Lew White‎ to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: How Do We Know His Name Is Yahusha?

Lew White‎ to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
August 27, 2016 ·

How Do We Know His Name Is Yahusha?
In the early centuries of Christianity, the Hebrew language and Torah observance was under siege. Greek culture and language was dominant at Alexandria, Egypt.
The first followers wrote their “gospels” and letters in their common language, Hebrew, not Greek. This is proven from the fact that the church (circus) fathers (like Origen and Epiphanius) wrote about encountering Natsarim who held some of the first followers’ (who were called Natsarim, Acts 24:5) writings, and mentioned they were written in the Hebrew script, “as they were originally written.”
The early Christian leadership at Alexandria were supported by the Fiscus Judaicus (a Jewish tax), and eliminated any Hebrew writings they could find. If they had behaved in any way like the Yahudim such as observing Torah, they would have been taxed too, and lost their position and support.
The way we know His Name is “Yahusha” is that the Greek translation shows that the Latinized Greek form for Jesus (IHSOUS), is the same transliterated name for the one they call “Joshua.”
The only true Name is Hebrew, but if you study the Greek texts at Hebrews 4 and Acts 7, you’ll see the same Greek letters are used for “Jesus” and “Joshua.” iHsous / iEsous (G2424)
His only Name is Hebrew: Yahusha (yod-hay-uau-shin-ayin), and it bears the Name Yahuah in the first 3 letters, yod-hay-uau, “YAHU.”
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The Masoretes (Hebrew “MASORAH” meaning “tradition”) is a sect of Karaites that broke away from the orthodox rabbinical movement in the late 700’s CE.
They corrupted the vowels to avert the proper pronunciation of the Name YAHUAH (yod-hay-uau-hay, 4 written vowels). There is no letter “double-U” (W) in Hebrew, it is a single U heard in the phrase “hallelu-Yah.” The letter we call double-U is a clever invention by a type-setter in the 15th century.
     More here: http://www.fossilizedcustoms.com/w.html
Orthodox, conservative, reformed, and Karaites all avoid uttering the Name.  They instruct their students to substitute “ha shem” (Hebrew for “the name”),  or the Hebrew word “adonai” (Hebrew for “my sovereign”) in place of the Name.
The word YESHUA is used as a name once, and 27 times is used for the meaning “salvation” or “deliverance.” The one time it is used as a name is at NekemYah 8:17 as the shortened form for Yahusha. Yeshua is the hypocorisma (diminuative form), and is not a proper foundation on which to form a doctrine.
Aramaic, or “modern Hebrew,” is commonly presented as the Hebrew script, but this is another traditional error. The Aramaic script was inherited from the Babylonian captivity. There is only one Hebrew script, and it is shown above with the Aramaic to the left. Both are read right-to-left. Commonly, the Hebrew script is shown as “Phoenician” in encyclopedias, however it was Herodotus that invented the word – it’s two Greek words meaning “date palm.”
He was referring to the people that lived in the land of the tribes of Yisharal (aka Israel), so the script is really Hebrew. The word Israel has 3 parts: a root word shar mean rule or ruler, a prefix letter yod, meaning “to” or “continue to,” and the suffix al, alef-lamed, meaning mighty or lofty-one. Commonly we see this written as “EL” as in “ELI,” but it is an AL because of the letter alef.  Abrahim begins with this same letter. Hebrew vowels are written, in spite of what many teachers may say (1 Timothy 1:5-7).
“Hashem” (meaning “the name”) is spelled hay-shin-mem. “Adonai” is spelled alef-daleth-uau-nun-yod. You can construct the words using a proper letter chart.
The ending yod is used as a suffix in words such as adonai and rabbi to mean “my” (possessive).
Adon means sovereign, and rab means “exalted one” or “chief.” Yahusha told us not to be called rabbi. The custom of the rabbi was inherited from Hinduism from the idea of a master or guru.
The position of rabbi is of human origin, and will not exist when the reign of Yahusha comes. Kabbalism is a consequence of this form of Nicolaitane teaching authority. Yahusha is our only Teaching Authority and master, not men and their leaven (puffed-up ideas and traditions).
Beware; there are new teachers showing blends of Hebrew and Hieroglyphics which supposedly show the Name in four pictographic letters. Both Hebrew and Hieroglyphics are what is called “pictographic” scripts. What is being shown on the Internet and claimed to be “original Hebrew script” is not confirmed by archaeology.
The diagrams with these blended letters are constructed from a blended letter chart, and are constructed with computerized diagrams only; the renderings do not exist in reality on any scrolls, pottery, etc.,.
Only one of these letters is truly from the Hebrew script, the one shaped “Y.” More detail on this Internet promoted script is here:



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