Man Up, Brothers. Gird Yourselves, Sisters. Everything We Expect Is At Your Very Door.

Originally posted on January 24, 2023 @ 9:01 pm


This world is about to be blown to hell, in case you have not been paying attention.  Massive armaments are being shipped to Ukraine from the USA, crossing that Russian “red line”, and Putin is dead serious.  He doesn’t want war either, but he and his entire nation hate the pagan, satanic cult of homosexualism that America has become.  America deserves death, and I welcome the reaper.

I feel most sorry for the teenagers in America.  They are being slaughtered through Tic-Toc, SnapChat and Instagram.  Pornography flows straight to their cell phones.  Drugs, ordered online via IM, are delivered like pizza.  God, to them, is either dead, or a fantasy, or money, or the universe.  These kids are dying and we who know the truth are watching it happen.  Their blood will be on our heads if we do not take a definitive stand to save their souls.

I have reached the point where I absolutely despise our American government.  I am disgusted by the politicians, all of them.  There is no savior save Yahusha.  All others are frauds, rancid meat that stinks.  They sell themselves for money and power and sex.  They sell us for the same trinkets.  We are done, boys and girls.  America is finished.

Soon Yahuah’s strong right arm will swing His flaming sword against the earth, and America will be destroyed in a single hour.  Nuclear missiles and nuclear torpedos will destroy our military bases and our coastal fortifications, ending forever America’s ability to rule the seas, or to send military equipment to foreign lands.

Earthquakes will collapse so much of America that the maps will no longer conform to the land.  Roads will be destroyed.  Travel will be come exceptionally difficult, and impossible to most people.  Gasoline will be almost non-existent.  Starvation will be rampant.  Your neighbors will eat their dogs.  Some will eat their children.  Do not travel alone and do not travel unarmed.

When the big boom announces the end of America, those who live in areas that are not destroyed will be scared absolutely to death.  Panic will set in.  Looting like the world has never seen will happen.  It will be absolute mayhem.  Fires, murders, robbery, rape –  America receives her just rewards.  Antifa will be just a child’s movement compared to what we will see.  If we live.  If.

People say “Why so negative, JD?”

I’m not negative at all.  I am very positive that everything I say will come to pass in my own lifetime.  I will see and hear it.  That’s why I stay close to my family.  I want to be able to get to them quickly when it blows up.  My task will be to go directly to my family from wherever I am.  That presents some logistics problems, because I will need some supplies.

I always carry a 9mm semi-auto with me, sometimes concealed but usually open-carry.  I want people to see it.  I want them to know that I mean business, that I am not a drone-man, but a strong one.  I wear my pistol in church.  I want them to see it.  Others carry concealed. We are all one mind.  We know what time it is.  We remember Uvalde.  We remember many things.

Mark my words, brothers and sisters.  When the lights go out, and they will, you will have to fight to remain alive.  I like to imagine that I am a passive, gentle man who wants to love my neighbor as I love myself.  But the truth is that I am a warrior who trusts my neighbor as far as I can throw him.  He might be all smiles and “brother” this and “brother” that, but I will have one eye on him and the other on my knife.

If I have to issue a command to a potential attacker in a potentially lethal situation, and that person ignores my command,  I already know exactly what I will do.  And I will count his or her accomplices as equal threats.  If you associate with any group after the darkness falls on America, you better make sure they are righteous people and not terrified, starving, desperate people.  Those people will get you killed.

I pray about this.  I pray that my ammunition will always be primed and dry.  I pray that my magazine springs will last a long time.  I pray that my instinctive shooting is spot-on.  I pray that I will have the courage to do whatever must be done to protect righteous people, whoever they might be.

That’s what’s on my mind these days.  This is why I am relatively quiet.  Watching the political winds blow.  Watching Davos.  Watching Biden.  Watching the banks.  Watching the ATF.  They are our mortal enemies.  There is no good in them, only wickedness.

Yahusha made a statement long ago.  He said to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. What might that be, I wonder?  It cannot be the dollar, because that is a promissory note from a private bank.  Not from Caesar. Caesar also does not own any part of my production.  Caesar does not own any part of anything I own.  I suppose he owns a big portion of the Interstate highway system, but we have State highways in Texas.

I am not yielding one inch to Caesar.  He can burn in hell.  Caesar is destroying America. Caesar and Lucifer.

Prophecies Of America: “Savagery And Chaos” Worsening Daily


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kim k
kim k
1 year ago

Excellent post, sharing now. I also will NOT bow to ANY of this BS.. ANY of it, i am totally prepared to die in the line of standing for Jesus and the TRUTH!! Full Stop… hold strong brothers and sisters!! HOLD the LINE till God deals with them!!

1 year ago

A very touching testiment to the power of God.

1 year ago

Beautiful testiment.

Welcome To The War
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