Massive Military Movement In Turkey. Russia Looks To Have Large Military Position Pointed South Toward Iraq. Also, Is The Pope Giving Up His Position?


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We will probably thank Yahuah for before the end of this year. 

I only use for personal email that I want encrypted.  I rarely use it because it is a tool.  For routine life I use gmail.  For this site I use my admin@ address.  We will have protonmail for communicating when we don’t want the beast system reading our mail.  At least that’s the plan.  The anti-christ will rule much of the world, but not all of it.  He/they will control much of communication, but not all of it.

Get focused, please.  Start writing down your plans for different situations: no cash, no bank account, no fuel, no food.  Make plans and have some discussions with friends.  Know where you will go when they start arresting people like you.  Even if you have to run for the hills, that beats being rounded up like cattle.  Some big events are about to take place that will really shake people up.  Keep your mind intact and at relative ease.  We know these things must come to pass.

Having a certain plan in place will help you sleep better.  Be discrete.  Just because you have a neighbor you like does not mean that neighbor will not turn you in for being a “religious zealot”, or in the event of the red flag enslavement in Congress right now, anyone can turn you in for being armed, and its completely anonymous.  Our government is your enemy. Find out what the people around you believe in and what they will fight for.  Disassociate with everyone on the left, pro-abortionists, anti-christs (even if its your own adult child).  You want distance, privacy and preparation.

You better be armed already.  Go to the shooting range and get in some practice.  Practice running 50 yards with your weapon loaded and on safe, (I was leading a small patrol in  hostile training environment years ago when one of my team mates accidentally discharged his weapon.  Use your safety so you don’t discharge your weapon into yourself or someone else.) dropping to a low shooting position and accurately hitting a dinner-plate sized target three times in 10 seconds with your heart beat hammering in your chest.  Do several of these and do them often.  Get used to shooting in that condition.  If you train with a partner, practice the same thing but with your partner and you spreading apart as you sprint.  50 yards distance from your pursuer and 30 yards apart when you drop to safe shooting profile.

You are creating a triangle that forces your opponent to defend against two shooters shooting from different angles.  If you are in good physical condition and can run well with a rifle, you can quickly turn a defensive position into an offensive one just by repositioning one partner to the right or left flank of your antagonist, creating a serious survivability problem for those pursuing you, because they will probably be somewhat bunched up and focusing their attention on their direct front.

Practice that often.

Buy an extra bible and download e-sword.  After the great smashing, Holy Bibles will probably be banned.  For sure if the “aliens” reveal themselves as our saviors, Bibles will be banned.  These “aliens” do really exist and they are integral to this whole end-of-the-world-anti-christmageddon-markofthebeast reality that is forming now.  Russia will have the second rib in its mouth with Lithuania soon, followed by the third rib shortly after, or even concurrent.  When Russia is at war with three state entities, it will turn against Israel.

Turkey – I saw a map of Turkish military activity two days ago (below), and it looked like fully 1/2 of the entire country was actively in military training.  Clearly the most military activity in Europe, even more so than Russia.  Turkey is getting ready for a fight, and might be the third rib in the mouth of the bear.  Much of Turkeys’ posture in the map I saw was focused along their coast with the Mediterranean.  These look like defensive positions, defending an attack from the sea, so against America/UK.  Turkey claims a NATO position, so its curious.  I do not consider Turkey to be reliable and expect Turkey to accompany the Bear against Israel.  Maybe they are practicing shielding Russia’s movement south.

Russia can come south through Georgia with Turkey protecting Russia’s right flank as it rolls south to Israel, and Iran on its left flank joining in the march.

Above in the orange colors you can see Turkey’s current as of today (June 22, 2022) defensive maneuvers.  It looks to me like they are defending Russia’s flanks.  Even in the water, the orange positions are blocking actions, and in the red (Russian) look how dense the red is top/right.  So much Russian density but nowhere near the Ukraine conflict, almost looks like Russia is getting ready to rush south across that land bridge.

The Pope Might Resign

I have more information on this than I have time to include it today, but he is going to the Celestine monument in August, as did Pope Ratzinger (Benedict) before he resigned.  And Celestine was the first Pope to give up the job.  If Pope Francis quits, there is some dark reason for it.  Maybe to make way for the Anti-Christ?  Have no idea.  I am suspicious regarding Rome itself.  Its survival, actually.

Francis will likely cite illness, but hogwash.  If he leaves, it is to further the globalist agenda.  Maybe he will leave the Papacy and take his seat as the world ruler, being anointed by Herr Schwab.  Its going to be a busy summer and fall, so pay attention and focus on your action plans.  Who can you count on?  Have you discussed this with them?  How much detail?

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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2 years ago

”You better be armed already. Go to the shooting range and get in some practice. ”

Dear Jerry, I do realize that you guys in America are usually proficient with fire weapons (as in hunting, self defense at home, protection against wild animals), I am serioulsy concerned however if intensifying firearms training and military tactics would be a wise decision at this point in time, since everybody getting ‘trigger-happy’ could easily escalate into infighting between formerly quiet urban areas, thus endangering even sensible people into becoming hypervigilant and paranoid?

Aren’t we wiser off being living followers of the Most High G’d to follow Yahusha’s words more closely ”Be courageous by holding the other cheek in order to grab the wind out of the aggressive hands of our punishers” ?

What do you think about it Jerry ?

2 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

Dear Jerry, I thank you for this speedy yet insightful reply of yours !

Satisfying His command for armament without doubt depends on the individual’s capabilities and skills as well as the material resources / tools at hand for His faithful folk.
I realize my failure in overzealously projecting my own way of ”fighting through words – cutting sharply like a blade” on your life and your individual circumstances Jerry which I obviously do not know well enough ! Please forgive me my quick judgment dear brother.

I can hardly recollect ANY situations in my still young life (am 34 years old:-)) in which I seriously & unavoidably had had to take up Arms in order to fight off an adversary (lest I couldn’t protect myself or loved ones anyway due to my bodily handicap so I needed to resort to calling the police to do the defending on my behalf…)

Thank you again for your challenging words of wisdom Jerry


2 years ago
Reply to  Jerry –> starting at 12:30 minutes! Jerry, I know from the bottom of my heart you’re a man of formidably brave & loving character only wishing great-heartedly to protect your loved ones, home country & Yahuah! ”It is His command from His mouth and is easily understood by reading His Words. Please do not try to conjure up any excuses against complying” After diligently considering your answer, I however am truly fearing you could easily (by ardent self-righteous zeal for the faith or ill-conceived wounded ”Alpha Lion’s pride” ) delude yourself into some kind of obsessive-compulsive self-fulfilling prophecy/martyrdom of hybris (I myself was diagnosed with OCD needing high amounts of SSRI medication) due to frantically reading of Scripture through conceited (here not primarily insinuating on a behavioral flaw of yours since I’m speaking quite seriously from remembrance of my own painful failures!) disregard of the historical context and all-too-easily overlooked proverbial status of taking up the sword as an act of worship through adequate self-defence, thereby hazardously smoothly escalating into some sort of deadly earnest… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

We cool Jerry !

Welcome To The War
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