Mike From Around The World, December 8, 2022: Galactic Energy Wave, Intense Infrared, Asteroid Storm. Am I Excited? Oh Yes.


I just discovered this guy and in a couple of days I have listened to over six hours of his youtube podcasts.  The video portion is just a couple of long-running space/celestial gifs, apparently.  That is fine.  What matters is the content, and this is some of the finest content I have ever heard, regardless of topics.  In our case, we are listening to a fellow named “Mike”, who is obviously brilliant and very dedicated to Truth and to Yahuah’s Words.

This is a sample of his work, and I do intend to publish many more of his podcasts.  You will want to get your coffee or tea ready, and give yourself an hour to listen quietly to this first podcast.  I have listened to six hours of his work in the last two days, and have listened to this one twice.  They are information rich, very, and I know that I will have to listen to many podcasts many times each to absorb the material.

After this one and the next one I publish, you will no longer be particularly concerned about the tribulation.  You will not fear it, nor fear those things that are about to appear upon the earth.  Every day that the world grows worse, our redemption grows closer.  The evil we see escalating everywhere is like an oven timer.  The hotter it gets, the more eminent the return.

Prepare.  The speaker does not use that word even one time, but the message is clear.  Why the ultras are building bunkers becomes very clear.  This explains why the US government is stockpiling millions of tons of supplies under ground.  It explains why the government wants us off gasoline and why Biden said he plans to shut down the petroleum industry.  It explains why “climate change” is such a persistent mantra, and why that mantra will not stop.  Climate change will happen at a biblical magnitude.  We cannot understand this until now, because climate change is, for us, just not an issue.

This is because “climate change” is more a code-word for the catastrophe that I increasingly believe is certain to come soon.  Many in high levels of government, military, religion and wealth world-wide do know what “climate change” means, hence the race to build underground  survival capability.

The WEF is informed of this same information and now it is easy to see why Schwab is positioning people in various governments.  He intends to wait for the drama of this “climate change” event to strike, then spring his trap of a ready-made shadow government of his creation to take over in the aftermath of the destruction.  Clever little devil, that Schwab.

Family, I am pumped up.  We are on the very threshold of the most magnificent fulfillment of prophecies that will ever be performed.  There is no need for us to fear.  Yahuah didn’t put you here at this time just to incinerate you at the end.  You are not appointed to His wrath.  It is the wicked that He is coming for.


Shabbat Shalom!

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kim k
kim k
1 year ago

https://www.counciloftime.com/ hhmm, this site is not there??

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 year ago

Shabbat shalom brother Jerry.

1 year ago

WOW. I need to quit my job sell my metals.
This sounds serious

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