Major Censorship Law Went Into Effect Today. The Government Is Moving To Take Control Of All Pertinent Information


Official, global censorship started today.  A top-down attack on dissenting opinions.  Dissention will be called “illegal speech” or “hate speech” and the search engine operators are held accountable for not filtering “illegal speech” from search results.

Leviticus will be banned from search results soon.  Ivermectin will be banned from search results as they relate to “covid”.  The World Health Organization will be the gold standard for medical “truth” now.  Anything that deviates from the governments official narrative will be filtered out.

When the war of the West VS Russia/China begins, only information that blames Russia and China will be available to read or hear.  When the new bioweapon is spread all over the world, not one word of its Chinese origin will make it to the Internet, and not a peep regarding the chelation power of Ascorbic Acid will be found anywhere on the Internet.

There will be no boots-on-the-ground reporting from unbiased truthers in the search engines, and eventually truther websites will be shut down by the Internet Service Providers (like Godaddy and Bluehost – they and thousands of others host website).  

If you will imagine a book-burning of global scale – entire libraries burned to the ground – that is how this censorship will effect the Internet.

No more articles reporting anything that proves the government is corrupt.  Its a desperation move that the global Satanists pray to their god will silence the Biblical warriors around the world, because it is precisely the Believers in Yahuah and His only begotten Son Yahusha who constantly shine the light of truth on the dark actions of Satan’s dogs.

Tucker Carlson predicts the USA will start a war with Russia next year if the Satanists cannot stop Donald Trump.  I can see that happening.  But Russia will not likely wait for the Satanists in Washington to get the first move.  If Russia will be blamed for anything, it will probably be blamed for a surprise first-strike using nuclear Poseidon nuclear torpedo’s on Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Remember that the U.K. is the writer of these censorship laws, and that King Charles is quite possibly the man whom Satan will possess 1/2 way through the Tribulation.  King Charles is also considered the original founder of the World Economic Forum.  I read over 20 years ago online of a man who was raped by then Prince Charles and that at some point in that rape, Charles changed form to a reptilian and back to his human form.   I was very skeptical, but I did tuck it into the corner of my mind.  I do believe the rape story and I would place my bet on the reptilian story, too.

I have seen that shape shift happen personally.  Yes, I know its hard to believe, and I would be skeptical myself if I did not have first-hand, up close and personal experience with one.

If the “aliens” ever show up publicly and try to give the impression that they are here for our benefit, run.  Go as far as you can get from every seat of power and every city.  Head for the wilderness with your family, and I do mean run that very day.  Make sure that you do not get injected, ever.  Those injections carry a strange payload and there is a purpose for it that we will only discover in a year or two.

The injections are killing people, yes, but there is a plan for those injected people.  They are supposed to become a new creature.  It’s not working too well yet, but the formula will be tweaked and improved and will bear fruit soon.  Maybe the new one will get the results they are looking for.

Don’t take it.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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Gillian Cockwill
7 months ago

I did read when Putin was here in U.K. seeing the Queen, some years ago, that as they were walking up some steps she momentarily let her veil slip & he saw it & that’s why he pulled back. Also in that speech that Charles did before the ‘coronation’ @ the WEF he referred to ‘he will ….’, meaning, to me that the AC will control many? I also wonder if it will be him, but some are saying it’s not going to be a person as such????

7 months ago

I heard today that Proton is run by the WEF, so there goes our Proton mail. If King Charles is a shape shifter, he should have picked a better face, lol. Thanks for the update.

7 months ago

King Charles was possessed at his ignogeration behind that curtin ,there were footage of what looked like a grim reaper that walked across the entrance after they all entered the Cathedral or what ever it is called, crazy

7 months ago
Reply to  craig

Do you know where I can see that footage?

7 months ago

Yea.. I see so many things..
Have so many thoughts.
But my words, I only have a few.
I willingly remain under the fear of the Most High.. that I will fear no other.
I appreciate your dedication my brother. As everyone who stands United in Faith. Serving in truth, love, mercy and grace..
Stay armored up..
In One Accord.

Welcome To The War
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