Is The Pending (Immediate) FEMA Test Something Of Concern?

I am getting warnings about some kind of FEMA test that will transmit through cell phones and TV’s, allegedly on August 11th at 2PM. I do not know if its Central time or some other US time zone, so perhaps at 1PM Eastern, 2 PM Central, 3PM Mountain and 4PM Pacific Coast time. Here is a video with more information. I’m going to wrap my cell in four layers of aluminum foil.


PLEASE PLEASE --- CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. FIRST. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is almost certainly in your SPAM folder, especially if you use GOOGLE.

8 thoughts on “Is The Pending (Immediate) FEMA Test Something Of Concern?”

  1. Thank you Jerry for keeping me tuned into all of the latest developments. I can’t say enough positive remarks of how beneficial and useful your teachings, materials and references have been to me via this website and its podcasts and the Torah notes. The materials I read from your site have really helped me through some deep and long-time on-going spiritual battles. I thank Yahuah for you. Thank you, in the name of our great messiah Yeshua!.

    1. David, your heart for the Truth is very strong. Continue to pursue Truth and Yahuah will do something in your life, with you, that will transform your reality. When the reality of the Kingdom is most real, and the reality of the world is not real, you will live in a plane that is both here and in the realm of the angels. You will see it, dear brother. You will walk in the Way.

      1. Well of course that gets instant approval 🙂 Y’all crack me up, but I am thankful for your fellowship. The good news – 32 months until the midpoint.

  2. “FollowersofYahdotcom” on bitchute put a video up. In the comments they mentioned 2:20 pm EDT.
    Im going to turn mine off just in case….and take the battery out.

    They did gave it up on ooootube but they took it off.

    1. I forgot about it Kate, and I did get a text from ATT telling me to reboot my phone. I’m skeptical, because currently we are too many for the devils to harass into direct conflict. I was going to wrap my phone up. How is your life these days, Kate? Lonesome? Or did you find some friends?

      1. Still very lonesome Jerry. Thank you for caring. I keep asking Abba to cross my path with true believers….ones that are a little closer than
        a few thousand miles lol

        1. I promise you Kate, there are brothers and sisters out there. The Australians are some of my most persistent readers and commenters. Try putting something on Facebook. if you don’t have Facebook, install it. Then find some family and after that, you can delete facebook. I want a status report as you take those steps 🙂

          Love you,

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