Joseph Biden Is Planning On Signing A Treaty With the World Health Organization Giving Them The Legal Right To Force You To Take “Vaccinations” And Carry A Digital I.D.


The United States is on the cusp of surrendering the sovereignty of the nation to the World Health Organization, the W.H.O.  The plan is in place and the process is in motion, to be an official treaty signed by Joseph Biden before the November ’22 elections, with no authorization required of the United States Congress.  The Biden Administration itself wrote some of the requirements that the W.H.O. will legally enforce. 

You will be required to have a digital I.D. and the W.H.O. will decide who is sick, why they are sick, what medicine is permitted and which “vaccines” will be required.  If you fail to obey, the digital I.D. will enable the W.H.O. to close your bank account.  Certainly the corporations we work for will quickly submit and fully co-operate with the W.H.O.’s demands.

Language alert: Jimmy says a dirty word three times.  If coarse language drives you away from good information, read the last sentence.

Remember this as this summer you buy $6.50-per-gallon gasoline to drive to the grocery store to buy unavailable baby formula and “limit three bags per customer” dried beans.


PLEASE PLEASE --- CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. FIRST. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is almost certainly in your SPAM folder, especially if you use GOOGLE.

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David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
1 month ago

Here is some of my own fire and bad language in response to their plan. The W.H.O., the US federal government, the Military Industrial Complex and all of their sold-out Big Corporations can go and fuck themselves to Sodom. I nor my family as long as I am alive and able to shoot these bastards dead, we will never take orders from them. We will not belong to their system. I will bleed and die for liberty. Give me liberty or give me death. They no authority over me. Only Yahuah has authority and I know He doesn’t want me or my family to obey them. We will die fighting to the last drop of blood coursing out of my vein. I see red every day.

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