Klause Schwab is Modeling His Rise to World Dominion On Vladimir Lenin’s Method Of Conquering Russia And Establishing Communism.


Mike Adams has hit the nail squarely on its head.  This 16 minute documentary clearly outlines specifically how the globalist anti-christs, literally Luciferian in many offices, are deliberately making illegal the very elements of the earth which make your life possible. 

They are working extremely hard to absolutely ban what keeps you alive, and as these bans expand, the poorest will die off first, and then right up the “food chain” to your own kitchen table, where you will have the opportunity to starve to death yourself.

Unless you take action to break the back of these World Economic Forum (WEF) Luciferians who are way ahead of you on the battlefield.  You need to catch up.  Something simple you can do is to dig around the Internet and locate the people in positions of influence who are promoting these death marches.

A good starting place is here, where you can get a sense of who the WEF is recruiting and what their actions are.

There is also the WEF itself: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/03/meet-the-2021-class-of-young-global-leaders

The WEF is training young leaders to be members of the Klause Schwab cult, and it is a cult, for sure.  Klause schwab has a bust of Vladimir Lenin (original communist dictator of Russia,) on his bookshelf in his office.

Matt Gubba's tweet - "When you understand that Klaus Schwab has a ...

Here is a little bit on V. Lenin, the founder of Russian Communism:

More than a million people were killed for political or religious reasons during what is known as the Red Terror, between 1918 and 1922 (Lenin comes to power), the harshest time of Lenin’s dictatorship. To give us an idea, according to the British historian Hugh Thomas, the victims of the Francoist repression number about 100,000 people, among those killed during the Spanish Civil War and the post-war repression. In other words, in just over six years of dictatorship, Lenin murdered ten times more people than is attributed to the Franco dictatorship in almost 40 years.

There is much, much more.

The wild persecution against Christians and other religions

With the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 a systematic religious persecution began which would, throughout the history of the USSR, involve the murder of between 12 and 20 million Christians. In 1914 the Russian Orthodox Church had 55,173 churches, 29,593 chapels, 550 monasteries and 475 convents: the vast majority of them were closed and destroyed by the Communists. Something similar happened with the 5,000 Jewish synagogues and the 25,000 Muslim mosques that were in Russian territory in 1917. Before the Revolution there were also 112,629 priests and deacons and 95,259 monks and nuns of the Orthodox Church. The Communists unleashed brutal persecution against them. According to Yakovlev, some 3,000 priests, religious and nuns were already killed in 1918 alone with methods as brutal as those mentioned above. Many lay people were harassed, tortured, detained and killed. Historian Dimitry V. Pospielovsky reported the Reds’ brutality against priests with cases such as the following:

Lenin used hunger for political purposes: from 3.9 million to 7.75 million dead

One of the most dramatic episodes of Lenin’s dictatorship was the Russian famine of 1921 and 1922, which affected some 27 million people and killed between 3 and 5 million, and which was caused, in large part, by the mass requisitions of grain ordered by the Bolsheviks, the so-called Prodrazvyorstka (copied and expanded by the Communists, like other things, from the Razvyorstka, the requisition of tsarist grain in the First World War). The requisitioned grain was often used for export. This extermination through hunger was not accidental or that the Bolshevik dictatorship tried to avoid: it was done intentionally and even sought with it an anti-religious purpose, as Lenin wrote in a letter from Lenin to the Politburo on March 19, 1922:

Now and only now, when people consume themselves (cannibalism-jwd) in famine-stricken areas and hundreds, if not thousands, of corpses lie on the roads, we can (and therefore must) pursue the removal of church property with the most energy frenzied and ruthlessand do not hesitate to quell the least opposition. (…) We must pursue the elimination of church property by any means necessaryto secure a fund of several hundred million gold rubles (do not forget the immense wealth of some monasteries and lauras). (…) All considerations indicate that we will not do it later, because at no other time, apart from desperate hunger, will it give us that state of mind among the general mass of peasants that would guarantee the sympathy of this group, or, at least , would assure us the neutralization of this group in the sense that victory in the fight for the elimination of church property, unquestionably and completely, will be on our side.”

If you want to know exactly what Schwab is up to, read this: https://www.outono.net/elentir/2020/04/22/lenin-numbers-data-and-images-of-the-crimes-of-the-first-communist-dictator/

He is your enemy and Klause Schwab plans to exterminate you, your family, your church, your police department, your government and all institutions that stand in his way.

Pay attention.  Klause Schwab and his minions in the WEF are actively promoting starvation world wide.  Famine is the same tool Lenin used to conquer Russia.  Schwab has bigger plans and better helpers.

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1 year ago

I find it confusing that Tulsi Gabbert was in one of Klause’s graduating classes yet she has been speaking against the globalist moves being perpetrated in our country. Did she switch sides or is she controlled opposition?

karla altiero
karla altiero
1 year ago

Stories of orthodox christian monks priests and persons who chose persecution and martyrdom not submitting to state sanctioned orthodox church “sergianism” incl photos are at gregory decapolite on yt. The grace miracles evidence of God that served faith not remove suffering are on a level so beyond the WEST it is like another world- true Christianity.

Welcome To The War
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