Moderna RNA Vaccine Recipient In Convulsions. You, Too, Can Get Your Very Own FREE Injection.

Bored?  Want to add some spice to your life?  Go get a free Moderna RNA vaccine and become a Genetically Modified Organism.  None of that Non-GMO stuff for some folks.  Only the best, most genetically modified mutant dna will do.

See for yourself…

Healthy people don’t get the so-called covid virus.  The 1/2 of 1 percent who do do not usually know that caught it.  No “vaccine” needed.

Elderly people with medical conditions are potentially at risk, but the vaccine looks like it is more dangerous, in part because the vaccine is injected into them, which guarantees they get the dose of whatever witches brew is in that syringe.

I read that one nursing had zero cases of “covid” until some of them gut the “vaccine”, whereby two elderly patients promptly got sick and died.

Roll your own dice and take your own chances.  Personally, I have zero concerns about a “covid” issue, do not wear a mask except into my cigar shop and to a medical facility where I do some volunteering twice per week.  The masks do absolutely nothing good.  Says so right on the box: “Not for medical use.”



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