It Is Good To Hear Of These Rapture Dreams From Reliable Sources – Yet Still Most Will Reject Truth

Originally posted on March 11, 2021 @ 2:05 pm

I watched this video a couple of years ago, and loved the details.  More importantly, this dream is very strongly confirmed.  I take it as authentic.

I do know that God is coming to separate the righteous from the unrighteous, and that the separation will be violent.  And that event is right at the door.  I do know that.  It is practically here now.  When it comes, it will come swiftly, with no warning.  There will be no time to consider anything, as the separation will simply become reality and in an instant.

Woe unto those who reject Yahusha’s offer of eternal life, for in that rejection comes certain and eternal separation from God.  Death is not the loss of life, but the loss of all that is good, forever.  No good means not even a good thought.  Not even a good word.  No good, for only God is good.

Damnation brings immersion for the lost, an immersion in fire, a fire that never stops burning.  It is a baptism of another kind – one of permanent, eternal absence of the Spirit or heart of God.  Only hatred, which destroys the hater, will remain.  The wicked who burn will be filled with endless hatred, a hatred that scorches their souls over and over and over, for eternity.

If you have not cast off your desires for this world and accepted the offer of Yahusha to live forever in paradise, do so now.  The barrier to entry is as low as He can make it, requiring only the sincere decision on your part to follow Him.  Submission to Yahusha does mean a rejection of the things of this world, the lusts of Satan, of greed, envy, bitterness, strife and everything and thought that separates us from life, Yahusha being the savior who offers us life.

Human life on this plane is but a moment, and then gone.  This is the arena of our test.  Will we cast off, throw down the world and take the hand of our redeemer?  Will we turn from our sin and follow Jesus in the Way?

If the burning desire for Truth is not present within you, you are in exceptional danger.

Remember, Satan only hates those who keep Gods commands and also accept Yahusha’s offer of salvation.  It is called the Way, and the Apostle Paul was arrested, tried and executed at the demand of the Hebrew Pharisees for practicing a religion that the Pharisees called “a sect”.

To be this target of the Dragon is easy – obey the instructions for life detailed in the first five books of your Bible, and follow Yahusha to salvation.

Turn away from this world.  There is nothing good in it.  Not the gold, not the power, not the glamour or adulation.  There is nothing here of value.  Not houses, or kingdoms, or armies or navies.  Nothing is of value.  We are created in the image of God.  He gave us many of His own attributes and wants us to stick with Him until our physical bodies wear out so that we can be with Him at home where we belong.

But many, most people deny Him.  Most people have a form of godliness that is for appearance only, while in their heart that have no place for God.  These people cling to a doctrine that denies the commands of God, even though He plainly states that His commands are forever, and that they are for all who worship Him.  All.  Forever.  The love of the Truth is not in them, a major indicator of their denial of Christ.  He is not what they worship, but rather comfort, money, influence, fine clothes – these and more are the gods of the dying lost.  The temptation of these false gods causes most to fall short of salvation.

Salvation is not merely saying “I love Jesus” and being baptized.  Salvation occurs when we confess that Yahusha is Lord, we reject worldliness and turn to follow Jesus in the Way.  This is how we are known.  This is what Satan hates and seeks to personally destroy.

We do not fear Satan, not at all.  We know who we are and that the authority of God, of Ani, resides within us.  We do not fear physical death.  We do not crave money.  We love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves, and every living soul on earth is our neighbor, so we love all people, both the lost and the saved.

If you want life, He offers it.  Eternal life in Paradise is waiting for all who walk in this Way.  Choose life.  Choose to honor your God through obedience to His commands.

Shalom.  Live in peace.  Fear nothing and no one.  Study the instructions in Torah and abide in them.  Love your neighbors.  Do not fight earthly battles but resist every lie of Satan.  Befriend the lost.  Be gentle with them.

בן דוד

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