Millennial Millie Weaver Out Of Jail And Back On the Hunt For Truth. Shadowgate Download Available

Millie Weaver, known as “Millenial Millie” was arrested on a “Secret Indictment” and thrown into jail while her children stood on the front porch weeping.

She was arrested because the exposed the criminal actions of companies doing business with the US Government – spying business of the highest order.  Spying business that manipulates our entire nation into generating profits for select businesses, votes for select politicians and prisons for select adversaries.

The movie is titled “ShadowGate”, and I have it posted in an earlier post here: ShadowGate Movie by Millenial Millie Weaver

Please download the movie and post it anywhere you want to.

She subsequently was arrested just as she was uploading the movie to her partner.

Here is Millie’s first big post-jail video, and it is a good one.


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