Is Trump Being Protected At Sea From An Assassination Operation?

Maybe its just me, but the room President Trump is speaking from is moving ever so slightly.  Put your mouse pointer on the edge of one of those stainless steel cabinet knobs and watch that knob rise and fall ever so slightly and with a wave-like rythm.

Because his room is moving, and because cameras on tripods in regular land-based buildings like Walter-Reed Hospital do not move at all, I think he is on a boat, which makes me think that the Secret Service put him at sea due to discovery of a planned assassination attempt.

Any ideas?


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4 thoughts on “Is Trump Being Protected At Sea From An Assassination Operation?”

  1. Yes it was moving up and down the camera was obviously shoulder mounted not on a tripod if it was on a tripod regardless of weather it was in a building or on a rocking ship the camera would remain stable to the background

    1. Well, if it was mounted to a tripod and that tripod was standing on the floor and the floor was going up and down then that camera would rise and fall along with everything else. So if they all rose and fell together, we would not see the movement. Hmmm. Ok, but there was movement. Maybe it was a shoulder held camera that was on some kind of auto stabilization and locked onto Trump, but the walls were not included in that feature and subsequently appeared to move? Or maybe it was just the camera operator breathing?

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