Italian Doctor Warns Italy “DO NOT Allow Gates “Vaccine” , It Is Deadly”.

This video from an Italian doctor is disturbing for the whole world.

Watch in order, top to bottom…

More on this topic tomorrow.  Excellent, detailed and and disturbing (as always, right?) information on the type of ‘vaccine’ to be forced into American and global veins.  A DNA-changing ‘vaccine’.  When the conversation turns from “covid-19” to the vaccine, as it has turned, then the conflict is right at the door.  A ‘vaccine’ will be marketed, soldiers will dispense it and many will refuse it.  Expect immense pressure to force compliance.  That is when the fighting will begin.

Have a plan B for your life.  You’re going to need a Plan B, as in where to run, when to run, why to run, what to take, whom to tell and more.

Watch this and read the information if you haven’t already.


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