Just Who Actually Lives In Israel And The Wicked Practitioners Of Talmud


I am reading the book titled JUDAISM’S Strange Gods, written by Mr. Michael Hoffman.  Mr. Hoffman also wrote the article below, which was sent to my mailbox.  I read it very early this morning and some of you readers will want to read it.  Talmudism is shockingly satanic, and when Yahusha told the Pharisees that they spoke the language of their father Satan, He was speaking of their constant babbling the “oral law”, which enslaved men and was eventually compiled into a book or scroll and called the “Talmud”.

The Jewish community of Palestine suffered horrendous losses during the Great Revolt and the Bar-Kokhba rebellion. Well over a million Jews were killed in the two ill-fated uprisings, and the leading yeshivot, along with thousands of their rabbinical scholars and students, were devastated.

This decline in the number of knowledgeable Jews seems to have been a decisive factor in Rabbi Judah the Prince’s decision around the year 200 C.E. to record in writing the Oral Law. For centuries, Judaism‘s leading rabbis had resisted writing down the Oral Law. Teaching the law orally, the rabbis knew, compelled students to maintain close relationships with teachers, and they considered teachers, not books, to be the best conveyors of the Jewish tradition. But with the deaths of so many teachers in the failed revolts, Rabbi Judah apparently feared that the Oral Law would be forgotten unless it were written down.


The Talmud grew and grew into many volumes, with incredible lack of Jewish spiritual discernment as to the meaning if Yahuah’s commands, even of the most basic commands, such as to keep the Sabbath Holy.

The Oral Law is a legal commentary on the Torah, explaining how its commandments are to be carried out. Common sense suggests that some sort of oral tradition was always needed to accompany the Written Law, because the Torah alone, even with its 613 commandments, is an insufficient guide to Jewish life. For example, the fourth of the Ten Commandments, ordains, “Remember the Sabbath day to make it holy” (Exodus 20:8). From the Sabbath’s inclusion in the Ten Commandments, it is clear that the Torah regards it as an important holiday. Yet when one looks for the specific biblical laws regulating how to observe the day, one finds only injunctions against lighting a fire, going away from one’s dwelling, cutting down a tree, plowing and harvesting. Would merely refraining from these few activities fulfill the biblical command to make the Sabbath holy? Indeed, the Sabbath rituals that are most commonly associated with holiness-lighting of candles, reciting the kiddush, and the reading of the weekly Torah portion are found not in the Torah, but in the Oral Law.

You see?  They seem to lack any spiritual discernment whatsoever, being unable to figure out what keeping the Sabbath holy means.  They say, in writing:

Yet when one looks for the specific biblical laws regulating how to observe the day, one finds only injunctions against lighting a fire, going away from one’s dwelling, cutting down a tree, plowing and harvesting. Would merely refraining from these few activities fulfill the biblical command to make the Sabbath holy?

And that is all which the Talmudic Jew can figure out regarding what Yahuah means when He commands us to keep the Sabbath holy.  Clueless, undiscerning, anti-Christ people., and this is only a microscopic portion highlighting the profound ignorance of Truth darkening the minds of the so-called “Jew”.

Seriously brothers and sisters, I do not know what to call these people.  They call themselves “Jews”, but when local (Tel Aviv) geneticists test the DNA of these “Jews” they discover that none of them are “Jews”, that none of them are related to one another (parents and their children are, of course, not included for comparison), and conclude that the “Palestinians probably have more actual Hebrew DNA in them than the occupiers of Israel“.  And this is an Israeli Jew scientist’s conclusion.

If they are not Jews, then certainly it is right to shut them down.  But where will the 144,000 come from?  I tell you this is a significant puzzle for me, because I have so much proof that the “Jews” are double-dealing lying snakes, and so much evidence that the people in Israel are Khazars and not Jews, so maybe the Jews are in fact the Palestinians?  The Angel of Heaven is appearing to the Palestinians now.  They are coming to Salvation in the hundreds in Gaza.

The Gazans are chaste in their Islamic religion, and they are persecuted without mercy by these Israeli beasts who use radioactive weapons to slaughter and sterilize and genetically cripple the race of people living in Gaza.

Who would do such a thing except Satan and His own people?  Even the Iranians are turning to Yahusha with the fastest growing body of believers in the world, a quiet revolution that actually matters.  There is a lot of passion for Yahusha in this video…

Yet the Talmudic Israeli Minister of Security agrees that it is custom for Jews to spit on Christians.

Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s Minister of National Security, said on Army Radio that spitting at Christians was “not a criminal case.” Like Yered, Ben Gvir had previously defended the act of spitting on Christians as a Jewish custom.

So again I ask: Are these people in Israel the Hebrews?  Why are all of their neighboring populations dark skinned while the “Jews” are white as Santa?  Only Yahuah knows.  It is very possible that most subscribers here are “Hebrew enough”.  We were called to Torah, but not to Talmud.  We are saved through faith in Yahusha, and we cherish the commands of Yahuah.  The Way – we walk in the Way.  This was taught by Paul to the Gentiles – the very thing Yahusha selected Paul to do.

The article reprinted below is not long.  You need to read it.  Every little exposure to the Truth makes you stronger, wiser and a better child of Yahuah.

The Elect are not deceived.

Bomb In Iran Kills Over 100 Iranians

Iranian victims of terrorist bombs, January 3, 2024

Will the more than 100 Iranians killed by terrorist bombs today be mourned in the West as victims of terrorism? Certainly not. Allied doctrine has it that the killing of Israeli or American civilians is a crime of cosmic proportions, while shedding the blood of “enemy” women and children is perfectly acceptable; indeed commendable.

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The West does not memorialize the hundreds of thousands of civilians bombed by the U.S. in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and every major German city 1943-1945. America’s fire-bombing of the city of Tokyo by General Curtis LeMay in March 1945 was followed by Harry Truman’s atomic incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of that year. Truman never had a moment of doubt or regret over the murder of more than a 100,000 Asian children, mothers and non-combatant boys and men. It was business as usual for the “noble” Allies during the “Good War.”

In the West human rights signifies passionate concern only for civilians designated as truly human: Israelis first, then Americans and British, followed by their satraps.

This inhumanity is the legacy of Talmudic ideology, beginning with tractate Sanhedrin 57a from 400 A.D., concerning liability for capital punishment: “If a Jew murders a gentile, he is exempt.”

This teaching of contempt was reiterated in the dogma of Chabad Lubavitch founder Rabbi Shneur Zalman in the 18th century:

“In the Tanya of Zalman we encounter the doctrine that the souls of the gentiles contain no good whatsoever: Tanya Likutei Amarim I: ‘This law is taught: in the case of Israel, this soul of the kelipah is derived from kelipat nogah, which also contains good, as it originates in the esoteric ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.’ The souls of the nations of the world (gentiles) however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever.”

The unbroken chain of this dogmatic hate speech was continued by the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook in the 1920s.  Kook weaponized the Talmud by uniting it with war-Zionism. He took the racism of the Talmud and “married” it to the Herzl/Ben Gurion ideology. Kook reiterated the Talmud’s ancient hostility to gentiles. He declared:

The difference between the Israelite soul…and the souls  of all the nations (gentiles), in their various grades, is greater and deeper than the difference between the soul…of man and the soul of animals. For between the latter there is only a quantitative difference, while between the former there exists a qualitative, essential difference.”

[Source: David Dishon,“The Beauty of Yefet in the Tents of Shem-Gentiles and Jews in the Thought of Rav Kook,” in Havruta: A Journal of Jewish Conversation. Shalom Hartman Institute. 1 (2): 80–89.]

Talmudic Zionist delegation to New York, 1924. Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Kook is on the right. Mayor John Hylan is at center.

The Cryptocracy clandestinely reverences the Talmud and the Kabbalah as the holiest books of Western civilization. This esteem has emerged in public in “Conservative” circles in the US and Britain, where Talmudism is hailed as an integral pillar of western civilization, an assertion which is unsustainable from the point of view of historiography, but a fervent article of faith on the Right, in that the Right wing believes that its agenda can’t prevail against the winds of woke without swearing fealty to this myth.

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Influential Conservative Pastor Douglas Wilson advances his pro-nationalist views on the coattails of Talmudist philosopher Yoram Hazony of the Jerusalem Herzl Institute. I’m probably on safe ground in supposing that Rev. Wilson would never do the same partnered with an exponent of the Quran. Wilson, in spite of being acutely aware of the hate speech and blasphemous contents of the Talmud, offers a qualified “two cheers” for it in his new book, American Milk and Honey.

The august Acton Society, which bills itself as a paladin in the revival and restoration of our civilization, last month virtually canonized Lord Jonathan Sacks, the late Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Commonwealth. Their gushing paean, brimming with rapture for Sacks’ life work, cited his mentor, the late Zionist Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Chabad-Lubavitch, disciple of the aforementioned racist Shneur Zalman.

The Acton Society wrote: “It was the Lubavitcher Rebbe, as Schneerson is known, who inspired Sacks to pursue his rabbinic ordination and dedicate himself to the Jewish people. These encounters would influence Sacks’ intellectual sensibility and approach to Jewish institutional leadership for the rest of his career.

“…Sacks delivered the Erasmus Lecture, hosted by First Things magazine in New York…under the auspices of Pope Francis, Sacks delivered the keynote address at the Vatican’s International Colloquium on ‘The Complementarity of Man and Woman.”

The Talmudic content of Rabbi Sacks’ teaching is not mentioned by the Acton institute. In a review of Jonathan Rosen’s book, The Talmud and the Internet, Chief Rabbi Sacks wrote:

“Rosen loves, as I do, the extraordinary moment in the Talmud in which God is outvoted on a point of Jewish law and celebrates the fact that his children have defeated him. In the world of the rabbis not only do men study the Word of God, God studies the word of men.”

Rabbi Lord Sacks was referring to tractate BT Bava Metzia 59b in which Rabbi Yehoshua contradicts God by declaring that the law is rightfully decided on earth by the rabbis, not in heavenThe Talmud has God admit he was wrong. It puts these words into God’s mouth: “My sons have defeated me! “My sons have defeated me!”

This is what Sacks “loves.” What does Mr. Sacks’ rabbinic megalomania have to do with the gospel of Jesus, or the literature of Augustine, Aquinas or Shakespeare? Nothing. In fact, it is profoundly inimical to it: the Talmudic mentality boasts of contradicting God. The Talmud of Mystery Babyon is an occult dictatorship emanating from the Torah sheBeal peh (the counterfeit “Torah” founded upon “the traditions of men” — cf. Mark 7 and Matthew 15).

The grandaddy of the farcical campaign to associate Talmudism with Christian law and society was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, an ardent promoter of the “Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought at Yeshiva University.” Scalia worked to apply Talmudic halacha to the American judicial system. (Cf. “A Supremely Talmudic Supreme Court Justice,” in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome [2017], pp. 352-353 and 588-593).

The bipolar contradictions evident in the promotion of the demonstrably false legend of the West’s civilizational debt to Orthodox rabbinic theology carry the seeds of the downfall of the Conservative movement.

Meanwhile, Muslims in Iran today, and Arab civilians both Muslim and Christian in Gaza, die under the bombs of Western-enabled terrorists. This bloodshed is privately applauded in the salons and think tanks of America and Britain, given that the victims have been judged “qualitatively” and “essentially” to be a lesser “grade” of human.


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6 months ago

Great article Jerry. Did you catch the interview Alex Jones did with Brother Nathanael Kapner on Wednesday? Wow, Alex didn’t have a clue but this man was incredible. He grew up a traditional Jew but is now an Orthodox Christian. He is funny, smart, and tells it like it is concerning his former people. You can catch the replay on Banned.video under Alex Jones Debates Messianic Jew… Brother Nethanael also has a website Realjewnews.com.

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