Major Turn of Events. The Italian General Served U.S. Embassy Rome To Do The Vote Switching

This information is more than explosive.  Apparently there is an Italian General who led an operation in Italy to switch Trumps votes to Biden.  He commanded a group who used a Leonardo space satellite to download the falsified data to someone in the USA during election night, and this Italian general operated at the request of US Embassy personnel in Italy.

The video below is of an Italian judge who is testifying that what I just gave you is true.  This is bigger than merely the largest state-sponsored election fraud in world history, dislodging perhaps the best president in the most powerful nation on earth.

Download and spread: ItalianConfessesToSwitchingVotes

As I mentioned in my first report on this revelation, Barack Obama is involved.  14 pallets of US cash is involved. Nancy Pelosi is likely involved, and many more.  This is why Amazon, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and many others are in a desperate race to shut down all avenues of mass communication available to Trump.  Even Trumps campaign operation had their email service terminated yesterday.

There really is a deep state, and this really is happening.  Deep State will resist using every available means to do so.  I do not see how this can resolve itself short of war.  The FBI confiscated a bunch of Georgia ballots in the last couple of days and instead of having them examined, took them to the shredders and had them destroyed.

So you can see that we are up against the entrenched (and no doubt Masonic) bureaucracy.  The US Embassy in Rome is staffed by CIA, as are all US Embassies.  The CIA operation in Rome is important because the globalist Catholic operation is there.  In fact, wait a minute… I just remembered a prophecy or a dream that someone had or spoke and the phrase “watch out for the Catholics”, or something like that.  It was very recent, within the last month.  Maybe that is related to this and I need to dig into it.

Trump Commits Treason If He Concedes To Biden

Regardless, Trump is not out by any stretch of the imagination.  It would be a criminal act for Trump to leave office knowing that fraud propelled Biden to the top.  Trump would commit treason if, knowing the Left and the magnitude of their crime, he left office and handed them the keys.  The US military also would be guilty of treason for not fully supporting Trump, because it is obvious to the entire planet that the election is rife with fraud.

I’m ready and prepared to fight with whatever means gets the job done, Mr. Trump.  There are several million armed men just like me, Mr. Trump.  We cannot and will not let this fraud stand.  I would rather die fighting than die cowering in yellow surrender.

Jerry W. Davis


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Mirjami Rantanen
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