Jewish “Noahide Law”: Turning The Saved Into The New German Ghetto Jew WORLDWIDE

Originally posted on August 4, 2019 @ 2:49 am

You might be executed in a year or so, or you might reject Yahusha under their threat of death.  Either way, we have long expected to be hunted.


The so-called “Noahide Laws” are a real threat to the entire world. They are being dangled in the faces of the ignorant and the blind like candy from the hand of a pedophile in a day-care center. People who do not know better, who sincerely want a peaceful population of people around them, are being swayed to believe that “Noahide” is the right choice. Yet after investigating this issue for days now, I see the the anti-christ system coming online to kill many.

This is one of the top two or three topics I will cover in my lifetime, so let me give you some background on myself in order to help you grasp the enormity of this Noahide threat.

My Background

I grew up in a violent home where I was wickedly beaten for years. So was my baby brother. My mother, whom I adored until her death two weeks ago, was a hot-headed Irish woman who made me fight boys who picked fights with me. I always lost them, all of them, until I was 16. When I was 16 my nerd friends signed all of us up for training in Boxing, and I learned how to fight. I did well and fought in tournaments around Texas. I was, eventually, the captain of the team and asked to coach it – at age 17.

I never lost another fight, and have had several world-class made-for-tv fist fights over the years, and in all that time, not one single blow has landed on me, except once when I let a guy hit me twice because I loved the guy.  He finally tried to kick me in the head with one of those round-house karate kicks, I ducked it and well….  I left my opponents flat on the ground, sometimes unconscious and once I thought for sure, dead.

In the US Army, I was selected to work as an undercover specially credentialed “V-5” military police investigator at age 18. After one year of that, I was invited to attend the FBI SWAT school at Quantico, VA., which I declined.  More enlistment time and didn’t want to dream “the dreams” of a career doing what my Major (Jim Doyle, USAR, Ret.) thought I would excel at. I was also on the Military Police Combat Pistol Team (briefly – no real interest), and qualified “Expert” with every weapon the Army gave me.

I had special skills that the military values. When I was a young teen, around age 14, I used to sneak into neighborhood homes at night when they were asleep to steal their liquor or beer for me and my friends to drink, often in the very yard from which I stole it. I went into one home one night while the man who owned the home was sleeping in his underwear with the TV on. I kept an eye on him as I handed his liquor bottles out the window to my waiting friends. He was a Texas State Senator, sleeping no more than 15 feet from me as I stood in his kitchen. This we did for fun.

I was never caught and have a perfect background, and as I said, the military liked my skill-set. Even today, age 62, I am quite fit. I still wear the jeans I wore when I was 24. I weighed 175 lbs when I was 19, and I weigh 182 lbs today. I rode my mountain bike in the hill country yesterday for 4 1/2 hours in 100-degree air. I am prepared to fight, and capable of winning.

I shared this with you because you need to know that I pay attention, especially to danger, to threats to me and threats to those I love. I am a fighter and obey Yahusha when He commands us to “buy a sword”. I get it. I can sense danger like no one you will ever know. It is an uncanny, and burdensome, gift. Yahuah filled me with His spirit when I was 20, and I did not know what was happening to me. He overwhelmed me, and still does now, 43 years later.

I am writing this to you today because we face a threat that I cannot overcome. I cannot defend my family, my children, or anyone else from this threat. This threat is what I have been in the watchtower looking for all these decades. This is it. The beast is rising, the anti-christ system is making its move to rule the earth, and it comes with teeth.

I do not know how to explain this to my children, who are mere boys. They know Yahuah and Yahusha. They can shoot quite well, but how does a father tell his sons that they might be arrested and executed? He doesn’t tell them that, obviously.

What he does do is double-down on teaching the Word and instructions on the commands of Yahuah. Because when the executioner swings his scimitar, their souls will rise to Yahuah, and one must be ready.

You must be ready.

This Is It – Noahide Will Rule Them All

This is it. The Noahide movement already has huge global backing (links at bottom). It has many years head start and the full support of the Vatican and many governments, including Russia and it looks like China is also on board.

Trump? Absolutely. His son-in-law Jarred Kushner, (who sold his real-estate at 666 Fifth Avenue), is among the global Jewish elite creating this new religion. He might even be the man of sin who is chosen to rule the world. Watch for his “deal of the century” to bring “peace” in the middle east and subsequently propel Kushner to the leader role in this new world religion and government, ruled from Israel by the Sanhedrin under Talmudic (pure evil, dripping with the satans words) law.

What Are You Going To Do?

This is the end-game, brothers and sisters.  This religion will rise.  People will be forced to choose Noahide or death.  Yahusha is “an idol”, per the Talmud.  Idol worshipers are executed, per the Noahide Laws, which are based on Talmud.

The Noahide penalty for worshiping Yahusha is decapitation.  Yes, beheading.  They call it “idol worship”, under the Noahide Dinim Sub Laws, Section VI – Courts of Justice (where the Masonic 21st Degree executioner stands ready with sword), Article 16:

16. “That the court is to administer the death penalty by the sword [i.e., decapitation].”

Positive Mitzvah 226
Exodus 21:20 “[The sin] shall surely be avenged”

Talmud is satans teaching to the Jews, and Talmud runs Israel.  Do you know that it is illegal to speak truth about Israel now?  Indeed.

Yahusha instructs us “if you are persecuted in one place, flee to another”.  Get ready to flee to another.  America might not be a good choice, because Kushner lives here, after all, and the surveillance capabilities are quite good.  Plus, 5G is rolling out.

We do own lots of weapons in America.  We do have the capability to fight, and many will.  Most will not.  If you are a US-based reader, do what you must to prepare to defend yourself.  The globalists need a military branch, which is not formed yet.  But American DHS already considers “Christians” to be a threat and has published that belief for many years.

Now you know why.  Noahide has deep roots.  It is the globalist religion, and they have been advancing their agenda for decades.  They will win, right up until Yahusha comes.  Prior to His arrival, expect crisis.  Expect to be on the run.  Expect to be cold, dirty and hungry.  Not continually, but sometimes.

Your choice will be Yahusha, or death.  The overwhelming majority of people will choose Noahide, and your “friends” who choose Noahide will turn you in.  Brother will betray brother, even unto death, Mark 13:12.  Peace is not coming, but a sword.

Then there is my vision.

Remember my vision?  Did you ever read it?  Remember that flaming sword, that scimitar?  The sciimitar that I said was already here, although I did not know what it stood for, other than the voice of Yahuah saying “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous”.

The Flaming Sword Vision

That sword in my vision is the same sword the anti-christ Noahides will use to behead those who follow Yahusha.  It is the same sword the Masons use – the scimitar.  How do I know?  Because I read from a reliable investigator that the Sanhedrin will use the Masons, specifically 21st degree Masons, to execute the faithful.  The symbol for the 21st degree Mason?  a black-hooded robe, called “The Executioner”.

The Masons have as a tradition that their roots extend back to Noah, and some Masonic systems have Noah as their central figure of cause, calling themselves “Noachites“.

The 21° and its titles represent a curious historical accident. Although it is less discussed in Freemasonry today, in the 1700s and early 1800s there was a strong Masonic tradition which placed Noah as one of the Craft’s major patrons involved with the preservation of the knowledge of antediluvian arts and sciences during the Flood and its transmittal to the generations which followed. Some systems went so far as to make Noah the central legendary figure rather than Hiram. Freemasons were sometimes called Noachites or Noachidae, sons of Noah.

The apron of the 21° is yellow, lined with white. On the flap is an Arm of Justice, i.e., an arm holding a naked sword and prepared to strike. On the body of the apron is a winged human figure. (angel of death? – jd)The forefinger of his right hand is on his lips, (keep the secret-jd) and he holds a key in his left hand. He is the Egyptian (wicked-jd) figure of Silence.

Two different jewels may be used with the Degree. On it is a triangular plate of gold having on it an arrow, pointing downward. Or, the jewel may be a disc of silver (representing the full moon), showing an Arm of Justice surrounded by the words Fiat Justitia, Ruat Coelum“Let there be Justice, though the heavens fall.”

That will be satanic justice; justice outside the blessing of Yahuah.

Will the Freemasons be the executioners of those who are classified as “goats” in the Talmudic Noahide religion?  Who knows?  An image from a video of a Masonic tradition, kept every day in Masonic Temples world-wide, has an executioner with his sword approaching the person on the “goat“.

This is from an old filmed Mason ritual. The blind-folded man is sitting on a goat, while the executioner comes stealthily from behind.

And folks, the Pope of Rome is a almost certainly a Freemason, and is definitely a Jesuit (novitiate for the Society of Jesus, 1958), and I am told, is also a Jew.  By 1973 he directed the Jesuits in South America, and the Jesuits are the military branch of the Vatican.

Additionally, if you use ASCII code to determine the number of Pope Francis’s name (Bergoglio), you get 666.  Yep, no kidding.  Here are the numbers: BERGOGLIO in code ASCII:

66 = B
69 = E
82 = R
71 = G
79 = O
71 = G
76 = L
73 = I
79 = O

66+69+82+71+79+71+76+73+79 = 666

Above is the code breakdown so you can do the math yourself.  ASCII was used because it is modern, current to our time and the “number of his name” just sounds technical, which ASCII is.  You are using it this very minute with that keyboard .  ASCII is universal, common as dirt in computing.

He was elected Pope 3/13/13
Mother Regina Maria Sivoru Gogna
Grand Mother Maria Gogna (Piedmont, Italy)
Great Grandmother Regina Demergazzo
Great Great Grandfather Giovanni Demergazzo

Note: If you can help me determine whether Pope Francis is or is not a Jew, I will greatly appreciate you.  I cannot find anything one way or the other.  Although he grew up Catholic, he still might be Hebrew and not know it.  Many, many people are.  In 1882 there were an estimated 16.7 million Jews in the world, and that was only people who knew they were Jews.  Certainly over nearly 2000 years, many had turned away from Torah just to keep their skins in hostile cultures.  Honestly, you might be a Hebrew.  I might, too.

Pope Francis Is A Freemason?

Francis in South America before he was elevated to Pope.
Francis in South America before he was elevated to Pope. The sign of the “Hidden Hand.”

Illuminati symbols and signs researcher Texe Marrs was inspired by the sign above when he titled the fourth chapter of his Codex Magica: Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati, the Hidden Hand of the Men of Jahbuhlun. Marrs writes that in the first three degrees known as the Blue Lodge, Freemasons learn that the name of God has been lost and learn a substitute name, MAHABONE.

Royal arch Masons learn that the name has not been lost after all and that the Masonic god is named JAH-BUL-ON, or YAH-BAAL-ON with each syllable representing one of their god’s three identities: Yahweh, Baal, and Osiris.

Marrs further explains that the Freemasons do not wish for the general public to know the name of their god, and that “the name and identity of the hidden god must be concealed at all costs, and thus an appropriate hand sign has been devised to represent this grotesques coverup: the Sign of the Hidden Hand.”

To see a photo of Joseph Stalin w/Hidden Hand Sign – click.

Watch This Video.  Pay Attention.  Take To Heart.

Watch the video above.  Watch it twice.  Pay attention.

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1 year ago

I absolutely believe that this Pope Francis is Jewish. His best friend I read was a Jew. I truly think the ‘upper’ elite of the Vatican have always been Jews. If you look at the Synagogue ( I have visited them) and the Catholic Church … one and the same EXCEPT FOR THE ‘ICONS’… seems what I have seen over and over they convert to Catholicism. How bout the ‘buddy’ ‘buddy’ movies between the Jew and Catholics. ALSO.. THE BEANY HAT! how come no one questions that? the that! I think truly he is Jewish, and he is bringing in all the leftist/liberal ideas they push on the ‘Whites’, Christians…

1 year ago

Have you heard of John B. Wells, he is interviewing Eli James? listening to his interview. quite interesting. Have you heard of him? The Khazarians are ‘imposters’ IMO.

1 year ago

I found you from Russ Dizdar searches. I appreciate his info and videos, and found you. Interesting though stressed over and over the “Nazi” agenda, I am in agreement with you and have seen many many sources on the Noahide ‘tyranny coming’ IMO how to reconcile this or he just didn’t research farther? I don’t understand that if Big H was trying to create a sumpremacy ‘aryan’ race… why is there a public hatred for Whites and invasion of all our countries. I appreciate your site, NO negative intent here just reading this content, agree, but Russ seems very intent on how this is all related back to ‘Big H’… personally, now with my research I don’t agree. I am open to your ideas.

Welcome To The War
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