To Read It All. The More You Know, The Stronger You Become.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

Gird your loins, brothers and sisters.  Prepare your mind to resist what is coming, as the wolves are in the house.

I want to give you subscribers a heads-up regarding volume of email or post notifications.  Many are coming.  I had hoped to restrict publication to once per week, but already before 7:30 AM today I have three articles that I will republish here today.

What I see gathering steam is an international push to force people into the “covid-19 vax” camp.  The rate of injections is not doing as well as the sheep herders hoped.  The stampede did not become an avalanche, and there is massive resistance everywhere against the so-called ‘vaccine’.

That said, lots of people I know have been injected.  I pity them, but what is done is done and its too late to warn them.  The current rate of death-by-vax is higher than at any time in vaccine history.  In fact, the rate of death from the covid “vaccines” is greater than the total number of all deaths from vaccines for the last ten years COMBINED.

Some have published that the injection is killing more people than the so-called “covid-19 virus”, which might be true and might not be true.  I will try to nail that down today or tomorrow.

Again, I am going to publish material at a rapid pace for the time being.  I want to get as much information in your head as possible so that you can be aware of the pace and the plans of the Luciferians ruling the world.

23 years ago I clearly remember wondering what the world would look like if Satan had his way here, now, and I got a vision of everyone alone, locked in dark apartments, living in despair and fear.  They stayed indoors, and there was no electricity.  A dark hive of humanity without hope.  That’s what I saw.

Today, I continually read of government efforts to force people to remain in their homes and apartments, alone, isolated from family, friends and work, living in increasing despair and isolation.  England seems to be the worst at this time.

If you have a real relationship with Ani, then this will not apply to you.  You will live a victorious life.  You know you are redeemed and you are filled with His life and vitality.  Honestly, my life is great.  I have things that I do not like in my life, as we all do.  But in general, I live in peace with everyone, pray to my God all the time, and entertain myself in some interesting ways.  My life is very good and I only notice the “covid-19 pandemic” when I am forced to mask up in certain work environments, or at the eye doctors office yesterday, or the grocery store.  I do not mask up at the grocer but 98 percent of the people there do.  Its absolutely sickening to see how many gutless idiots there are in my town based on the grocery store mask count.

Those who are most zombified into the mask cult will be the very first to report you to the police in the near future.  Guaranteed.  I even had to have a fairly granite-hard talk with my ex-spouse regarding the injections this morning.  She claims she is all bold and will not get that injection, but when she discovers that she is not allowed into certain places without an injection record, she’s going to have to do a gut check.  And if the grocery stores start refusing admission without an injection record, then it becomes a matter of life or death.

What about drivers license renewal?  No injection – no travel.
Professional license such as real estate of barbering or plumbing or lawyering?  No injection – no license.

Listen, the people driving this fake pandemic are satanists.  They WANT YOU DEAD.  Genocide is the GOAL, and they control the planet.  The only reason they don’t just openly wipe us out is because we would fight back.  Because we would fight back in huge numbers (especially with Donald J. Trump as President), a plan had to be put into play that would do a sneak attack on us, and nothing is more sneaky than an invisible ghost virus that no one seems to have in a test tube anywhere, but against which you MUST BE INJECTED.  

If you are not a subscriber, then subscribe.  Don’t be a hard head about it.  I don’t like subscribing to sites either, but this is a whole different kind of culture here.  I am kind of an information clearing house with a Biblical foundation.  Even if you hate God, you will do well to be part of us.  Readership here is well into five digits per month and growing.



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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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2 years ago

Morning Jerry. Holding strong down in Oz. Strange times as Queensland goes into lockdown again for a couple of fake virus cases. You can’t make this rubbish up. Just to amuse you I’ll tell you how they say the virus spread this time😷 The lame stream media reported that it was due to a supposed Hens night party where a tradie who also worked as a stripper who also worked at an aged care facility, attended the party. One very busy tradie so it seems . Covering lots of areas of exposure for the fake virus. The hospital in Brisbane also on alert as two nurses tested positive and only emergency cases were let through the doors. TOTAL LUNACY DOWN HERE. all the best to you and yours😀 Nell

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