Joseph “Bend Over” Biden And The Chinese Anal Swabbing Of Biden’s Diplomats

There seems to be some truth to the leaked information about Joseph Biden consenting to the anal swabbing of United States Diplomats sent to China. I wrote about the poopoo connection about a year ago, and China is a filthy third-world dog-eating dung heap.  Those are facts, not mean spirited insults against China.  China insults itself.

Down page a bit is a cute and accurate video on the anal swabbing humiliation of America.  I’m sure the Communists did the anal swab thing purely to remind Biden of the humiliation he will suffer if the CCP releases the videos of him and his garbage son sexually harming those little Chinese children.

One note – the dragonfly coming in near the end of the video speaks of the  spy and monitoring software Google developed for the CCP to spy and control Chinese citizens.  We are in an active war, folks.  It might look peaceful enough, but it is only because China is avoiding shooting as much as possible.  Maybe this weekend I will provide you with information that will show you how profoundly vulnerable the USA is to China.

Come to think of it, maybe Biden does not actually have the nuclear codes that Nancy Pelosi wants.  What a colossal security risk the democrats are.  They would capitulate to communism in a single day, and rejoice.

Joseph “Bend Over” Biden – that is his new name.  Spread it.

U.S. diplomats in China were subjected to anal swab tests for Covid-19, a Department of State spokesperson confirmed Thursday, adding that a protest had been lodged with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The United States had received assurances from China that the tests were done in error and that diplomatic personnel were exempt from this specific testing requirement, the spokesperson said.

“The Department is committed to guaranteeing the safety and security of American diplomats and their families while preserving their dignity, consistent with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, as well as other relevant diplomatic law provisions,” the spokesperson said.

The story was first reported by The Washington Post.

However, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told a news conference Thursday that he had checked with his colleagues and as far as he knew, “China has never asked U.S. diplomats stationed in China to have anal swab tests.”

And who knows what chemicals were on the tips of those anal swabs?  Never, ever trust China.  They are a nation of pirates led by a cadre of vampires.  They sell the organs of healthy Uhygur men and woman, sell the children, burn down churches and torture bible teachers.  I have said for years that we need to nuke China ASAP.  But no, it will not happen and only the intervention of Ani will save us.  Yet why would Ani save America?  Why?  Are there 10 righteous people in America?  Nine?  Eight?  For the sake of any righteous person, would Ani spare this wicked nation? A nation no better than Sodom itself?

Many prophecies are of the destruction of America, and many prophecies are of the prospering of America.  Good people on both sides of those positions.   I think we will know for sure by the end of this year, and I believe that we are in for several surprises ranking 10 on the Richter Scale.  Some great, some terrible.

Brace yourself. Smile more 🙂

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