May God Have Mercy On You, President Trump.


Greetings brothers, sisters, casual readers, hackers, American NSA spies, FBI Gestapo and all other brands of truth-seeking people.  Are you ready for war?  Are you ready to be arrested for being a truthful person who seeks fairness and even (dare I say it?) righteousness?  Or are you a Federal employee who never struck up a relationship with the actual “God”?  You know, you say you “believe in God”, and that is the absolute beginning and end of your “relationship” with Truth.

So my precious anti-Christs, remember this as you prepare to create war on mankind and to imprison the best of Americans in your blind and wicked obsession to please the baby-eating Satanists ruling America and the world – your day comes.  You will face your accuser and you will have no answer.  And at that very moment, you will find yourself in burning hell, as real as a blowtorch pressed against your cheek, and its eternal.  You know, forever.

Death will not free you from responsibility, but will instead immediately stand you before The One.  In the twinkling of an eye you will review your entire life, hearing every blasphemy, seeing every opportunity you had for salvation and enduring the excruciating horror of the reality seated before you that you denied Him over and over and over, mocking Christians and cherishing your flesh.

So go ahead and hunt the righteous.  We are ready, and we are prepared.  Death has no power over us. Death is, in fact, our liberator and your eternal curse.

I will not ask you to believe me.  Your damnation is up to Yahuah, the God you deny.  I will tell you this: Even after you have done the bloodiest of hateful acts, Yahusha (“Jesus”, if you prefer) will forgive you, right up to your final conscious thought as your lamp goes out.  Remember this: GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU OF EVERYTHING.  Do not let pride get you killed.  As you lay dying, and oh yes death will come for you, open your heart.  Ask Him to forgive you for everything.  You will not have much time, so don’t drag your feet.

And I forgive you already.  Death is my liberator, as it is for my children and my spouse.  We openly worship Yahuah and His teachings guide us in our lives.  Our bodies can be destroyed, but we will always live.

Brothers And Sisters

Fear nothing, my precious brothers and sisters.  As much as possible, live in peace with every person.  When it inevitably becomes impossible to live in peace with them, you have some options.  You can continue to endure the hardship until the end, or you can flee to a place where you will not be persecuted.  Finally, you are certainly allowed by Yahuah to defend yourself and any other person who is unjustly afflicted by the wicked who serve Satan.

In particular I consider my friends in Australia, a godless beast of a governing body rules there, intent on snatching life and liberty and happiness and peace from the hands of all Australia.  Shocking that such a remarkable people found it so irresistible to lay down for such a despicable government.

What will you do, Aussie, when they come for you?  Having given up your rifles in direct disobedience of the command of God that you obtain weapons at any price, you subsequently expected to do what?  Live better?  Live free?  Be respected by the drooling jackals of your “government”?

Five Eyes – a union of slavers, spying on each others people and reporting on private citizens.

You know what we do?  We live our lives waiting for the other shoe to drop, and we know that shoe is falling already.  It’s hard to plan for the future or to get excited about succeeding in difficult tasks when literally at any time on any day, the “big one” can take place as planned.  We cannot raise our children to look forward to some bright future if they will only work to achieve it, because I have little heart for such prognosticating.

My objective with my children is to prepare them first with a Biblical world-view, and to teach them Truth as they become increasingly mature.  Then as they morph into adults, I want them to have in mind occupations which will challenge them and which will be interesting and valuable.

A good example of this is that my 18 yr old son explained some investment opportunities to me so well that every person in our family has looked into those opportunities and invested in some.  They are bearing fruit.  There are ways to use money to grow more money, and more money means more groceries and other necessary things, and that’s pretty exciting.

Excitement is rather lacking in the world these days, except for the men in the Eisenhower, the US Navy aircraft carrier that was nearly destroyed by the Houthis (fed by Iran) yesterday.  I checked it out and every “reputable news organization” denied that it happened, and this morning I get a great photo of the flight deck of the Eisenhower with a huge hole blown in it.  So maybe it’s true.  Maybe the Eisenhower did take a major hit, one of the “months to repair” kind.

Trump is Not the Answer

I like the guy a lot, and he does the best he can in general, with some big errors to his credit.  To me, his biggest failing is his constant selection of low-life, back-stabbing, bad character miscreants to work for us in the Whitehouse and Justice and even in the Supreme Court.  I won’t reiterate the who’s and the when’s, as you can look that up easily.

Trump needs to  figure out what a man or woman of high character sounds like, and ask them if they will help him govern.  He needs to avoid playing politics because the days of “going along to get along” are over.  The only way we stay out of a nuclear war is if Washington becomes a city of righteous, loyal, truthers who love America and will give up their lives resurrecting America from the grave.

And President Trump, you better land in D.C. with swords drawn and the balls it takes to do whatever is necessary, with no equivocating or mincing of words or playing smarty-pants politician.  You should already know who your Directors of CIA, Justice, FBI, Immigration and State will be.  If you are not prepared at that level by now, consider yourself a failure.

Since you didn’t testify at your sham trial, you had plenty of time while you sat at that table to work on your personnel roster.  Don’t screw that up again, sir.

You need people with teeth, Mr. President.  Just like you needed them in your first term.  You absolutely MUST surround yourself with people far more qualified than you are.  Leaders surround themselves with the BEST, not the river bank sludge I saw you drag into the Whitehouse.  What a freaking nightmare your first term was.

Remember Jeff Sessions?  Remember Bill Barr?  OMG, Mr. Trump.  Who are your advisors now?  Let’s guess, shall we?  Other politicians!  Sure it is.  Steve Bannon and Steven Miller – two “A” stringers.

Remember Anthony Scaramucci?  I’m starting to get queasy here, Mr. Trump.  Scaramucci just tweeted that he is delighted that Steve Bannon is going to prison.

Mr. Trump, this is a different kind of war, and you need a different kind of tactics.  First off, and written in red, is this: When you strike, it must be breath-taking in scope.  This applies whether you are going after the Communists, or snakes like Scaramucci, or Bill Barr or Jeff Sessions.

Remember “Lock her up”?  You didn’t and you had the opportunity.  This makes me think that you lack sufficient steel in your vertebrae.  Sir, you are fighting hard to get back into office and that’s great, yet maybe that is just stubborn pride, but where is the body count, Mr. President?  We know who the damned enemy is and we know what must be done.  We expect you to SET THE EXAMPLE, and it better be winning, this time.

This is your legacy, President Trump, and we are at war with the communists who want to slit America’s throat.  Your son might inherit a fortune and live an easy life, but half the other kids in America are hungry and dressed in what is essentially rags.

Didn’t have to be that way.  You ran a decent economy, but you let the communists rig the election WHEN YOU KNEW FULL WELL THEY WERE DOING IT.  And you LOST to a rigging and then spent the last several weeks getting lynched because you did not break the back of the DNC.  Damn man, this isn’t daddy’s money on NY real estate.  This is a full on coup.  And friend, you better be extremely careful about the Masons.  Yeah, those Masons.

You are going to have to finish the war in D.C. and Chicago and elsewhere before your term is complete.  I argue that you should just do whatever is necessary to secure a third term, but you need to wrap this up as much as possible before you leave office.  Still – third term.  Do not take “no” for an answer.

You are going to need lots of people, and the Left will do bad things.  That’s when you turn the lions loose on the Left.  We know what to do.  You need to hang a General and an Admiral or two or eight.  You should have the Top-40 already drawn up, and General Flynn should ID those perps and have them arrested and sent to Guantanamo where they will wait until hell freezes over for a hearing.

I’m not kidding and if you think I am then you are not qualified for the job because you will clearly not see the task at hand.  You will constantly make bad decisions if you are not planning on waging a real war against bona fide enemies of the Republic, with real casualties inside the USA at every level of society and government.

Remember what I said about the Masons.  You will be surrounded.  May God have mercy on you, Mr. President, and on the People and on the Republic.






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