Live, Real-Time Proof of Automated Computer-Driven Vote Switching Captured On CNN

Live video proof of software vote switching on CNN, where the votes for a republican are subtracted from the republican candidate and given to the democrat candidate.  I told you yesterday that this was happening, and this one screen capture reveals an automated process that was performed maybe thousands of times during the voting period.

Biden is NOT the elected President.  Do not stop defending Trump.  My wife and I drove around town today with our Trump flags and our American flags waving proudly from their poles on our truck, and we constantly got thumbs up, honked horns, waves and encouragement from drivers of other vehicles as they passed us on the roads.

Fight hard.  Do not take the knee to this blatant criminal conduct.  Biden has not been certified as the winner in any state, and over 3000 acts of fraud have already been documented and reported to Federal courts.  Fly your Trump flags, wear your Trump t-shirts and stand up for your country.

Maximize this to see it clearly.

This happened in all swing states as well as in about 23 additional states, and in many, many counties in those states.  Outright theft, fraud and criminal conduct.  Donald Trump won this election and Biden’s claim of victory is a lie from hell.


PLEASE PLEASE --- CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. FIRST. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is almost certainly in your SPAM folder, especially if you use GOOGLE.

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