John Fetterman – A Curse On America Who, Like Obama, Came From Nowhere


The election of John Fetterman is proof that Yahuah has cursed America.  This information from Rolling Stone magazine, The Washington Free Beacon and The New York Post tells us most of what we need to know about this beast with “I will make you hurt” tattooed into his arm.

Remember that Obama came from nowhere, too.

“John Fetterman: The Mayor of Hell

“The demise of Braddock speaks to the long, slow death of manufacturing in the United States. For a little more than a cen­tury, western Pennsylvania’s Monongahela Valley was home to the great, grinding fac­tories that literally built America, girder by girder. It was also the site of one of the American labor movement’s most dramatic battles, the Homestead Strike of 1892, which was waged just across the Monon­gahela River. Today, however, the valley is home to some of the most bankrupt communities in Pennsylvania, and poverty in Braddock is four times higher than all of Allegheny County and nearly three times the national average. More than half of the town’s families are on public assistance. Its homicide rate hovers between six and 12 times the national average, depending on the year. Fetterman likes to point out that Detroit, the poster child of urban blight, is better off than Braddock. “Detroit’s average housing price now is $19,000,” he says. “Ours is around $6,000” — provided, that is, that anyone is willing to buy.

“Let’s take a tour of what happens when there isn’t anybody to take care of or buy homes,” the mayor says as he turns onto Braddock Avenue, the community’s for­mer shopping district. With the exception of a butcher shop, a poultry market, a flo­rist, an optometrist, a pawn shop, a Family Dollar store and a few rank-looking bars, everything else is boarded up. Fetterman turns left onto what appears to be an alley but is in fact a through street, overgrown with weeds and littered with broken glass. More than a quarter of Braddock’s homes are vacant, many of them slated for demo­lition. Fetterman points out row after row of derelict houses, most stripped to their foundations, and marked with the tell­tale painted numbers indicating their ap­pointment with the wrecking ball. “You want to talk about a house of horrors?” he says, pointing to a small brick home with no front door, surrounded by a foot-high pile of garbage. “Somebody was actually-living in that.” A chair sits ominously in the branches of a leafless tree, and a toilet stands upside down on what was once the lawn. Braddock was used as a backdrop for the upcoming film version of Cormac Mc­Carthy’s post-apocalyptic novel, The Road. It’s not hard to see why.

And yet, Fetterman doesn’t see it — or more pointedly, he sees it, and thinks it’s

kind of cool
Who would think this is cool?x
. Where some view Braddock as a grim reminder of America’s industrial decline, Fetterman, a graduate of Har­vard’s Kennedy School of Government, sees potential, a place that in its very deso­lation oilers that most American of vistas: a clean slate. “Realistically, the town has a lot of issues,” he concedes, slowing his SUV to ponder the grime-encrusted landscape. “But where some people see blight, I think it’s malignant beauty.” The vague scowl that Fetterman has been wearing for the past half-hour softens. “I mean, it’s fabu­lous,” he says.

NOT EVERYONE IN BRADDOCK is thrilled with the mayor, or his vision for transforming the town. His push to attract urban home­steaders has made some lifelong resi­dents wary, opening up something of a class and racial divide. “My opinion is that John came to a community that is 80 percent black and believes that he can amass control,” says Ella Jones, manager of the town’s borough council, who dis­misses Fetterman as the Great White Hope. “Once people get close to John, they begin to sense that’s he full of shit.

  • Yes, Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman’s blue-collar cred is nonsense: The Harvard-educated son of a self-made insurance executive, he lived off the family dime until he was nearly 50.
  • Consider his recent appointment of Celeste Trusty, a self-described “buddy” of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, to the state’s Board of Pardons (which Fetterman, as lieutenant governor, leads). Trusty is a cop-hater who wants to “disarm” law enforcement, a position Fetterman shares.
  •  On his watch, the Board of Pardons recommended commutation at least 46 times, including 13 times for convicted murderers, where past LG’s boards averaged just four.
  •  In 2021, he cast the lone votes to spring a guy convicted of murdering a teen for heroin money and to free a man who murdered a woman with a pair of scissors.
  • He’s also backed policies like the mass release of prisoners and softening sentences for killers. Fetterman endorsed Philly DA Larry Krasner after murders shot up 40% on his watch.
  • He called COVID school closures an “absolute necessity”; he also opposes vouchers for learners stuck in low-performing school districts, but sends his own children to the Winchester Thurston School ($34,250 a year) — presumably to avoid the sub-average district containing Braddock, the town where he launched his political career as mayor and still lives. School choice for me, but not for thee.
  • Fetterman even defended Barack Obama’s notorious 2008 campaign-trail remarks about small-town Pennsylvanians being “bitter” and clinging to “guns or religion” — the clearest possible sign that he’s another hipster progressive, not the working-class hero he pretends.

  • In a picture posted on a website that Fetterman set up to promote Braddock shortly after becoming mayor in 2006, his right forearm appears to not yet have the tattoo.The following year, a tattoo reading “I will make you hurt” is visible in a photo of Fetterman
Bradocc pays homage to the Crips. The “cc” ending is the flag.
  • As a mayoral candidate in 2005, Senate hopeful John Fetterman adopted a unique tactic to appeal to the youth of Braddock, Pa.: tout the borough’s connections to the notorious Crips street gang. After his election, he downplayed the gang’s prevalence in his town, and attributed some of their gang activity to the acts of “disenfranchised” and “disenchanted” youth.
  • During his first mayoral run in 2005, Fetterman adopted the slogan “Vote John Mayor of Braddocc,” a nod to the spelling that local Crips gang members used for the town. After he was elected, Fetterman created the website as part of a revitalization project to appeal to young people in the dilapidated steel town. The now-defunct website, which Fetterman launched with his own money, explains that “Braddocc” was “unofficially renamed” by the “young and disenfranchised for its Crip allegiance.” The Justice Department considers the Crips, founded in southern California in the 1970s, to be one of the country’s most violent street gangs.

So who are Fetterman and his backers going to make hurt?  He plans to defund police.  He is affiliated with the Crips, and called the “Mayor of Hell”.  If you ever read Steven Kings book titled “The Stand“, you recognize Fetterman immediately as “The Walking Dude.”

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1 year ago

We know John Fetterman will be judged by the fruit he bears, not the roots he grew from. And I am praising God that we are spared from being subject to Mehmet Oz, who worships the idol of Mammon.

1 year ago
kind of cool" Read more »

It makes me want to cry.

1 year ago
kind of cool" Read more »

No one but satanists.

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