Like I Said, Welcome To The War – The Proof Of “Vaccine” Toxicity And Tactical Injection Formulas Pops Into The Light Of Day. Video.

If you were here last year you read in October ’21 that I said the injections would be used tactically, in different formulations and against different classes of people.  I didn’t have inside information on that, its just common sense.  The injections were never for our good, and given that accurate premise, figuring out the rest was simple.

Figuring out what comes on the heels of the major and profoundly incriminating proof is simple, too.  War, my friend.  War is “what’s for dinner”.

How do we know this?

That, too, is simple.  Biden has controllers who are puppeteering him into war with Russia in Ukraine.  Biden and NATO insist that Ukraine be eligible to join NATO.  NATO membership will see offensive weapons lining the border of Ukraine and Russia, and many of those offensive weapons will be missiles, some capable of delivering nuclear warheads directly into downtown Moscow with no notice, no meaningful warning, no adequate alarm – just megadeath for Moscow and Putin knows it.

So Putin is drawing a red line, which for him actually has meaning.  He is preparing for war and his mindset is quite hard.  He does not want war, but he will not allow nuclear-capable missiles and heavy offensive weaponry to be placed on his border.  And who can blame him?  He’s right, and well within his rights as the leader of a nation to defend his nation by going to war against any country who intentionally, willfully, blatantly threatens the life of his country.

Yes, we already have nuclear weapons capable of destroying Russia.  And Russia has nuclear weapons capable of destroying the USA.  But none of those weapons are five minutes away from their intended targets.  That’s the story, at least.

But imagine Russia or China or North Korea making a deal with Mexico or Canada to place nuclear missiles on one of those two border countries.  The USA would be essentially defenseless.  There would be no way to stop those missiles in flight and they would have I suppose a 100 percent probability of hitting their intended targets down to the last foot or so. That level of accuracy is very important, because Bill Gates has a bunker with GPS coordinates, and so do the generals and admirals and politicians and banks. Missiles close = bad.

Oh, sorry.  Did you think that the politicians were interested in your life?

I would not be surprised to see both US coast lines destroyed in ’22.  The East coast and the West coast, gone in a flash.  That can happen, for sure, leaving the farm belt free from radiation to grow food for China.

That would be the Second and Third Seals opened in perfect order, assuming Corona is the First Seal.

ALEX JONES – This is a blockbuster that verifies what we have said here for months…

Oct 19 –

July 26-

March 6 –

And so much more…

If you are unsaved or have questions about salvation, Jesus, the Bible or Torah, contact me.  I promise I will respond privately and quickly.  This is a safe place.

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2 years ago

China has nuclear missals just above the USA aimed down and
Russia has missals that travel even faster than the SR71 .
These are just 2 examples of how the USA could not even begin to
respond in time. There are other examples as well.
Our salvation has always and only ever been the King of the Universe
YHWH Elohim / Ruach Ha’Qodesh / Loving son Yahshua

karla altiero
karla altiero
2 years ago

On Gleck Beck u tube channel I asked is fauci a bioterrorist he violated bioterrorism act. Glenn replied asking me to message him which I did and asked for him to confirm he received it. Nothing. So I went back and replied on the u tube channel to use duck duck go search Dr Francis Boyle author of BA. And then search Dr David Martin and Stew Peters . I separated letters to avoid censor. Wonder what he will do? There is case with ICC for crimes against humanity. So do we think the 1% are concerned and the next step is war with Russia? Military age unvaxxed afghan refugees are being housed at miltary bases. Obviously FBlie and satanic pedo CIA are involved in this convid crime – Alex is right. I share info all the time and am not going 2 b afraid. DR David Martin has all the research and proof names of the criminals. Wish they could all work together. With targeted death shots the 1 % likely did not anticipate… Read more »

2 years ago

Go to and go under David Icke’s link. There is a video there called Garith Icke talks to Ariyana Love. Her info on the vax is simply chilling.

Welcome To The War
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