Martin Armstrong: Forecasting “Chaos” Coming In 2023. Video At Bottom.


“The worst crop of national leaders that I have ever seen in my entire career.”

“Ukraine is the most corrupt nation I have ever known of.”

“Serious civil unrest globally in 2023, and the dollar will be the last to fall.”

“Europe is the problem. The banking collapse will begin there.” (Aaron Brickman said watch for this.)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says nothing is going to get better by the end of 2022, and he is still forecasting “chaos” coming in 2023.

Armstrong says the plunge in the stock market last week is all because of “extreme uncertainty.” Armstrong predicted a stock market crash two months ago and contends, “It’s not over.”

Europe is in big financial trouble with Russian natural gas turned off as a retaliation from the sanctions. Armstrong explains:

In Europe, I believe they are actually deliberately doing this, and this is Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset.’

They know they have a serious problem.

They lowered rates to below 0% in 2014. They just started raising interest rates. Meanwhile, you ordered all the pension funds throughout Europe to have more than 70% in government bonds. Then they took it negative.

All the pension funds are insolvent. Europe is fiscal mismanagement on a grand scale. There is no way it can sustain itself, and we are looking at Europe breaking apart.

So, could Europe suck the rest of the world down the tubes? Armstrong says, “Oh, absolutely. Europe is the problem…”

“The crisis in banking will start in Europe…The debt is collapsing. They have no way to sustain themselves.

The debt market over there is undermining the stability of all the banks.

You have to understand that reserves are tied to government debt, and this is the perfect storm.

Yes, the (U.S.) stock market will go down short term. We are not facing a 1929 event or a 90% fall here… Europeans, probably by January of 2023, as this crisis in Ukraine escalates, anybody with half a brain is going to take whatever money they have and get it over here.

So, where is smart money going to go? Armstrong says, “Stocks are like gold, it is on the same side of the table and is opposite government debt…”

“People are not going to be buying government debt. They are going to be looking at anything in the private sector. . . . People are buying whatever they can to get off the grid.”

Armstrong says governments are borrowing and spend huge amounts of money. The Fed will keep raising interest rates to fight inflation, but Armstrong says,

“Raising interest rates will only make things worse. We have supply shortages, and raising rates will not fill the gaps.”

Armstrong has never been more positive on buying gold. Why? Armstrong explains,

We are looking at a sovereign debt default. This is what’s going on. This is why Biden will spend whatever he wants because he knows he doesn’t have to pay it back. Eventually, this is what’s going to happen. This is Schwab’s agenda.

Armstrong has predicted “2023 will be the year from Hell.”

Armstrong says, “Civil unrest will only get worse” this year, and he is predicting we will have full blown war next year.

Armstrong contends Democrats are desperate and will do things like granting illegal aliens citizenship so they can vote in the mid-term elections.

In closing, Armstrong says, “Something is going to spark a collapse in government again. It’s going to be something, I think, in Europe where they do something drastic because they have no other choice. . . . They need war as the excuse for the defaults of all the government debt.”

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Gillian Cockwill
1 year ago

Europe is finished & I think this will lead to the Holy Roman Empire forming which will consist of 10 Nations. The Euro was dead years ago but they kept giving it the kiss of life. With their knee jerk reaction to Russia they have only shot themselves in the foot. This hasn’t touched Russia one bit & never will. The U.K. is also going down the tube. We as a country has been finished years ago but this current situation will only speed the demise up. None of those in government are worth a toss & it will be difficult to find someone worth the trouble. All governments & countries in the world are going the same way as this has all exposed the deep rooted corruption & fraud that’s been going on for Millenia.

Welcome To The War
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