Love Your Neighbor Enough To Fight A Civil War For Him? Even If He Is Antifa?

We are not called by Yahuah into obedience to slavery, nor are we called to follow lies from our elected or appointed secular or religious leaders. When our government, or elements within our government are clearly criminal in their actions and objectives, we are to do that which exhibits love for our neighbors – rebellion on behalf of freedom for our neighbor, for our children and for our neighbors children. “Greater love has no man than he who would lay down his life for his friend.” You do know who told us that, right?   War therefore is on the table. War against the criminals in high places using whatever means are required, as in any war.

Let us, just for a moment, imagine that elements within the U.S. and global governments have on their agenda a requirement for all humans on earth to be injected with their final “solution”.  This is a serious situation because the government has outstanding weaponry and superb surveillance  capability.  The government will kill whomsoever it chooses, and we all know that.

Very soon the government will announce their “vaccine” against the non-threat called “Covid-19”.  Many believe the government will demand 100 percent compliance regarding their chemical injection or there will be harsh penalties, all to “save us” from the non-existent “horror” of the dreaded “Covid-19”.

I have done so much research into the Covid threat that the thought of more simply disgusts me.  There is no great threat from this bug.  It is no more a threat than the flu, and dear God I will not review those numbers again.  If you want to get the truth about Covid-19, start reading here.

Today, I want to talk with you about the possibility of you taking your weapon and joining an armed movement against the forces that seek to impoverish and enslave you and your neighbor.  I want to discuss the possibility of you and your neighbors taking your weapons and using deadly force against any number of government personnel who show up to force you and your neighbors to submit to their injections.

America is a free country, right?  We can discuss these things, right?  We are not saying “Go shoot Mr. / Ms. So-and so”.  We are simply discussing revolution, and what drives good people to arms.

Slavery certainly does drive otherwise peaceful human beings to arms.  No human being or collection of human beings has any moral or legal right to make slaves out of any other human being or collection of human beings.  Ever.  No exceptions.  But we have in our faces a governmental organization that is preparing to issue an edict, a law, an official requirement that ALL human beings shall be required to accept an injection of their chemicals or “face the consequences”.

The government is going to, in the end, imprison all who refuse to submit.  You, your spouse, your loved ones, your children, your grandchildren, maybe even your dog and cat (remember when the fear mongers said pets were “catching coronavirus”?) will be vilified and starved, you and they will be denied food and the ability to buy fuel, medicine, shelter.  You will be total outcasts and everyone who takes the vaccine will absolutely hate those who refuse because those who submitted to slavery have no spine at all and the cowards always hate the brave.

But we are talking about the command by Yahusha (aka “Jesus” by many) that we “love our neighbor as we love ourselves”.  In the Hebrew, the meaning is that we love both the good neighbor and the neighbor we dislike, or the bad neighbor.  Yahusha reviewed this command and instructed that it was second only to loving Yahuah with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.  Loving your neighbor is extremely important, summing up, as Jesus said, “the law and the prophets”.  It is, therefore, essential that YOU love your good and bad neighbors, and the greatest love is love which is willing to die for those neighbors.  Be willing to die for your bad neighbors.  Not a sleepy, cozy, in-the-bed-asleep death, but in a gunfight against forced injections while you protect your antifa-backing stupid kids next door, who also reject the global injected solution.

That, my friend, is the kind of love Yahusha is talking about, and why He commands that we be armed.

If we love ourselves, we will investigate this virus thoroughly.  We investigate the people running the “vaccine” program, thoroughly.   We will investigate everyone who stands to gain financially from this so-called “vaccine”.  We will investigate the historical success rates of vaccines, and the composition of whatever vaccine is proposed by the slavers as the final “solution” to this so-called “horrifying” coronavirus “pandemic”.

All while the Center For Disease Control (CDC) says “oops, nearly all deaths (94 percent) attributed to Coronavirus were actually caused by heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  In other words, the entire freak-show of coronavirus being an unstoppable was mostly a lie.

The comorbidities (the diseases these dead folks were already dying from) are the real villains, and old age has a 100 percent fatality rate.  Vaccinate that.


They are going to roll out a vaccine, probably the one by Moderna because Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are major shareholders in Moderna.  The vaccine will be rolled out in December or January.  Most people will reject the vaccine and in order to stampede the reluctant and the disbelieving, a brand new Corona variant will suddenly appear in February/March.  It will be a nasty bug, with real consequences.  Deaths will rise dramatically, and then the slavers will say “See?  We told you that if everyone did not take the vaccine, this would happen.  Now, LINE UP.”

Then, as further leverage on the educated non-vaxxers, people will be rewarded with employment, groceries, unrestricted travel and more because they are “certified” to be vaccinated.  The people who refuse the injection will be treated like chained serfs.  You will be denied the ability to travel, because you might be a carrier of the new disease.  Denied work for the same reason.  Denied income because where are you going to spend it?  You cannot shop.  In short, you will comply or die.  Maybe you can eke out some kind of street life as a beggar, but the injected will laugh at you.  They will probably throw stones at you.

It will be difficult for a while, but not for very long.  Yahuah is in control of this entire process and the persecution will end.  We will form communities of believers, and we will live in peace together.  Yahuah will provide sufficient food, clothing and shelter for us.  We will live in peace together, and in may ways our lives will be vastly improved over the lives we live now.

So don’t fear this.  But anger?  Yes, I am angry about this.  I am angry because there are so many wicked people in power, and so many more wicked people who support and empower them.  Hatred for Yahuah is the pandemic.  It is a pandemic of hatred.

Please forgive me if what I write causes pain.  We live in painful times and writing about it is painful to me, too.  But we must face these things with open eyes.  Yahuah does love us.  He feels our pain.  He knows our fears, but Yahusha instructs us to “Fear not those who can kill the body”, but to fear instead He who can kill both body and soul.”  So fear Yahuah, not as a cowering mouse fears a cat, but from respect, from love, and from recognition of the total authority of Yahuah.

Satan wants to separate you from your maker.  He wants to destroy your faith; to do whatever it takes to defraud you from your inheritance.  He hates Yahuah and hates His creation.  He is the perverter, the corrupter, and if the “world” demands that all humans take an injection based on fear of some surprise man-made disease, or fear of being executed by the government for refusing the final solution, then the final solution is Satan’s creation.

Government Studies “Vaccines” To Inject DNA-Changing Anti-God Chemistry

The video in my article linked above has the DoD id and location on it.  Dod (Dept. of Defense ID number) 149AZ2   Loc: Pent Rm BC232.  That is Location: Pentagon, Room BC232, dated April, 2005.

They were studying this “gene” in order to develop a chemical that would break the Muslims will to serve “Allah” by killing “infidels”.  There are many satanists in the US Government, including the military and NASA.  I will say right here with 100 percent certainty that if there is such a genetic link, and there could be based on the genetics of the Lost Tribes and how many countless millions of their descendants there are alive on earth today, Satan will want to pervert that genetic structure at key places on the gene.

This final solution of a vaccine might be exactly that, and you might be the exact target it was designed to corrupt.

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