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Enjoy the festivities of the season, because the battle resumes in January.  I’m laughing because the world we live in is so incredibly fallen that a rational person struggles to wrap his brain around it.  But just as I tell my son, don’t get overly concerned about all of the plans of the wicked, because I assure you that they don’t have the permission of Yahuah to execute them unimpeded by Him.

Yes certainly He will allow things by Satan which fall within the chastisement and punishment mandated by His Words for 2000+ years, and the vision of the sword coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous is absolutely swinging through the wheat fields even this very day.  But there will be more, faster, stronger, more devastating by a huge extent.

So why the heck am I not actually concerned about it?  I have such a calm peace in my heart over all this stuff, and I do pray that you do, too.  I wonder if I am drugged by the chemtrails into some version of “passive Jerry”?  No, I cannot detect anything like that.  I’m fit, prepared for battle and review my anticipated behaviors every day, but there is zero alarm.  I surely do pray that you are equally at peace within yourself.

Here goes… my fingers are going to do it… we have nothing to fear.  There, I did it.

Except this cold weather.  It is getting colder by the minute here in south Texas.  I have to watch over some livestock (two miniature donkeys) while Meredith is out of town visiting her dad on, what I love to remmind her, the pagan holiday of “Christmas”.  And while I am on the subject, I had to repent of all the hate that I formerly had for those who took “Christ out of Xmas”  because there is no Christ in Christmas 🙂  Its pure paganism with some “Jesus” sprinkled on top to make it palatable to the weak church folks.

I do love the twinkly lights, though.  And I do give gifts for “school being out” or “winter break”.  That’s fun.  I gave my 15 yr old a stainless steel sword that is absolutely awesome.  Strong, great handle, thick blade and razor sharp.  He loves it and it definitely made him feel better about himself.  He is super cool.  All my kids are.

I love you guys so much.  When I am away from my computer, I miss you.  There are thousands of comments on our site, did you know that?  Just cruising through posts it looks like there aren’t very many, but I have a LOT of posts, and nearly 3000 comments.  That’s pretty good for a site that is predominantly Torah-based.

And you guys are so faithful.  You put up with my ranting, my simplistic site format, my opinions, and my selfishness.  Your comments are very encouraging, even when you disagree.  I totally welcome differing points of view.  We all have our own walk and Yahuah teaches us some things differently.

Just be brave and courageous and aware of your super-powers as 2023 rolls onto the screen.  We are hated by Satan and he is coming to destroy those who keep the commands of Yahuah and have the testimony of Yahusha.  It says so in your own bible.  Twice.  He is coming and even now is already here, actively working to destroy us.

But the Book only states that Satan’s intent is to destroy us.  Take note that the book does NOT say that Satan is successful :).

X-Files, Season 10, episode six: Wow.  It perfectly defines the corona virus attack, who did it, why they did it.

Season 10
Episode 1 – “My Struggle”
Episode 6 – “My Struggle II”
Season 11
Episode 1 – “My Struggle III”

These are free on Amazon Prime.   You will be connected to “FreeVee” and will have to see some pharmaceutical and pizza commercials (same commercials over and over), but if you liked the X-files you will love these three connected episodes.  Episode 5 of Season 10 also slides right in to Episode 6, if you are up to watching four episodes.

Season 10 was 2016.

Outside temp has fallen 11 degrees in about one hour, and is still falling.  It is 3 PM.

I’ll try to post more this evening.  Maybe a podcast.  I want to encourage you to truly cast your burden on Yahuah.  He wants it.  He has saved me form much harm so often that I generally feel invincible.  We just have to trust Him and we have to let go.  We can’t control things.  We don’t have to.  Yahuah does all that.

Just love somebody.  Really take their concerns and their fears into consideration and reassure them.  Everybody has issues that they wrestle with, and our job, as declared by Yahusha Himself is to love one another.  Not a lippy, mouthy, fake, insincere kind of department store love, but a love that stands with our neighbors and weeps when they weep. We celebrate for them when they have a big win in their lives. We make peace with difficult people.

Be willing to lose.  That is so vital.  Accomplish that.  It seems foreign but in truth we do not need to win or prevail.  Yahuah has that covered.   Our primary objective is to follow the Way.  If someone you know insists on error, don’t get angry at them.  Just let them go but be there for them when the light comes on.

Live in peace, sisters and brothers.  Love those who seem to hate you, because they are surely watching you.  They want a real believer in their life.  You be that person.  Meek.  Forgiving.  Gentle.  Loving.  Real.  Let go and you will bloom like a flower.

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1 year ago

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Hannukah Jerry! I find your posts comforting. Thank you for them and HalleluYah!!! Kathleen

1 year ago

Love you too…

1 year ago

I also feel strangely numb to the ups and downs of this world and was also suspecting a chemtrail side effect or something. I used to be so emotional. I still have much interest in current events and such but not a lot of emotion. Strange but good I guess, considering I should be a basket case with the state of the world and all. I choose to think of it as Holy Spirit power, a calm you cannot explain.

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