Liberty Marches Worldwide. People Refuse To Submit To The Covid Fraud And The Political Despotism

How about some truly awesome information?  Men and women all over the world are marching and demanding the end of the Covid hoax and an end to the political slavery brought on by despotic leaders everywhere.  Damn the covid parasite politicians.  The liars.  The slavers.  The hateful killers of mankind.

And there is more.  A live stream hosted by a US Senator that brings a “second opinion” to the Covid hoax.  A second opinion by several of the finest medical minds on earth – all establishing that the covid hoax is a fabricated lie to accrue political power to the Luciferian slaves of wickedness and evil.

Covid was a hoax from the very beginning.  There was a purpose for it and China was involver with Fauci and Gates and others.  We must address the treason of the actors and the act of war by China.





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