Israel Folau – Lion For Truth – Rugby Superstar – Fired For His Faith

It is sometimes very difficult to write or share what I see.  Saturday morning my former wife phoned me and asked me to meet her for coffee at a shop located “downtown”.  Its a small town and I rode my bicycle over there to meet her.  Along the way, which was down the street I live on, turn right and start looking for the coffee shop, I passed a lot of pre-teen children and small children with their mothers walking down the sidewalks and gathered on the busy corner holding rainbow flags.  Many of the little kids had the flag stuck in headbands on their heads, mother dragging them along like little pro-homosexual billboards.

I truly pity the children who are raised by un-saved, satan-serving parents.  Those parents will rue the day they denied the Word and declared themselves god.

I found the coffee shop and found my former wife and two of our three boys.  The oldest one would not come because he is mad at me for taking his computer from him, but he was staying up until four and five AM every night playing Fortnite, and his attitude was getting very bad.

My former apologized profusely for the pro-homo display, but it was not her fault.  Nonetheless, I was very disturbed by what I saw.  My town is, or was, small – about 10,000 people.  But over the last three or four years, some owners of large tracts of land sold their property to developers, who in turn built subdivisions everywhere, with more under way.  As A result, there is an influx of people from all over the United States, primarily from failed liberal states like California.

So its bad.  And they vote.

We who follow the Way, or endeavor to, are confronted with a very serious matter.  Homosexualism is being promoted world-wide.  It is a profound slap in the face by the wicked, and we cannot remain silent.  We must speak up.  We do not have to argue the merits of heterosexualism VS homosexualism.  All arguments are, in the end, opinions of one value VS a differing value.

We value The Word.  That is our bedrock.  We look to the Word for Truth, and there it is.  How do we know?  Because the Holy Spirit of Yahuah dwells within us and teaches us.  We are certain of the Truth.   As we follow in The Way, we increasingly personify The Truth.  The Truth takes up residence in us, indeed.  For Yahusha states that if we love Him, we will keep His commands, and if we keep his commands His Father will love us, and when His Father loves us, Yahusha will dwell within us.  Those are His own Words.

Displays of willful, arrogant wickedness are highly offensive to us.  We ache from it.  We hate it.  We hurt for the children who are poisoned by these serpents of parents.

A few days ago, a rugby player in Australia named Israel Folau spoke up against homosexualism by citing the Word of Yahuah in a “tweet”.  Israel has influence with people who follow Rugby, because Israel is Australia’s highest paid rugby player, scoring more “tries” (goals) than any other player in the world last season, and he was on his way to the World Cup.

Until he was fired from the team last week for his tweet.

Count the cost of obedience.

He tweeted the truth, that homosexuals of every type are going to hell unless they repent, and he cited the scriptures to back him up.  You can tweet him here :

Please do.  most people are attacking him and you will have lots of opportunities to speak of Yahuah.

Check this out…

The man is a lion for Yahuah 🙂

Here is his crime –

issy folau tweet

So what do we do?  What do I do when anti-christs parade their children, the innocent children caused to stumble by wicked parents, blatantly flaunting their hatred for Yahuah?

We speak up.  We write, or give lectures, or use whatever gifts Yahuah gave us to fight these minions of hell.  Our weapon is Truth.  We cite it, publish it, share it, spread it and stand firmly until the end.

Read your Word.  That will give you strength.  And from now on, in every conversation, listen for opportunities to cite scripture.  Help save the last few who will be saved before we are gone from here.  We might be fenced in, as in the Bozrah deliverance.

You will want to read of Bozrah.

It will get worse.  Believers will be hunted and killed, eventually.  Remember the Red Dragon and His sole purpose.  He comes specifically to destroy “those who obey the commands of Yahuah, and have the testimony of Yahusha.”

That’s fine with me.  I look forward to the war.


Originally posted on July 2, 2019 @ 7:03 am


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8 thoughts on “Israel Folau – Lion For Truth – Rugby Superstar – Fired For His Faith”

  1. I thank Abba Yah for sites like this where I can visit w/family and feel at home so I am very grateful Jerry for you and what you share. May Abba Yah bless you as we all come together in His Shalom to a place we can feel safe!! I sit in my easy chair, have a cup of tea and read and listen to this anointed ministry.
    P.S. Jerry, I have a similiar home situation to yours, so I am completely at peace w/being beheaded for him. If that is what to be then I pray the strength and courage needed for this.

    1. Thank you, Johanna. Your words are very gracious. Johanna, fear not. That is what Yahusha says to us, that we are not to be afraid of these times. So let’s not be afraid, OK? Everything that Yahuah promised will come to pass exactly as He says it will, but I assure you that it will still leave us very surprised at just exactly how it plays out. I encourage you to diligently prepare for the worst, while remembering that the GOD who created you knows you and will deliver you. And if it does come to our execution, I ask Yahuah to let us go together. You can listen to me shouting “yahoooo” and dancing to the gallows. Freedom at last, Johanna. We have nothing to fear.

  2. Hey, Brother,

    I know how everyone feels about folks moving from California to Texas, but I can guarantee you I am not a liberal transplant bringing everything that’s wrong with California to Texas. I am just the opposite; a Conservative, God-fearing, Patriot, who needed to escape from California to Texas to give my family a better environment in which to thrive. I can already feel the difference in the well being of all my family members as well as myself.

    We chose Harker Heights after visiting here last year. My wife, Joy, has a cousin who lives here with her retired Army husband. Our decision has been a couple of years in the making and we are so happy to be here. Are you living somewhere outside of Austin? Anyway, drop me a line when you get a chance.

    1. Ken Craig, my dear friend. I am delighted to hear from you. What a blessing for me. My heart is filled with gladness from your words of faith. You are called, my brother. It is the Spirit of God, His Holy Spirit, the Ruach Ha kodesh or the “set apart spirit” that landed you on my old video, and a movement of His Spirit that opened your comment to me, as I never check video comments 🙂

      I am glad you are safely in Texas and that you had good sense to move here. You are wise, Ken. And you are my brother.

  3. I cant think of the verse at the moment, I think its in John, but doesn’t it say that we are not to judge the ‘world’?

    “The word’s sin is disbelief in Me” (Y’Shua)

    I know this can open a can of worms…. but what many do not realize, is that this is all coming upon us because we discarded the laws of YHWH.

    Another verse that I cant think of at the moment is one that YHWH said…that IF we disregard HIS Laws ,HE would cause us to walk in laws that are NOT good for us…. selah!

    Christianity continues to teach that Yah’s laws are no longer for today – LIES!!!

    The Messianic community teaches that Yah’s commandments are not for our salvation – LIES !!!!.. more LIES !

    We have lies coming at us from all directions – everything in this ‘worlds system’ is filled with lies!

    Yes, it grieves me, yes it grieves you! But it absolutely breaks our Abba’s heart.

    Anyway, my son came home from work and he ‘heard’…
    that ‘apparently’, there was something in this guys contract that forbade him to speak against h_m_’s…so ‘apparently’ he broke his contract, or so the story goes? I do not know if this is true or not? (Seriously though, it was a bible verse! Not him saying something that targeted a particular group of people)

    Regardless, its time to face the fact that we are living deep within the beast system…the system of raging insanity and these are his final moments, and, unless Abba Yah gives us specific directions to ‘speak’; we must BE the light. We must BE living letters for His use.

    BTW, It will be interesting to see what new ‘laws’ our government come up with regarding ‘religious freedom’ ??

    Like elsewhere, I wonder, will it be only those who serve the beast, be allowed freedom of speech.? Time will tell.

    Much Shalom and stay strong!
    Your friend Kate

    1. Hi, Kate. You sure do your homework 🙂 Eventually, as in soon, Bibles will be outlawed, “christianity” will be outlawed, and we who believe will be outlawed 🙂 So we will become vilified, hated, and illegal. But that’s fine. We are a shrinking sub-minority among identifiable groups, and that’s fine. If we are executed, that’s fine. The main point of our human existance is to know and worship Yahuah. So we abide by His Words, we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we love Yahuah with all our heart, mind and soul, few forgive 70×7 times, we eat clean, we endeavor ro respect His Holy Days, we live in peace with all as much as possible, we are armed because we are commanded by Yahusha to be armed, and we look forward to freedom from these bodies. We have nothing at all to fear in any of this. No matter what the tribulation brings in terms of persecution, we WON already. Having won already, we can focus on being gentle souls who love our neighbors because we obey Yahusha and He dwells within us. The victory is ours already, Kate. We possess it and are not of this world. We are in fact a “royal priesthood”, so lets do good while we have the opportunity.

      1. Yes, you are right! We have already won!
        The evil one decieves the whole world, nut we are NOT of this world , HallaluYah !

        Much Shalom and stay strong 😊

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