Israel Is Being Isolated Militarily. USA Ready To Sign Iran Treaty.


The video below is a short news video regarding the treaty with Iran that Biden is about to agree to.  $100,000,000 per year cash, lifting the trade sanctions and some other things.  Brussels Belgium, a key if not the key voice in all of this international intrigue is in favor of the treaty and seems to be leaning forward into the agreement.  Israel, naturally, is against it and is sharpening its sword accordingly.  In this probable war scenario, Israel stands alone.  Does that ring any bells with you?

From scripture, we know that a significant battle will ensue against Israel before the return of Yeshua. It is written, “It will be in the latter days that I will bring you against My land, so that the nations may know Me, when I am hallowed in you, O Gog, before their eyes” (Ezekiel 38:16). This war is called by several names, including the War of Gog and Magog and the Battle of Armageddon, or more accurately, the Battle at Mount Megiddo (when in Hebrew Har Megiddo). It is also evident from scripture that Israel will stand alone in this war, as it is written, “For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem; the city shall be taken, the houses rifled, and the women ravished.” (Zechariah 14:2).

It’s midnight and I have to go to sleep.  Just wanted to get this out to you.  Also, remember the vision of Dead Israeli Boy Back To Life After Ascending Into Heaven And Warned Of Immediate World War & Video and Transcript

In the boys’ time out of body in heaven, he says that Obama leads the armies against Israel.  This can absolutely be true.  Obama runs the Whitehouse now and is instrumental in the attacks on Trump. He refers to “Obama, President Obama” merely as clarification to the Rabbis.   Obama is no doubt negotiating the Iranian deal through the zombie Biden.

Mark my words – tremendous strife is about to leap upon mankind like a cougar upon a calf.  There is no “getting ready” for it.  Only Yahuah can walk us through the valley ahead.  Be at peace with Him.  Pray for me.  Do pray for me.  Pray for my children because change might be imminent.

Closing, let me say this: Do not fear.  In all of the madness I get to review every day, I never catch myself feeling afraid.  It’s like I am watching a movie of the end of the world, and every day the scene changes and every day we are closer to the end of the movie.  But YAHUAH is GOD.  This is HIS END.  HE DOMINATES.  No fallen angel will usurp the King, just as Solomon failed to usurp King Daud.    Just as the faithful servants of Daud speared and killed the fallen Solomon, so will the faithful servants of YAHUAH throw the fallen one and all his cohort into the fire of eternity.

Live your life secure in your eternal life.  Respond to the wicked as you see fit.  I personally intend to go out roaring and bloody, but ultimately that is Yahuah’s choice.  He might relegate me to the forests.

Make sure you have a lot of clean, safely stored drinking water.  Hoard canned goods.  Buy some good hiking boots.  Seriously.  They will last a while.  Don’t freak out about food.  I have fasted for 21 days in the past and it was easy.  I continued to exercise and live my life just fine.

The Department of Justice and the FBI are run by savages, as most of you know by now.  There is no rule of law in America now.  Only the Will of Yahusha holds things together.  Expect the “space goblins” to show up soon.  They’re not from “space”, but they are real.  Not alive like us, but synthetic life forms, more robot than flesh.  Some or all inhabited by the spirits of the dead Nephilim, so they are not nice.

Seems like there was one more thing…  oh yeah, my nephew Ryan.  Goodnight, Ryan.

I love you all.

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Ember Carver
Ember Carver
1 year ago
Mark Biltz…Rapture 2022

Ember Carver
Ember Carver
1 year ago

Please check this out on YouTube it is about all the fall feast days lining up.Feast of Trumpets ….1st year of Shemitah cycle, Yom Kippur…Year of Jubilee ,Feast of Tabernacles Hahkel.
Mark Biltz …Rapture 2022
Prophet Jerry L Toney
Published August 24, 2022
Mark Bolts says their are certain season Yeshua intersects with mankind.
The messiah has already fulfilled the spring feast days.
Now the Fall Season (Feast) are here, Messiah is ready to fullfill them too.
Their is a easier way to send this information to you, but I am over 70 years of age and this new technology is beyond me.
This is not so much about the rapture but about Yah’s Feast days.

Welcome To The War
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