Living In America: Life In Crazy Town With A Powerful Conclusion

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with the wild and rampant stupidity that prevails in our society.  Every day I look at countless news headlines from many reliable sources, and I have done this for years.  Seriously.  Before the Internet, I would go to a bookstore and buy copies of foreign newspapers, as well as the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle and Wall Street Journal, the Jerusalem Post.  When I was in college, one whole wall of my rented house had newspaper clippings on it of articles that I found interesting.

What interested me most were articles regarding war in the middle east, US State Department weirdness, persecution of the church, Jerusalem/Israel, Russia, China and Washington, D.C.  I wanted to see if the end-of-days was approaching, or of some messiah had been announced in Jerusalem, of if the Russians were preparing for war.  Stuff like that.

But now, wow.  Pure crazy town, particularly in the USA.  We have the most corrupt court system on earth.  Iran has courts that uphold Islamic law, and they are more righteous and honorable in their courts than American judges are in U.S. Courts, particularly the US Supreme Court.  How can they look their families in the eye?  How can they even let their voice be heard in the public square?  How they must hate the Truth.

Our politicians are worthless, if not outright criminal.  Our appointed officials are no better than the politicians and the courts.  The people whose jobs are to interpret and enforce the law do neither.  The FBI is a gun-toting, domestic-spying, Lucifer-supporting band of outright outlaws.  The IRS is not a US-based corporation, but a foreign one.  Did you know that?  You probably do not know that the non-US Corp. IRS collects money for the Federal Reserve Bank (read the page – no citations, no “facts”), a private bank (and here are the citations to facts) that collects money for the International Monetary Fund, which leads back to the City of London (a very specific legal phrase), the Rothchilds and the Vatican.

Ultimately these connections lead to Lucifer and the worship of him by any and every living soul at the top of the world governance hierarchy. Lucifer himself, the illuminated one that the rulers of this world worship through obedience to his commands.

As I told someone this morning, what we perceive as “reality” is in fact a carefully constructed fraud.  I partly blame the public/government schools I attended as a boy, but then the teachers only had access to what was available, and what was available were the “approved” books.

I remember when I was a bigger boy, but still a boy with a growing curiosity about Truth.  I came across something called The Report From Iron Mountain.  I was around 11 years old, and it was around 1968, the same year as the Tet Offensive in Vietnam.  Remember that fiasco?

I read the Report From Iron Mountain with tremendous interest, because it was much more interesting than the newspaper we received when I was a boy.  The Report stimulated my mind like no other document ever had, and was only supplanted by Orwell’s 1984 which I read at age 12 in 1969.  That book exploded my mind and lit a fire that has never gone out, and 1984 was the most powerful influence on my mind until 1993, when I took a year off from work and read the entire Holy Bible.

I read the bible because Ani, in His kindness and mercy, had shown me Truth regarding the presence of Satan on this earth.  That truth, or evil, was shown to be directed to me specifically.  It was up close and personal.  Satan wanted me dead, and he wanted me as a slave to him.  He was hunting me, and he needed only one more step to own me.

Ani showed me that step and the horror of the enemy behind it.  I experienced such a stunning level of revelation in that brief moment that I turned from sin to the Lord God of Life and of all Creation immediately and have never looked away, even for one second.  That was 28 years ago.

So now I see this insane world we live in and I am unafraid.  I have seen much worse :)  I get frustrated and I get angry, for sure.  I see the wickedness in high places and hate the wicked.  And neighbor, I do not know what next week or next month or next year will look like in terms of peace and safety.  I suspect that we will see a lot more confusion and destruction.

But you know what?

We have little to worry about.  Yahusha specifically instructs us not to worry.  So let’s not worry, shall we?  His Father promises and proves that He is merciful, and that He is unchanging.  Let’s trust Him, OK?  His Word discusses all of these global maladies in detail, so there are no secrets.  Even the secret societies are not secret.  Even the top tier of satanic rulers are no secret, so its not like there is any surprise in all of this stuff, is there?

No, what I think we get nervous about is this: What will we do in our time of need?

“Need” is likely coming.  Disruption is likely coming.  But we will eat.  I doubt that Ani will let His people starve to death.  That is not what a good Father does.  A good Father loves His children and guides them.  He will not lead us into temptation.  He will deliver us from evil.  

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