Was Hacked With The Intent To Destroy

Hi.  Jerry here.  You were redirected by me to this page, because the page you searched for was destroyed by some very good hackers.  I do have backups, but they will have to wait because there is a LOT going on that requires me to look forward.

To skip the hack and get started on good stuff, go here.

Some Details On the Hack

After two months offline, I am born again fresh and new.  In early June my website ( was attacked, apparently from within the hosting company’s network.  A hacker, and I do forget his name, planted some malicious code in some of my pages and also edited a file on the server that controls overall site behavior.

Google notified me of the malicious code (thank you, Google), and when I contacted my former hosting company, they looked into it and promptly deleted ALL of my sites.  Their backups of my sites would not reinstall the latest “safe” editions of my sites, either.  Bluehost.  I was with them for 14 years and they did nothing to help me.  Not one thing.  But they were afraid, because this was an exceptionally pervasive hack.

In short, I lost about ten sites, being my flagship and true love. Five gigabytes of data and years of hard research blown up by some bad person.  Maybe, probably, the shadow government.  The site files that were corrupted with malicious code were articles about Comey not prosecuting Clinton.  Maybe no relationship, but who knows?  Certainly I believe that it was a political hack done by servants of anti-christ.

This was a big deal.  Huge, and I took it as a blessing from the Lord God Almighty, understanding that He wanted me to move forward in a different direction.  The Holy Spirit of God had been whispering “Torah” to me for a few months, so I took the time to look into Torah.  I did not know what a “Torah” was, and imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had a Torah in every one of my Holy Bibles.

Yep, it was there in plain sight for decades, yet I never looked into it. I thought it was a Jewish book, but it is not.  Its the Lord’s book.  His Word.  In prayerful search, I asked my Elohim to teach me what He wanted to teach me, and that opened the doors to a whole new life.  After 24 years of being a Christian, and an utterly convinced, strong-standing Christian, I realized that I had missed the biggest part of following Jesus.

It was the Will of my Father that my sites be destroyed.  He blessed me, my family and our lives by destroying my years of hard work. 

I started really digging into the Word, because I had to know if this “Law” and obedience thing was Holy.  I am profoundly excited to share with you that yes, this “Law” thing is Holy.  Jesus (whom I will refer to as Yeshua most of the time) commands in MANY places that we are to obey His commands and that our relationship with HIS FATHER totally depends on our obedience.  It’s awesome, and the most powerful biblical revelation I have ever experienced.

Profound.  Life-changing.  I feel the power in it every day of my life now.

I am writing now exclusively to teach Torah, and to expand understanding of obedience and the Law.  Any teaching contrary to obedience to the commands of Yahuah (the Lord God Almighty, YHWH, Jehovah, El Shaddai, Our Father who art in heaven… Him), any teaching contrary to lawful obedience is either in ignorance or enmity to God.

The ignorance on this matter is as deep and dark as the abyss.  The false teaching, teaching the “we are not under the law, we have grace” nonsense will lead many into hell.  Remember the “Did we not cast out demons in your name, Lord”, and Jesus’ reply that He never knew them?

Remember, even the demons believe in Jesus.  But their belief in Jesus does not save them, does it?  And it did not save the men in the scripture just quoted, either.  They knew Jesus and cast out demons in His name, but went to hell anyway.  Do you know why?

Don’t freak out and think I am come to ensnare you in a salvation-through-works false doctrine.  I do not.  I am only here to show you, if you have an ear to hear, the very words of Yeshua the Messiah as He commands ALL to obey His commands in order to be loved by His Father.

It is easy and this is how we worship Him.  Believe me, as I have no desire for anything except His truth.  I have no agenda and do not follow any man.  I read, pray and do what He tells me.  Time is extremely short.  War is coming, major end-time events are boiling to the surface.

You want God to love you, right?  Jesus’ own mouth says we must obey His commands before the Father will love us.

You believe Jesus, right?

Come, read the ABOUT page , neighbor.
I love you,