Ken Peters – A Detailed Dream Of The End

Originally posted on October 24, 2019 @ 11:53 am

Ken Peters was a wild, un-saved young man who had a dream. You will be blessed by his truth, and the sword he describes is the same exact sword I saw in my vision.

Ken had his dream about 20 years ago, and kept it to himself for a long time.  I’ve done the same.  It can be difficult to share something so powerful when you know many people will scoff at you and criticize you.

But the Truth must be told and you will be blessed by his work here.

Stay tuned.  I have a good teaching in editing and expect to publish it tomorrow.

We could use some prayers from those of you who worship Yahuah through study and obedience to His commands.  By doing those things, you become righteous, and the prayers of a righteous man availeth much.

My three-year old son injected himself with an EPI-pen a few days ago and vomited immediately and profusely.  Scary, but he was fine in a couple of hours.

This morning my wife’s mother put a chicken sandwich in her microwave oven –  for nearly an hour – and filled up her apartment with smoke.  She phoned my wife and told her that her apartment was full of smoke and she “did not know where the smoke was coming from.”

Last week, same mother-in-law dresses and went to keep her hair appointment – at 11:30 PM.  She phoned my wife to voice her surprise that no one was there to take keep the appointment.

She has some fierce Alzheimers developing in her brain, and we are going to have to move into a bigger house so she can come live with us.  Its very painful, because we live out in the country on the top of a beautiful hill with a lush, spring-fed canyon behind our house.  And I have 30 chickens that I love.  And a small garden.  And I can shoot my rifle anytime I want, and have a great camp built down in the woods.  Gotta leave all that, almost certainly.

And this afternoon, my 10-yr old son got into major trouble at his school.  He found a sprinkler head outside the day before, just 100 yards or so from his school, and put it in his pocket.  The next day, at school, he was playing with it and discovered that it unscrewed.  He unscrewed it and there was marijuana residue in it.  His teacher summoned the Principal, who summoned the police.

The police basically disregarded the whole thing, but the school is determining whether to send him to alternative school for the last few weeks of the year, or to kick him out of school completely.

Worse, he was right on the threshold of gaining admittance to Texas Military Institute, possibly the best private military school in the country.  General Douglas McArthur attended the same school, in the same location, and walked the same halls.

Michael is crushed.  He is a fine boy, probably genius-level IQ and super gung-ho.  One of his teachers got him on the Gifted and Talented program at his school, because she believes he is “possibly the smartest child in that school”.  He had no concept of “marijuana”, and was simply fascinated by the mechanics of the sprinkler head.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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6 years ago

Excellent! I, too, have had more than one dream where it appeared I was going to be martyred. Thank you for sharing Ken’s dream.

Welcome To The War
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