It’s Time NOW To Stand Up And Fight Back

Some Bakersfield, CA doctors trained in immunology and owners of a huge medical clinic network, spoke out about their direct findings regarding Covid-19 in their region of California.  They ran thousands of tests on thousands of patients and consulted with a world class bio-statistician regarding the fact that their testing revealed

that covid-19 is only as lethal or “dangerous” as a strong season of influenza.  Youtube immediately removed and banned the ABC News video.

So here it is…

This is important information for YOU and for your FAMILY.  Let them watch this because COVID-19 is NOT the monster in the closet that we are constantly being told to fear.

Don’t fear this alleged virus any more than you fear the common flu.  Sure, no one wants to catch the flu, but personally, I’ve had the flu many times.  The WORST case of flu I ever had nearly killed me.  It did kill over 600 of my fellow US soldiers, and the flu we had came directly FROM the emergency vaccine the government developed to combat the “national security threat” that they considered the 1976 Swine Flu to be.

The vaccine was so deadly that the Congress killed the vaccination program for that strain.  Do you want to be injected with a vaccine that is being developed, as Mr. Trump says “at warp speed”?  I’m not taking it, and unless I am dead or in prison, my kids aren’t taking it.

An Australian clinic stated a month or two ago that their tests proved that Covid-19 was no more dangerous than the common flu, and actually had many identical physical characteristics to the common influenza virus.

Decide for yourself if you want to be injected with the magic vaccine Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are conjuring up.

Do share this link with your family and friends:

Break the demonic hold of fear and terror on Americans and the rest of the world.  We the people have to stand up and take control of this.  We are plenty smart and must wrest control from the globalists immediately, no matter the cost.


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