It’s That “Personal Relationship” Thing – Some Have It, Most Do Not And The Finish Line Is Just Ahead


Prophecy is increasingly the only reliable “news source” available to us.  Main stream controlled and scripted news is merely a propaganda tool for the Satanists who rule the earth, and “alternative news” recycles information ad nauseum.  At some point we actually have to move beyond the fact that Covid was planned and the “vaccines” are poison.

The real discussion that must be had, yet will not likely ever be had is the discussion of civil war, led by who and where are the regional command centers?

Civil war is definitely not something rational people actually want.  Civil war is very, very bad.  The casualties would be astronomical, a horror to consider.

But there have been many prophecies which speak of Biblical-scale flooding of the coasts of the USA, and this flooding comes many miles in on every coast, including the Gulf Coast of Texas.  Earthquakes, foreign soldiers, famine, disease – the whole gamut of bad things, including US military jets being used to strike Americans on American soil.

Knowing that those days are coming, I have taken steps to “prepare” a bit.  Some rifles and ammunition for a years worth of street shooting as people get around to robbing homes of food and clothing.  It makes me feel at least like I have done what I can do.

I also bought a gasoline-powered electric generator, which arrives tomorrow.  Its in the teens outside and if we lost power for any length of time, we would be exposed to some very cold air.  I do have propane and a propane extension on my grill, but propane is unreliable at such low temperatures.  So fire in the grill would work.  We would eat, but it would eventually become intolerably cold inside.  One can only wear so many blankets, and with no access to hot chocolate, or hot coffee (I’m drinking chicken broth with cayenne pepper added right this moment), we would be in a bit of a pickle.

Point is this: having some supplies that will definitely be used in the approaching future is comforting.  Peace giving.  Prudent and Biblical.  Food supplies is the next feature which must be addressed.  I’m not looking forward to it because storable food is expensive.  Maybe we can get by on dried beans and rice and spices and illegally poached venison for a couple of months, but what if we need it for years?

I don’t know, and I don’t worry about it very much.  It just seems wise and good to prepare.  Yahuah is definitely guiding me and influencing me and making us ready.  His hand is for sure in this work.  If He is guiding me, He is likely also knocking on your door.  If you are at all stirred to action by these words, then for sure you are called to act.

Self defense first, because if the wall falls down, you must expect to be a target of the bad guys who will prey on the weaker, undefended people.

Next is energy to keep some heaters running or an air conditioner in a room for sleeping.  You will always want a good nights sleep, and an air conditioner (not whole-house central air) is a blessing from God in the heat of summer night.  A propane heater would also be important.  You can run one indoors safely if you know what you are doing.  You will need propane and if you have a big propane tank, awesome.  Fill it up.  Then get your heating unit in place and test it and learn how to operate it.

I found a Mr. Heater propane space heater on Amazon last night for about $100 bucks.  It heats a lot of air quickly, so in a situation like we have in South Texas where the night air is in the mid-teens, if we had no electricity for heat, that space heater would heat a room very quickly (minutes).  Then turn it off and go back to sleep.  You can turn down the hear with the knob on the heater, but you waste fuel doing that, and you would definitely overheat the room.

Nonetheless, it is a cheap and very effective heating solution.  A wood-burning stove would be better.  For a few hundred dollars you could go with a wood-burner and have a stable heat source in your house that uses dead wood for fuel.

Everything else, medicine, first aid, gasoline/propane, diesel, spare tires, good boots and so on – you can just make acquiring those items a hobby.  Yes, it costs money, but nothing is quite as costly as starving or freezing or being robbed or not having food supplements or vitamins.

And buying these supplies also buys you peace.  We tempt God when we do nothing, and ask Yahusha to help you prosper.  He knows what prosperity is, and it is not “getting rich”.  Prosperity covers life essentials from food to friends, transportation, music, peace – every good thing.  Ask Him to help you prosper and to teach you how to prepare for today, because today is all we have.

As I was preparing in the “defense phase”, the thought came to mind that I might be preparing for someone else, that I might be taken away and leave all my work behind.  I would be happy to leave my work to others, who no doubt would thank Yahuah for their good fortune.  But then there is my family.  I have two older teen boys who do not worship Yahuah as I do.  They are largely silent on Righteousness.  Not that I judge them at all, because only Yahuah knows who has given Him their heart.  But still…

So do not be despondent.  Despondency and despair is precisely what Satan wants you to feel.  He wants you to feel alone, and powerless, and unloved and beaten.  You are none of those things.  What we generally see is the dissolution of the Godly nation of America.  We feel sorrow over that, but did we think the Tribulation would come catching America in the full bloom of her glory?


The Mystery Babylon is a nation, not a city.

Plenty of Christians and Torah keepers will be standing around wondering where some of their friends went after the “Rapture”.  That “snatching away” is coming, but only those who have a genuine personal relationship with Yahuah will be taken.  The lukewarm Yahuah will spit from His mouth.  They will find it impossible to believe that a rapture took place, but slowly, as the Tribulation slaughters more and more people, those left behind will fall to their knees and beg for both forgiveness and for mercy.  At that time, they will finally have a real and personal relationship with the Living Truth.

After that – they will also go to heaven.  So Yahuah is very merciful.  He is good.  You have nothing to fear regarding a probable lost soul in your family.  Yahuah knows how to get their full attention and break those walls of doubt and disbelief.

God’s going to take His people from the earth, you can count on that.  It will happen in the twinkling of an eye.  :)  So remember the Words of Yahusha – “Fear not…”

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