UPDATE – Video: Is This A Tactical Nuclear Weapon Used Against Hezbollah In Lebanon – Video

You can plainly see the missile in the infrared video of the explosion in Lebanon. Buy food. Store water. Pray for your family. I love you all.

Follow up – Friday August 7th – The video above was censored by Google within minutes or hours of me embedding it.  I tried every possible way I could think of to make a backup copy of it, and failed.  My primary error was not doing a screen recording of it, and I will never fail to do that again.

Here is a video that I DO have on my own server.  It is a video of what is purported to be a missile strike that caused the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.  I cannot vouch for its authenticy, but it looks like the same infrared video included in the blocked/censored video above.

The video that is censored is 48 minutes long.

Tactical Nuclear Missile Strike In Beirut, Lebanon?


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