+Knowledge = >Sorrow. The More You Know, The More You Gnash Your Teeth And Ball Your Fists. Its A Sprint To The Finish Line Now.


Greetings.  I have been suffering much.

17 And I set my mind to know wisdom and to discern the character of madness and folly,in which men seem to find satisfaction; I realized that this too is a futile grasping and chasing after the wind. 18 For in much wisdom there is much displeasure and exasperation; increasing knowledge increases sorrow.

Since I was a child of 12, I have been seeking Truth.  In some cases I was like Russell Crowe in the movie A Beautiful Mind.  He was following linkages and patterns.  Ever since I was 12 I have been running scared, watching everything that author George Orwell wrote in his book titled 1984 come to pass.  That was 54 years ago, and in those years I have seen too much.

Video from 1984 – Big Brother tells a citizen what is actually happening…

One of my sorrows is the knowledge that human beings love to be titillated, to be frightened by bad news, to be thrilled by the obvious approach of Satan.  People pant and drool over their keyboards every day, furiously banging the keys in search of the next blatant crime or more proof that the end is near.

I understand that mindset because I lived it for decades, long before there was a keyboard to bang.  I had local, domestic and foreign newspapers to read, to cut articles from, to mark the days until the anti-Christ took his seat – that abomination of a creature who will claim that he is God.  He will deceive many, probably most.  He is present now, involved in setting the stage.  He wants people to cry out for him, to literally beg him to take control of the world.

“You’ll have to take the mark”, they will say, and most will jump at the chance to take the mark and buy food.

Our worst enemies, the ones who will do the most damage, will be those people closest to us.  Children.  Sons and daughters.  The woke left who sincerely believe in the rightness of their chosen path.  They will turn in parents and neighbors with a raging religious fervor.

You better come to grips with this.  Your most determined enemy might very well be sitting beside you on your sofa while you read this.

The United Nations is voting today on recognizing Palestine as a legitimate State.  Two P.M. Central time today, Thursday, April 18th, 2024.  The USA will probably veto the Resolution, but perhaps not.  Maybe it will abstain.

Probably Israel will delay her tit-for-tat strike on Iran until after Passover is complete on April 30th.  No way that Netanyahu will stir the pot and anger his Talmudist backers.  If he attacks Iran, Iran will do bad things to Israel, and Israel seems unable to beat Iran.  I say that because Israels missile defense was designed specifically to stop Iran’s missiles, but it failed.  I say “failed” because Iran sent a bunch of low-end drones and cheap missiles against Israel, and Israel shot most of them down.

What did not get shot down were the hypersonic missiles Iran used to pop the runway that the Israeli F-35’s will use, and also to destroy a top-secret Israeli spying facility in the Golan Heights.  The missile that was used to break the runway that is used by the F-35 jets hit that runway right in the center of its length, sending the message to the Israelis that Iran can hit any target with superb precision.

The hypersonic missiles were not stopped.  None of them.

Israel cannot defeat Iran.  Will Yahuah defend Israel from Iran?  Why would He?  They reject Him at every turn, saying that if Yahusha returns, they will just crucify Him again.

Half of the Israelis will be taken prisoner soon, and the remaining half will stay in Israel.  The prophecy of the boy Natan is still on the table.  He prophesied (he died and went to Heaven, then returned to his body – Jerusalem, age 15, maybe 10 years ago?) that a world army, led by Barack Obama would attack Israel, and that Obama will be killed in that battle.

This suggests that the USA is either sitting this one out or has been castrated by some military action from Russia/China/N. Korea/Illegal Aliens.  We will definitely be cut down in America.  There are so many prophecies of America’s crippling that they are impossible to ignore.

We are in the calm before the storm.  I feel in my soul that we are one step away from destruction.  America’s enemies have a decision to make: Do they strike America now, while her belly is filled with illegals and her leaders kneel to Satan?  Or do they wait, hoping that Trump will be re-elected and peace be established?  Will Trump stop the insanity if he is re-elected?

Prophecies Of America – audio, Chapter One

Buy extra food that will keep long term.  Buy mostly canned meat and dry beans.  If you need water storage, you can buy used food-grade polyurethane barrels for that purpose. Probably best to skip buying canned vegetables.  Grow fresh.  Start right away.

I bought some silver bullion to use for trade, and some bitcoin.  Not much of either because I procrastinate and like most Americans, suffer from an understanding of reality that suggests it will always be the 1980’s, even though I know for certain that flaming sword is already very, very close.

I am ready to go, and have asked Yahuah to bring me home constantly of late.  Not that I fear for myself, but because I feel so isolated.  I feel very alone.  I understand quite well the urgency of the moment, but telling my former spouse is out of the question.  She cannot bear Truth or Reality and prefers to spend her time watching soap-serials on Netflix.  She even bought some alcoholic canned beverages and got drunk on them, which created a very tense evening with me, let me tell you.  She is a “non-drinking” alcoholic and apparently she just started feeling sorry for herself, which watching soaps all day will certainly do.  “Nobody loves me”, that sort of thing.

So what is happening with you?  How is your relationship with your family?  Are you feeling like a stranger in a strange land?  Anyone listening to you regarding salvation and Truth?  Are you  concerned about your health or your income?  You know, when we decline the Mark, we will probably lose our Social Security, probably lose our 401-K’s, probably lose our drivers licenses, lose any ability to borrow money, find ourselves unable to pay electric bills or buy gasoline 🙂

It just gets prettier and prettier, doesn’t it?

But I definitely see believers who stand true against the Anti-Christ forming fellowships and being profoundly blessed by Yahuah.  His Spirit will be
S T R O N G  among His people.  I will gladly endure these meaningless entanglements with the world for the opportunity to have the Spirit of Yahuah present in strength among my people, among His people.

Those days are lining up to take control over all the world, dear neighbor.  Don’t you be fearful.  We are in this together.  The U.S. House of Representatives just signed all rights of privacy away for all non-Congressional members.  Edward Snowden says all privacy rights are dead with this bill, EXCEPT for Congressmen and Senators, who were allowed to keep their privacy.

The NSA will also control all on-line speech.  This website will be taken offline by the U.S. Government, but I will reach out to you via email somehow.  No need to just cave in, right?

Listen, when “things” get really dark, Yahuah will be richly prevalent in the lives of the Righteous, right up until the Righteous are taken, and they WILL be taken.  I love my Father and I trust Him with my family.  My time is almost here, and for that I am almost giddy with excitement.  He made me for these days!




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Billy Graham
Billy Graham
1 month ago

Depressing and exciting at the same time. Depressing for those who have multiple chances to awaken but refuse. Exciting because new life is coming. May the Lord bless you from Zion, Jerry.

Billy Graham
Billy Graham
1 month ago
Reply to  Jerry

My mother would love you.👍🙂

Welcome To The War
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