Is The Prophecy by Pastor Shane Warren Coming To Pass Now?

Seven years ago I came across an interview that Sid Roth did with Shane Warren. Sid is a saved Jew and has a TV show or youtube channel or both. The interview with Shane Warren really stuck with me, and I found it for you to watch today. Pastor Warren covers some very important matters, and I believe him.

If he is correct, then Russia and China will need a massive amount of gold.

Russia buys more gold than anyone on earth, and guess what? They just stopped buying gold in March, 2020 – four months ago. Russia states that she has “enough” now.

China is buying massive amounts of gold, too. China desires gold so much that they are the most aggressive purchaser of gold mines in the world.

As Shane Warren saw in his vision, Russia, China and some others plan to stop buying oil with US dollars and make all future purchases with gold.  If that happens, and believe me China wants to break free of the dollar in the worst possible way, the dollar will collapse immediately.

Don’t put any hope in Ft. Knox holding any gold.  No one has seen gold there in decades.  Apparently, it is all gone.  America truly is bankrupt, and if the dollar loses “reserve currency” status or of the Russians and Chinese trade oil with gold, global financial collapse is automatic.

That is why Russia and China have spent so much money buying gold.



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