Martyrdom, Murder and Mayhem – The Way Of The Wicked Expands


When the children at the private Christian Covenant School in Nashville were murdered by a transvestite, the media paid some cursory respect to the innocent dead, but turned quickly to the trans-sympathetic  language used throughout the mass media.

The FBI is arresting abortion protestors and is infiltrating Catholic churches to identify for future arrest those who attend Latin mass, arrested for being enemies of the State.

You must see these things honestly – the government and the organizations supported by the government (mass media, especially) is openly hostile against free, conservative, righteous Americans.

This is getting worse and worse and will continue to accelerate.  Martyrs will increase in number.  Government hostility against truth will increase.  These things will definitely impact your personal life in big ways in the near future.  Sodom was not as wicked as America.

We know the men of Sodom and Gomorrah were homosexual, “both young and old, all the people from every quarter” (19:4), to the point of disregarding available women (19:5–8). After they were struck sightless they still persisted (19:11). These men were totally given over to an overwhelming passion that did not abate even when they were supernaturally blinded by angels.

Homosexuality fits the biblical details. It was the sin that epitomized the gross wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah—the “grave,” “ungodly,” “lawless,” “sensual conduct of unprincipled men” that tormented Lot as he “saw and heard” it “day after day,” the “corrupt desire” of those that went after “strange flesh.”

In their defense, some will cite Ezekiel 16:49–50: “Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food, and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me.8 Therefore I removed them when I saw it.” No mention of homosexuality here.

Not even Sodom murdered children, neither the born nor the unborn.  America is truly the scourge of the earth, deserving every punishment Yahuah pours out upon it.

Parents Are Considered To Have No Rights Regarding Their Children When Their Children Attend Public School

In a shocking undercover video released Tuesday, New Mexicans learned why attempts to get education officials to listen to concerns about critical race theory, transgender indoctrination, masking children, and school lockdowns have been such an uphill battle: New Mexico state officials have trained teachers and school boards that parents have no rights when it comes to their kids.

“Parental rights end when you decide to send your kids to public school,” claimed attorney, Andrew Sanchez, who conducted a recent training session for New Mexico teachers and school board members in Bernalillo County.

I (jd) was asked to help the Democratic Party by running for an available seat in the TX legislature back in my college days.  I was given Russian Communist books on how to take control of children away from parents and this is the plan they are using today.  Its all very serious, all very long-term and all very successful because parents never demand cameras in the classrooms.  That is an issue worth dying for.  You have no idea what your kids are being indoctrinated with.

Transgenderism is one thing that is being hammered into the minds of children.  Shocking and effective.

Transsexual Male Teacher Plans To Shoot Students

An incident report from March 24 obtained by Moms for Liberty’s Hernando County chapter revealed Renczkowski had suicidal feelings and considered shooting up students.

The Hernando County School District’s mental health coordinator then (interviewed?) Renczkowski, aka “Ashlee,” and determined he didn’t meet the threshold for involuntary institutionalization.

Police confiscated three firearms and ammunition from Renczkowski’s home, the report noted.

Renczkowski was allowed back in the classroom the next day.

Parents were outraged after learning about the incident from the media and not the school first.

“It took roughly two and a half weeks for them to even say anything to the parents and send some kind of — excuse my language — bulls**t recording. And it’s because of a local reporter here, Tom Lemons. He broke the article,” a father of a 12-year-old student of the school told the Daily Caller.

As the New Mexican lawyer said – when you put your kids in public schools, the schools consider you “without parental rights”.

Three Unambiguous Truths About the Trans Terrorist Cult

There is an endless and increasing river of darkness spreading over America in particular.  I honestly cannot give you better advice than this: Have a consistent, daily, honest relationship with Yahuah.  He will guide you, strengthen you, encourage you and direct you to prepare mentally for the mayhem that is growing.  There is no turning back from the abyss, because the people will not turn to Truth.  It will not happen.  No “revival” is coming to turn America around.  When even the churches promote homosexualism, we are done.

A Wikipedia List Of Pro-Homo Church Denominations

Find A Pro-Homo Church Near You

Find an Affirming Church

This is a difficult subject to address for several reasons.  I think the main issue is that my subscriber-email service provider has already suspended my subscriber email service twice over issues with something I wrote, and both times they could not show me why.   I also magically lose subscribers.  One day I lost 60+ subscribers and none of those subscribers registered in the system as “unsubscribed”.  They just vanished.  

I am throttled terribly, both by the indexers (Google, Bing, etc.) and by my email service provider.  The truth is hated by most.  You can pray for me.  I will greatly appreciate that.  Yahuah knows better than me what I need, so just pray that Yahuah will direct my steps.  

Thank you,



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The challenge is to keep going, persevere to the end, do Sanctify and develop your integrity .

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