Its All About The Injections. You Must Be Injected. It Is Imperative That YOU GET INJECTED

Be on guard.  Whether you believe the Holy Bible or not, know this: Satan is stalking the earth, attacking all of mankind in his attempt to rob God of what the scriptures call “His masterpiece”, who was created in the very image of God Himself.  His goal is not to kill us all, but for us to kill each other.

To that end discord, distrust, hatred, bigotry, elitism, race-baiting, child and sex abuse, and every wicked spite conceivable are deployed among humans world wide for millennia.  Other methods are used as well, including war, pestilence, famine and disease.

Disease is a  big one recently.  The alleged virus given false nobility with a name (Covid-19) is only one part of Satan’s plan to murder mankind.  To that end, he portrays himself as an angel of light to the elitists who have sworn fealty to him, and for which he rewards with all the money and sex and mansions and yachts and power than we can possibly imagine.

Satan’s objective has been our slaughter from the day Adam was made.  He hates us, and he is a long-range planner.  Certainly he loses in his quest to destroy all of us, but it is equally certain that he will prevail in killing most of mankind.

The slaughter is accelerating with the introduction of the man-made illness called “Covid-19”.  Yes, it is man-made and was initially released in China.  Plans were made and hatched well in advance of the release of the pathogen.  Globalists itch to gain dominion over the whole of mankind.  One ring to rule them all.

24 x 7 the government propaganda programming tool broadcasts in movies, TV shows and “news” what our behavior is expected to be.  They program our daughters to be whores, our sons to be homosexuals, our parents to divorce, wives to hate husbands and husbands to hate wives.  Love, respect, nobility and faith are crushed by Satan and humans beg for more.

As a race, we have rejected Ani and His Truth.  As a race we refuse to obey His good instructions for living.  Why do we do this?  I do not know.  Ask Eve why she assisted Satan in drawing Adam away from God.  Maybe Satan promised her a new Lexus, or a bigger house.  Adam, being a greedy, cautious and power-hungry man, watched Eve break the law of God and when she did not fall down dead, he immediately rebelled himself.  What a cozy scene.

What good thing does Holy scripture tell us of Adam after the fall?  Anything?  I cannot think of one single thing he did to serve God after he fell.  One would think that Adam would have been passionate about repentance.  One would think that Adam would have warned the people against the treachery of the fallen angels who were hugely corrupting mankind during Adam’s lifetime, because he lived for hundreds of years, as did his offspring and their offspring and so on.

But no.  Not one peep from Adam.  No remorse.  No remorse, and if no remorse, then no repentance.  If no repentance, then how can salvation be possible?  And of no salvation came to Adam, then hell burns his flesh this very moment.

Imagine that – the first created human being burning in hell after being given the garden and walking in the cool of the day with Ani Himself.  All because Adam chose to believe a lie and to accrue power unto himself in denial of the authority of Ani.

Precisely what is happening today.   P R E C I S E L Y.

Part of the gluttony of the Luciferian elite entails global extermination.  They serve Satan so not only will the pathogens they release kill and panic mankind, but the state-sanctioned CURES will do even more damage.  That is the devilish way of doing business, and take note of government involvement.

Note that the Satanists scream against actual cures like hydroxychloroquine or prevention like Vitamin D in favor of chemistry (oh man this is witchcraft of the highest order) that creates an internal process which modifies the recipients DNA.  The net effect is that the chemicals they are injecting into those most desperate and afraid are chemicals which will create an allergic response in the future for those recipients which will explosively reject one or more common substances so violently that many will die.  Many already do die from these injections, some immediately.

As I understand it, the DNA-altering process will make the injected develop super allergies in the future.  The injection is not a vaccine, nor is it a therapy.  Instead, it is a genetic modification protocol that makes the body violently attack certain things in the body.  It breaks the recipients immune system and replaces it with a gene-altering process that does not turn itself off.  When triggered, the genetically modified immune response goes into hyper-drive and never shuts off, killing the subject.

The immune response can react against any number of foreign bodies, many of them in actual food products that we eat every day.  The net effect is that people who are injected with the gene modification technologies will suddenly find themselves in anaphylactic shock over some substance that they have been eating or drinking for years,  and the shock process will escalate out of control very quickly, causing death.

Bottom line is this: The injections being given in response to the man-made “virus” ( I put “virus” in quote marks because I am still not positive we are dealing with a virus) are much worse than the virus itself.  Merck Pharmaceutical, a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company, said that we are all better off catching the bug and developing antibodies than being injected with the gene-altering concoctions we are faced with today.

Here is a great video from a world-class medical doctor who has studied this topic for decades.  Her interviewer is Alex Jones (sorry, AJ just cannot shut up) but the information she gives us is priceless.

Pay attention to her, because the whole point of this article is this: Extermination of the West has been planned for a long time.

Deagel Projects Death Of America

I have written about this several times.  Deagel is an unknown publisher.  Deagel has had this data online for many years.  Until Covid came along, I could not imagine how the USA, Britain, Australia, and France could possibly be projected to experience such staggering population declines while Russia, China and most of the world saw population growth.

I considered war, but again, no equal population declines in nations most likely to go to war against the West.  Now I get it.  The West is rushing into a gene-altering witches brew as a solution to a man-made pathogen, and the disease is nothing to even worry about.  Obviously it is the injection that is the star of this show.  It is all about the injections.




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