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A couple of things crossed my mind today, and both of them are worth sharing with you today.  One of those things is this: the criminals rampaging through our major cities demand that the police be closed down.  These rioters claim that they and those who support them will come up with a better, more “beautiful” solution.

The second thing I want to share with you is this: Possessions are meaningless.  Yahusha had nothing, and the only thing he mentioned not having was a place to lay His head.

A Better, More Beautiful Solution

Let me ask you something.  Suppose you were a resident of one of our tortured cities.  Suppose that the arsonists and baseball bat-swinging thugocrats climbed the statue downtown and demanded to eliminate the police due to many police errors, including killing innocent people and pets.

We have all read about cops bursting into the wrong apartments and shooting the actual people who dialed 911.  We have read of them shooting dogs in fenced yards, and I even read about a cop who shot a cow.  Not a bull – a cow.

Police departments have recruited some demonstrably stupid people for years, and I do mean decades.  Seriously, police departments actually use IQ tests to screen OUT smart people, because the smart ones actually think and just might not do what they are told to do if the command is illegal or unethical.

Yeah, that bothered me a lot when I learned of it, too.

The “Do Not Hesitate” shooting targets of the child or the old and frail man, or the pregnant woman.  These were provided by or to the Department of Homeland security a while back so cops could condition their minds to shoot children, old people and pregnant women.  Yes, seriously.

Yes, the police actually trained on these targets.

And their damned armored vehicles, machine guns, flash-bang explosives, Stinger cell signal interceptors (eavesdropping devices), GPS tracking, and those Fusion Centers.  The police are indeed way out of bounds and reform absolutely must happen immediately.

Fusion Centers are everywhere, and they spy on you 24 x 7 because you just might be a “terrorist“.

But the zombie apocalypse called Antifa and Black Lives Matter – those people are Marxist zealots who fully intend to become the law enforcement branch of something or someone.  What person of sound mind would allow these thugs and arsonists to become the law enforcement anywhere on earth?  These people are mad, and I mean lunatics.  They are much more closely aligned with demons, satan and hell than they are to justice.

Antifa & Protesters Solution.  Do you really want their “Justice” ideas?

They think that just because they can recognize injustice that they are qualified to administer justice, which is textbook lunacy.

No matter what, make sure you speak out locally regarding the preservation of your local law enforcement if you are satisfied with them.  If they are a bunch of thugs themselves then fix that, but whatever you do, DO NOT think ever that arsonists and violent freaks can build anything other than pain and suffering for you.  Those people are your enemies, no matter what they say.  If the “protesters” who marched regarding poor dead Mr. Floyd had any integrity AT ALL, they would have immediately condemned Antifa, the arsonists and the thugs breaking windows and looting stores.  I heard hardly a single peep against, and the protesters kept right on including the demons in their “protests”.

Therefore, all of them are in it together and none of them are any good.

Yahusha Had No Place To Lay His Head

This is good.  This will make you feel more free.  I was dozing off in bed tonight when I had this thought.  I love my pillow and love having a bed to sleep in.  Not having either of those things would be a genuine hardship.  But what if you didn’t have a Mercedes Benz, or a Lexus?

People everywhere worry about not having sufficient “stuff”.  People want fancy or expensive watches, refrigerators, cars, pickup trucks, shoes, homes, shirts, shoes, handbags, dogs and more.  It seems to be a world-wide obsession, this love of “stuff”.

But what is the point of more stuff?

Solomon said that money was the solution to everything and that all progress was based on one mans jealousy over the possessions of another.  He was being sarcastic on the money comment, and highly observant on the possessions/progress relationship.

Are you that way?  Do you want a bigger pickup truck because your neighbor just bought one?

My spouse and I bought a used Ford 4WD Extended Cab pickup from a local guy recently.  The truck runs great, looks great and has 216,000 miles on it.  That’s a lot of miles, but this particular truck is well known to run practically forever with proper maintenance.  It really is a great vehicle, and it is our fourth vehicle, too.

Yes, that is a lot of rolling stock but we sold the van and are down to three, which is where we will stay.  But we don’t envy our neighbors stuff.

I drove past the home of the guy we bought the truck from yesterday.  I had taken my 6 yr old son to a particular park in that subdivision and passed the sellers house on the way out.

Guess what he had parked in his driveway?

A HUGE 4WD Crew Cab Ford pickup, brand new and gleaming.  It is truly a spectacular truck, with room for six adults, 4WD for the outback and a big full-sized bed for hauling stuff.

He works from home in a new subdivision doing Internet marketing, is married and has no children.

But he has that truck!

So Solomon is right.  Envy of our neighbors leads us to do some odd things, like buy a monster truck when the truck he sold us was still more truck than he needed.

I tend to run lean.  I am not into stuff because I learned long ago that ‘stuff’ is more like a boat anchor than anything else.  If you have a lot of possessions, you are bound to those possessions and they own you.

Make sure you have what you must have – food, clothing, shelter, medicine, self-defense items, reliable transportation and fuel.  Stock up on the must-have items now, because the financial infrastructure of the world is badly cracked and the dollar just might be truly headed for the floor.  The economy will absolutely tank and it looks like it is past the tipping point now.  Biblically, it HAS to collapse because the Globalist New World Order is taking over now and it will take a days wages to buy a “quart of wheat”.

That’s fine, because the closer we get to the end of this world the better off we are.  We do not need to be encumbered with possessions beyond what we need for daily living.  Buy extra food – things that will keep.  Dry beans are great, and delicious.  Rice is also great, and you want to emphasize the dry goods that do not require refrigeration, because we just might not have electricity 24×7.

Make some friends.  Find some good neighbors and be discerning.  Don’t trust everyone.  Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a panther.  I mean as harmless as a dove 🙂

That’s all I want to say.  Prepare.  Be smart.  Don’t get hung up on possessions and consider selling things that you do not actually need.  Convert the cash you get into storeable food, sturdy clothing, ammunition, a couple of really bright flashlights, good vitamin supplementation and/or whatever you will need to live for one year without electricity, a grocery store or running water 🙂

And remember this: “Lose lips sink ships”.



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